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As the patient's mother, who was sitting by the corridor was weeping loudly, Ling Ran did not leave immediately after the surgery. He was worried that his mood would be ruined if he had to listen to the patient's mother's cries.

He sat beside Su Jiafu in the recovery room. Only when Li Tianhong regained consciousness did he follow the gurney and the other doctors out of the room.

Lu Wenbin and Ma Yanlin walked alongside Ling Ran. They said as they pushed the gurney, "The operating theater in the VIP patient building is really horribly designed. There's only one door. Aren't they afraid that people will block the door so that we can't escape and kill us inside?"

"What have you done? Why would anyone want to kill you?" Li Tianhong forced his eyes open and said half-jokingly. Part of him was starting to suspect that these doctors had done things that were so heinous that people want to kill them.

Lu Wenbin shook his head and said, "There are many reasons for patients nowadays to kill doctors. It's like how it is for the members of the national football team. Don't fans curse you guys all the time?"

"Yeah, I think that we deserve it, though," Li Tianhong said.

Lu Wenbin froze for a moment and said, "Wow, you're really self-aware."

Li Tianhong snorted through his nose and said arduously, "I've only been in the national football team for five years. In the past, I used to post extremely malicious comments about the members of the national football team too."

"All right." After listening to the conversation for a while, Su Jiafu said, "You should stop talking. You have just undergone a surgery and are still under anesthesia. You should take a good rest. It would be even better if you take a nap."

It only took a short while for the medical staff members to push Li Tianhong out of the recovery room.

From the perspective of someone sitting in the waiting hall outside, the moment the door of the operating theater opened, Li Tianhong was surrounded by five or six medical staff members as he was pushed out of the operating theater. It was quite a grandiose sight.

When Li Tianhong's mother heard the door being opened, she stopped weeping.

"Tianhong, how are you? Didn't you guys say that the surgery only lasts for one hour?" Li Tianhong's mother seemed like she was a little more than forty years old, and she looked pretty young. Even though her heart was aching as she wiped her tears, she could not help but grumble.

She gave birth to Li Tianhong before she was twenty years old. Up until a few years ago, she had been an influencer on the internet and wore Hanfu to cosplay events as a young wife who was a little over thirty years old. Not only was she very energetic, but she also had a fiery disposition. She was very loud whenever she grumbled or cried.

Su Jiafu cleared his throat and said, "The surgery lasted for one hour, but as the patient was under anesthetics, he needed time to regain consciousness.

Li Tianhong opened his eyes to glance at his mother and said, "Mom…"

"Alright, I'll stop grumbling." Li Tianhong's mother then turned to look at Ling Ran. She blinked and asked, "Doctor Ling, did the surgery go smoothly? How is it like compared to Liu Weichen's surgery?"

She had no knowledge of any kind of medical index, but from her perspective, Liu Weichen's surgery was obviously a success story.

Before Ling Ran could speak, Huo Congjun quickly said, "Each patient's condition is different, and such a comparison cannot be made. Liu Weichen's condition is different from that of your son. Ling Ran, just tell her about your patient's condition."

"Alright," Ling Ran answered and said, "the surgery was successful. There wasn't much blood loss, only around 1.8 ounces. We'll see how the recovery goes."

Patients' family members were setting traps by asking questions after surgeries. According to what Zuo Cidian and Huo Congjun had taught Ling Ran, a surgeon should not make any promises or give any false hopes after a surgery. As surgeons were not allowed to talk about the exact details of surgeries either, there was not much left that they could say.

Li Tianhong's mother was in a daze as she listened to what Ling Ran said. After Ling Ran finished speaking, she asked, "Can he play football again, then?"

"If no unexpected complications arise, there's a high probability that he'll be able to," Ling Ran said.

"What kind of unexpected complications can there be?"

Huo Congjun put a foot forward and said, "Madam Zhang, why don't we speak as we walk? Let's send the patient back to the ward first."

Huo Congjun then gestured to everyone to start pus.h.i.+ng the gurney. He said as he walked, "It's very difficult to predict whether there will be any unexpected complications. In Li Tianghong's case, as long as he carries out the necessary rehabilitation exercises properly, recovery will be quick. After resting for a while, walking and running won't be a problem. Naturally, he'll also be able to play football. But you see, even footballers who have never been injured might rupture their Achilles tendon on the field. During the rehabilitation process and the recovery period after that, he'll have to pay more attention to his safety."

"Yes, definitely." Li Tianhong's mother was convinced by Huo Congjun's words. But in the blink of an eye, her eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with tears again. "Why is Tianhong so unlucky? His career was going so well, but his Achilles tendon decided to break just like that… Sob, sob…"

"Sister Zhang, since the surgery's over, let's not be sad anymore. Instead, we should be happy…" Li Tianhong's manager got agitated by Madam Zhang's cries too. She tried her best to console Li Tianhong's mother. She knew that if she failed Madam Zhang down, she would have to listen to Madam Zhang's cries for the entire day.

Ling Ran was never interested in this kind of conversation.

He followed them for a short while and stopped. He had already done his part, and the nurses of the VIP patient building were responsible for Li Tianhong's post-surgical care.

The following afternoon, Li Tianhong's manager held a press conference. She pushed Li Tianhong, who was sitting in a wheelchair, around the conference hall in front of the reporters. 

After resting all day, Li Tianhong was looking good. All the test results came back fairly normal too. Li Tianhong, his family members, members of the national football team and Li Tianhong's sponsors were naturally happy.

At the end of the press conference, Li Tianhong took the microphone and said, "I would like to extend my grat.i.tude to Liu Weichen, as he was the one who recommended Doctor Ling Ran from Yun Hua Hospital to me. He's a really excellent doctor, and my surgery went extremely well. I hope that my postsurgical recovery will go well, as I can't wait to get back to action…"

The leaders of Yun Hua Hospital who had been paying close attention to the press conference immediately became elated. It was highly risky to operate on celebrities, as celebrities would definitely make their dissatisfaction known if the surgeries were to go badly. If this happened, whether the celebrity took legal action, the hospital would suffer huge losses.

Despite the risk, they still had to build a VIP patient building specifically for celebrities and equip it with the best medical staff. This was because having celebrities in the hospital was great publicity. However, there were pros and cons to this type of publicity.

The publicity brought by Li Tianhong was relatively a good one. This was because Li Tianhong's surgery was receiving a lot of attention, and he had personally praised Ling Ran and the hospital. Yun Hua Hospital would definitely be receiving a lot of media exposure.

Compared to this, those celebrities who only made statements through their manager really did not help much in terms of publicity.

Due to this, a.s.sociate Hospital Director Zhou specially headed to Li Tianhong's ward along with a group of doctors to visit him.

Right now, the ward was bustling with chatter and laughter.

Li Tianhong's teammates, friends, and relatives took turns visiting him, and the s.p.a.cious ward was so lively that it felt like a mall that was offering discounts. Even though the atmosphere was not as grandiose as the party Liu Weichen held after his surgery, this was quite a rare sight in a hospital.

a.s.sociate Hospital Director Zhou showed himself with a smile on his face and left.

Li Tianhong's mother was all smiles as she sent them off. As Ling Ran was about to leave, she stopped him. "Doctor Ling, I've made some Dongpo pork knuckles today. I gave some to Tianhong and his friends, but there's more. Why don't you try some?"

"It's okay…" Ling Ran rejected the offer and was about to turn and leave.

"My father used to be a cook in a state-owned hostel, and my Dongpo pork knuckles are made using a family recipe." Li Tianhong's mother showed a little of her fiery disposition as she said this.

She smiled and tip-toed slightly. This made her b.r.e.a.s.t.s look perkier. In the past, she once gained victory over a flat-chested compet.i.tor using this method when she partic.i.p.ated in a cosplay compet.i.tion.

"The king asked me to patrol the mountains…"

Ling Ran's phone rang.

Ling Ran nodded at Madam Zhang and answered the call.

"Ling Ran…" Tian Qi's voice rang from the other end of the line.

"There's some noise." Ling Ran took a few steps out of the ward to find a spot with better reception.

"It's the noise from the helicopter," Tian Qi said with a smile. "I made some Dongpo pork knuckles. A master taught me how to do it. I'm worried that it wouldn't taste good after it's cold, so I took a helicopter. Are you carrying out any surgeries in the afternoon? Let's have lunch together."

"Oh, sure… Let's go to the small cafeteria beside the operating theaters." Ling Ran immediately agreed.

"Great! I'll be there in around five minutes."

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