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Wei Jiayou asked Old Hu about his medical history in detail until Old Hu could no longer stay awake and fell asleep.

The young attending physician of the ICU listened to them by the side. He understood some things, but he also did not quite understand some things. He made some notes for what he did not understand so that he could include them in his records when he went back home.

When he had met Academician Di in the morning, the young attending physician's mind was clouded. After he was "shocked" awake, his att.i.tude changed completely.

For him, he could only meet a doctor at Wei Jiayou's level by sheer coincidence. Even if he could not understand what Wei Jiayou said now, it could possibly turn into his secret technique two or three years later.

In fact, the secret techniques that many senior doctors in local county hospitals used to build their reputations were the general knowledge of these senior doctors in higher grade hospitals. Some of the doctors acc.u.mulated this general knowledge from the endemic diseases or epidemic diseases that they had dealt with, while some learned (stole the knowledge) from partic.i.p.ating in different academic conferences or partic.i.p.ating in various collective actions to combat certain diseases.

For doctoral students who graduated from Johns Hopkins University like Wei Jiayou, starting from the graduation day, they already had the position of a senior doctor reserved for them from the moment they graduated, regardless of whether the hospital was in China or the United States.

In fact, if young attending physicians like the young attending physician from the ICU were placed in the countries where they were the elites in the field of medicine—which were the countries where doctors had a high income—they would not be able to obtain the qualifications of an independent pract.i.tioner as of yet. 

Naturally, doctors whose positions were below that of senior attending physicians in local tertiary Grade A hospitals did not have any qualifications to practice independently too, and their income was as low as the resident doctors in the United States.

"Let's visit the patient again." Wei Jiayou was referring to the patient who received prolonged CPR and whom he visited in the morning.

The young attending physician understood what he meant and quickly led the way in front as he said, "This way…" 

Wei Jiayou sized up the other patients by the side while he walked with feline grace.

"Diameter of both pupils have retracted." Wei Jiayou used a torch to flash into the patient's eyes before he looked at the dynamic electrocardiogram. The electrocardiogram was worse than a normal person, but it could somewhat be said to be normal when it was compared to that of a critical patient.

"Did you use mannitol?" Wei Jiayou asked.

"Yes, with furosemide and a pota.s.sium and magnesium mixture." The young attending physician looked at Wei Jiayou and said again, "The arrangement was done by the department director."

"Hmm…" Wei Jiayou hummed while he operated his tablet and tapped the screen a few times. 

The young attending physician felt somewhat out of place, so he stood at the back.

The medical records written by doctors his level were not at the quality where they could be checked and found flawless. 

The daily medical records of a young attending physician was like the summer holiday school a.s.signment of a student who performed averagely in his studies. It might seem complete, but if it was checked thoroughly, there will definitely be many errors that can be found. 

Therefore, whenever there was a medical death in the hospital, what the doctors needed to do most was to amend the medical record.

As to whether an outside expert like Wei Jiayou would be able to see any problems in the medical record… the young attending physician believed that Wei Jiayou was able to see it. 

"Let's take a look at Ling Ran's other patients." Wei Jiayou did not ask any questions, and it made the young attending physician sigh in relief.

"Little Six."

The sound of the ICU door opening was heard, along with Yu Yuan's voice. 

"Doctor Yu, I'm over here." The attending physician quickly waved to her. He really felt too unconfident when he stayed alone by Wei Jiayou's side.

Yu Yuan came forward and looked at Wei Jiayou in puzzlement before she asked, "Why are you visiting our patients again?"

"I want to do further research." Wei Jiayou smiled faintly.

Yu Yuan pursed her lips. "You plan to do further research on our patients?"

Wei Jiayou showed a slight smile, and he looked like he did not have the need to explain himself. 

Yu Yuan snorted, but there was really nothing else she could do about him. 

Patients were individuals, and it did not make any sense if the attending physicians were the only ones who could do related clinical studies.

In fact, research related to public health, genetic diseases, epidemic diseases, and endemic diseases did not really require the attending physicians of the patients to be in the picture. Although clinical work for patients who received surgery was more particular in this, it was not a golden rule that cannot be bent, and sometimes, the attending physicians were still not required to be part of the research. 

However, even if Wei Jiayou wanted to do related research, it was a good thing to Ling Ran. 

Yu Yuan was also not interested in talking any further. She forcefully squeezed her way to stand beside Wei Jiayou and observed the patient. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

She was totally different from the young attending physician in the ICU who acted like duckweed without roots and was scared to offend other people. At the very least, she had been able to remain standing even after Huo Congjun had been scolding her for many years, and the Emergency Department had even been upgraded now, so she was even more confident. 

"You're still using amiodarone, right? Is the dosage suitable?" Yu Yuan spoke with an investigative tone. 

The ICU was an independent department. So, it was impossible for the Emergency Department to interfere with their work. If anyone with great skills came over, the senior doctors in the ICU will be more sensitive to their presence. However, if a resident doctor or chief resident like Yu Yuan came over, they would be treated as if they were not there. 

This was exactly why many of the department consultations in the hospital were carried out by the resident doctors. If an a.s.sociate chief physician came over to help, it would just make it easier for others to overthink things. 

However, when resident doctors moved about the departments, they would be seen as yellow croakers. No matter where they went, their presence will not appear as strange. 

The young attending physician hummed as his answer before he said, "I pumped it in him already."

"That's great," Yu Yuan said and frowned again. "Did all of you use ginseng?"


Yu Yuan sniffed the air with her nose. "The smell is nice. It doesn't smell like pure ginseng. Are you using Western and Chinese medicine together now?"

"How could we?" The young attending physician denied immediately. They could not fool around when it came to medication. 

Yu Yuan took another deep breath. 

She exhaled. 

'What a nice ginseng smell, feels like I can just put a chicken here and start making a pot of soup.'

Yu Yuan followed the smell and moved to the left.

"What are you doing?" Wei Jiayou looked as if he was watching a pervert.

Yu Yuan looked at Wei Jiayou in puzzlement. Once she faced his accusatory gaze, she said a little guiltily, "I think I smelled something weird. Did you use ginseng?"

Wei Jiayou stared at Yu Yuan. He still looked as if he was staring at a pervert. 

Yu Yuan felt a bit embarra.s.sed. So, she breathed in gently and scrunched up her nose. 

Wei Jiayou could not hold himself back anymore, so he gritted his teeth and said, "I applied some Eau de Toilette."

This was Yu Yuan's expression: °△°

The young attending physician was also in disbelief. He repeated, "Perfume?" 

"Eau de Toilette can absorb sweat, and it won't affect others." Wei Jiayou still looked at Yu Yuan as if he was looking at a pervert. "No one has ever smelled it before."

Yu Yuan could not bear with Wei Jiayou's gaze anymore. 'You smell like ginseng, and you think I'm a pervert? Who's the pervert now?'

Yu Yuan breathed out. "Are you a ginseng baby?"

Wei Jiayou felt a surge of negative emotions boiling in him, but he acted calm and said, "It's Hermes Eau de Gentiane Blanche."

Yu Yuan stared at Wei Jiayou's long arms, long legs, and long fingers, and she felt nothing about him at all… 

"Little six, send me the report through email." Yu Yuan turned back and pa.s.sed by Wei Jiayou. She could not help but breathe in the ginseng smell again. 

Yu Yuan thought, 'I'll have stewed chicken tonight.'

In her mind, she could see a ginseng baby holding an old hen, and there was hot steam curling up from that old hen.

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