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Ling Ran sat down and earnestly cleaned the wound on the young child's head.

Zuo Cidian was not really used to this. He sat at the opposite site and helped hold stuff. It had been a while since they last did this kind of small "surgery".

However, the young child's parents were still very anxious.

The mother was about thirty years old. She only raised her head and glanced at Ling Ran before she warned Zuo Cidian, "You mustn't leave any scar. My child is still very small, what if the scar grows bigger… He just accidentally fell down from the bed, and if he gets disfigured…"

"The doctors are taking care of him now." The father was slightly embarra.s.sed. He only raised his head and took a glance at Ling Ran before he said in a low voice, "He hit the top of his head. At most, he will lose some hair…" 

"It's okay if you get bald, my son can never be bald." The mother increased the volume of her voice. 

Zuo Cidian could not help but cough at this time and said, "Our Doctor Ling is performing cosmetic suture. After the suture, the scar will not be very obvious, so don't worry. "

Then only did the parents become quiet.

At this time, it was the young child who widened his eyes and said in a low voice, "Daddy, you don't have a lot of hair, so I can give you some."

"Ah, there's no need for it, daddy doesn't need hair."

"Then, why do you wear a wig?"

The father almost cried. "I wear the wig because… because I like wigs. It feels like I'm wearing a cap. And there are many types of wig, so I can change to whichever one I like."

"Oh, then I'll wear wigs in the future as well." The young child made a wish that made the married couple completely stunned.

Zuo Cidian touched his own head. He relieved the awkward atmosphere as he smiled and said, "Your child is so understanding, my son has almost reached the age of rebellion, and he has now become so hard to handle."

The mother listened to what he said and took the opportunity to interrupt. "Doctor, can you please suture our Bianbian? My child's skin is thin and soft, if the suture goes wrong, the effects will be permanent."

This was not the first time Zuo Cidian encountered this kind of situation. he could not help but smiled wanly, "Our Doctor Ling sutures much better than I do, you don't have to worry."

"It's not that we aren't worried. This is something related to experience, right?" The mother insisted.

Zuo Cidian hesitated for two seconds. There was actually no need for him to go against the wishes of the patient's family for this kind of matter. If the patient's family wanted him to suture the patient, he could just do it. If he focused, he would not make any mistakes in suturing such a small wound.

However, Zuo Cidian knew that Ling Ran's personality was different, so he dared not point it out.

A few seconds later, Zuo Cidian still thought about it and advised them, "It's not that I don't want to suture him. Doctor Ling is my superior, and his suture skills are much better than mine. Even in our hospital, Doctor Ling's suture skills are also ranked at the top…" 

The patient's family looked at Zuo Cidian doubtfully, as if they did not really believe in what he said.

At this time, there were several people who rushed to the treatment room and shouted, "Bianbian, Bianbian…"

The child who was receiving his suture instantly became excited before he raised his hand and shouted happily, "Grandma, grandma, I'm here…"

If Ling Ran had not brought up his hand in time, the curved needle used for sutures would go straight into the child's eyebrows and eyes.

Zuo Cidian's face darkened in a second, and the parents were shocked.

"It's okay, don't move." As Ling Ran spoke, he used his eyes to send a signal to Zuo Cidian.

Zuo Cidian immediately walked forward and said, "Hey kid, don't move when the doctor is suturing, or else, the needle will go into the wrong places."

The young child looked at Zuo Cidian before he glanced at his grandmother, who came later. Suddenly, he opened up his mouth and cried, "Bwahh… I don't want to get st.i.tches…"

"Ah, my baby, grandma is here, grandma is here." The old lady who came later looked distressed. She immediately came forward to hold the child in her arms.

"The thread is still on his face." Ling Ran could not help but sigh.

"Then take it out." The grandma could not wait to hold her grandson.

"If we take it down and suture again, it will leave a scar." Ling Ran raised his head and gazed at the clock on the wall before he said, "Scar growth has their own pattern. If we don't quickly finish the suture, there will be differences between the previous scar tissue and the newly grown scar tissue."

The grandmother, who was ready to use force to grab her grandson, suddenly became anxious.

She stared at the curved needle in Ling Ran's hand and said, "Don't leave any scar on my grandson's face. If you leave any scar, I will not forgive you…"

Ling Ran did not wait for her to finish speaking, he completed the suture with his fastest speed.

It was only a nail-length wound, but because he needed to suture it in greater detail, he sutured it at a slower pace. If the wound was on a more hairy leg, Ling Ran could finish suturing it in a few seconds.

At this time, Ling Ran increased his speed, and he finished the remaining part of the suture.

After tying a knot and cutting the thread quickly, Ling Ran left the room without any hesitation before he pa.s.sed the dressing work to the nurse.

The grandmother rushed forward immediately. She held her precious grandson into her arms for so long that the nurse who arrived later could only wait by the side.

Ling Ran took two steps back and left the noisy crowd.

At this time, his mission notification told him that his recognition had increased to 3/10000.

In other words, except for the young child, he received two other new recognitions.

Ling Ran looked at the young child's parents and the other five people who followed his grandmother, but he could not figure out who gave him the recognition.

Ling Ran thought for a while before he said to Zuo Cidian, who also left the room. "The child is quite obedient, but there are too many family members, so it will affect the surgical outcome."

"Yes." Zuo Cidian had lingering fear in his heart. What if the child was not handled well just now? What if Doctor Ling was taken advantage of because of it just now?

"I'll get someone with fewer family members." Zuo Cidian knew Ling Ran did not like crowds.

At this time, Ling Ran waved his hand. "You don't have to go about it deliberately. Hmm, just get some patients with simple conditions first."

Zuo Cidian was unable to understand Ling Ran's current approach. Anyhow, he went to the information desk according to Ling Ran's request and made confirmations about the arrangement before he came back. He then noticed that Ling Ran had started performing a physical examination on another patient with abdominal pain.

Zuo Cidian went forward to learn.

Ling Ran's level of Physical Examination Skill was well-known by everyone, while Zuo Cidian was not good at it because he only learned a bit of it. Zuo Cidian was very familiar with the steps of physical examination since it was a comprehensive skill, but if he wanted to come up with a correct conclusion through physical examination, he could not just go about it according to what was stated in textbooks. 

Until now, Zuo Cidian could only do some simple checkups and followed Ling Ran to learn. 

"It's nothing, you just ate too much." Ling Ran came up with a conclusion after a simple checkup. 

The girl who was stared at her boyfriend with tenderness suddenly became red in her face, "Impossible, that… I… at least do an ultrasonography."

Ling Ran did not answer her. He only asked, "What did you eat today?"

"Just some porridge, and some rice…"


"And some noodles."


"Bread and cake…"

"These are considered the main course, what about other things?"

The girl listened to Ling Ran's question and could not help but feel so embarra.s.sed that her face turned red. She stood and said angrily, "I don't want to see a doctor anymore." 

"Alright, we won't." The boyfriend sighed in relief before he quickly followed the girl to leave. He walked away while he turned around constantly to look at Ling Ran.

"Don't do intense exercise, don't eat anymore, and prioritize rest." Ling Ran reminded them from behind them.

The girl stopped for a while before she immediately left.

Ling Ran brought up the mission page, and he saw that the number 3/10000 remained unchanged. 

"It's a bit difficult. "Ling Ran sighed in secret. 

"Doctor Ling?"Zuo Cidian did not hear what Ling Ran said clearly.

"Yes, things will eventually sort themselves out," Ling Ran said something else before he asked, "What number?"

"We will go and wait at number 5." Zuo Cidian quickly pointed before he said, "Mild burn."

"Alright." Ling Ran did not have any skill from the system to treat burns, but he had been working in the Emergency Department for a long time, so he did not need any special skill to handle mild burns. 

At the same time, a girl who was waiting turned her selfie camera to Ling Ran while she shouted happily at the screen, "h.e.l.lo everybody, this is my boyfriend. He is currently treating a patient!"

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