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*Chuff chuff chuff chuff*

A golden helicopter stirred up great gusts of wind and landed on the roof of the inpatient building. After a person climbed down, it took a turn and flew off like a well-behaved golden retriever.

Two officers from the Medical Affairs Department came up to greet him with broad smiles. After they received the call, they automatically came to greet the person. The phone call was solely to avoid the collision of medical helicopters.

However, how was that even possible?

In places like Yun Hua City, you do not often see two helicopters coming in a month. It was already hard enough that the landing pad at the roof of the inpatient building could be used occasionally.

"Miss Tian, would you like to have a physical examination?" the director of the Medical Affairs Department knew that Tian Qi was just pa.s.sing by, but he knew the opportunity of having her here was rare, so he tried to make her stay.

Other units tried to keep people by treating them to meals, but hospitals could only keep people by giving them physical examinations. If the projects were a little more sophisticated, people would try to escape. 

Even so, Tian Qi still looked at the Medical Affairs Department's officer with a sympathetic gaze. This was the standard of the person in charge, and he even had an ordinary-looking face. Tian Qi then said in a polite manner, "No, thank you. Your doctors are so busy, you should dive back into your books."

"No need for that. We don't have so much pressure when it comes to the evaluation of ranks." The young cadres had a smile painted on his serious face.

Tian Qi gave him an understanding smile and continued to move forward.

The young cadre walked in small quick steps to catch up with Tian Qi, but her attendant stopped him. 

"Miss Tian said what she said. Go and do your work as well as read your books." A middle-aged female housekeeper dressed in Chanel and looked smart in it moved forward with great momentum.

The two small cadres from the Medical Affairs Department hesitated a little before they were overtaken by the crowd. 

They were pus.h.i.+ng small carts and wearing uniforms or suits. All of them had serious expressions that said they were not to be trifled with.

Ling Ran took only a few minutes to go to the surgical floor of the inpatient building from the VIP patient building.

The inpatient building's surgical floor was shared by various departments and had a large area, but entry and exit to the place were relatively strict. Ling Ran came over quickly and asked the senior nurse who was at the door for clean scrubs and went back to the changing room. When he came back, he was just in time to meet Tian Qi, who was coming out from an elevator.

When Tian Qi, who wore golden-colored clothes, saw Ling Ran, she happily waved at him with a smile and said, "Don't I look like someone from Meituan's online food ordering service?"

"Well, you won't look like one when you wear scrubs." Ling Ran paused for a moment before he said, "Scrubs are either green or blue in color only."

"I know. The colors in the operating theater are often green and blue."

"Well, it's because of the color of blood. The female changing room is on the right." Ling Ran pointed at the direction of the changing room to Tian Qi.

Tian Qi nodded and stopped for a moment again before she asked, "Can I wear my own slippers?"


"I knew it. When I asked Uncle Li, oh, he's from my house, there were some concerns about your hospital's other regulations," Tian Qi said as she handed a large lacquer box to Ling Ran. "Don't open it when you're by yourself."

Ling Ran nodded.

Tian Qi then went to the changing room to change the scrubs.

Ling Ran ate in a small restaurant on the surgical floor. Naturally, everyone must wear scrubs.

A middle-aged nurse who stood at the entrance of the elevator looked at Ling Ran and Tian Qi while she eavesdropped on their conversation. She was so confused and was not even sure if they were dating.

After all, normal people did not date in a small restaurant on a surgical floor, right?

At least, when both of them were not doctors, they should not date in a small restaurant on a surgical floor!

Tian Qi was not at all concerned.

Even if the clothes on her body were carefully selected and matched by designers, Tian Qi still changed them without hesitation.

There were too many occasions where she could wear beautiful clothes. Instead, eating together with Ling Ran in the small restaurant on the surgical floor was quite new to Tian Qi. It was even more interesting than her parents' lunch at Mount Kilimanjaro.

Doctors and nurses walked in and out nonstop of the small restaurant on the surgical floor.

Doctors and nurses would dine in a small restaurant when their mealtime was delayed due to their delayed surgeries. If their surgeries finished earlier, they would eat in advance, so they would not starve to death when they went to their next surgery.

Yun Hua Hospital's surgeries, ward rounds, and meetings were often lined up back to back, and accidents always happened during their rest time, so everyone had long become used to it.

Basically, every day from dawn until midnight, people would always dine in the small restaurant.

Even so, today, the medical staff who were having meals in the small restaurant saw an unusual scene.

Ling Ran dined with a woman who was not working in a hospital!

Moreover, their main course was greasy and big pork shanks.

Dongpo pork shank, which had been famous for many years, now had a variety of ways to make it, and it was known as an authentic dish. Regardless of whether it was the Sichuan or Guangdong version, the dish would always be a red and greasy pork shank. It was placed between Ling Ran and Tian Qi, but no matter how they looked at it, something was not right when they saw the scene. 

However, Tian Qi was not concerned with it. Besides, Ling Ran did not care as well. 

On the contrary, Tian Qi even looked cheerful as she proudly introduced the dish to Ling Ran. "This is what I learned from Master Zhou Wenhao. He is very good at making twice-cooked pork, Dongpo pork shank, red braised pork, and so on. He is very famous. He used to be in charge of important banquets in state-owned hotels. Well, I'm not quite clear how important they are…" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"You made this Dongpo pork shank?" Ling Ran was amazed.

Tian Qi nodded proudly and whispered, "There is a very small part that is done by Master Zhou. He taught me that this kind of dish needs to be cooked with a big fire. The canteen in the hospital was quite inconvenient, so I went to the kitchen in another restaurant belonging to my family. Then, I used a helicopter to deliver it. The temperature of the dish should be just right. Let's try it…"

"Then, I'll split it up to eat it." Ling Ran took out a clean and s.h.i.+ny scalpel, and he easily cut open the Dongpo pork shank.

"As expected, scalpels are really sharp." Tian Qi was amazed.

Ling Ran nodded and introduced the scalpel to her. "This is Scalpel 10. It is pretty common and can be used to cut skin and tissue… Hmm… the skin is delicious."

"I know, right?! Pork shank skin is the best."

"Yeah, I like to eat pork shank skin too."

The two reached an agreement and could not help but smile.

In the small restaurant, there was a doctor who was eating pork trotters. He silently put down his pork trotters and took out a scalpel.

"Who doesn't own a scalpel?"

He gripped the thick handle of Scalpel 3 and put on the sharp and big Scalpel Blade 24 before he grasped the scalpel and slowly cut the skin of the pork trotters. He then cut out the pork trotter's tendon, took out the bone, and cut the meat into pieces… 

He used forceps to gently pick up a piece of meat and put it in his mouth. This movement was elegant, and the taste was… there were not many changes. 

"Lu Wenbin's pork trotters are not innovative."

"Even Oreo has wasabi flavor. Lu Wenbin's pork trotters have always been with the original flavor only. I am getting bored already."

"Oreo has wasabi flavor?"


"Why? So we can conveniently put salmon in between?"

"Why are you ugly and Ling Ran is handsome? Why are you questioning things in the world when you aren't supposed to question them?"

"Let me hand you a mirror, I am going off to surgery."

"Oh… I should get going for my surgery as well."

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