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Chapter 437: Pretty Awesome

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"Doctor Yu, do you have time?" Zuo Cidian knocked and opened the door. Then he greeted Yu Yuan in a familiar manner.

Yu Yuan stood in front of a light box to read scans. She was surprised and turned around to look at Zuo Cidian.

Both of them stared into each other's eyes for ten seconds before they burst into laughter.

"Old Zuo, your brain isn't really there today, right? You're asking me whether we have time?" Yu Yuan laughed like she was a pair of torn rubber gloves.

Zuo Cidian could not help but laugh, and he laughed like he was a used piece of gauze. "I asked on behalf of Doctor Ling."

"You should have said that earlier." Yu Yuan stopped laughing immediately. She looked behind Zuo Cidian. Then, she sighed in relief when she did not see Ling Ran. "Next time, you should tell what you want to say directly. Don't ask if I am free."

"I know. This is my bad habit." Zuo Cidian waved his hands. "I'll send you a photo."

Zuo Cidian forwarded the picture that Ling Ran sent to him. Then, he said, "Look at this."

"What do you mean?" Yu Yuan frowned.

"I'm thinking whether we should get to know a doctor like Wei Jiayou." Zuo Cidian cautiously looked at Yu Yuan and said, "Look at these surgeries he performed and these articles that he published, is the similarity quite high compared to Doctor Ling's projects?"

"His main focus is cardiovascular surgery." Yu Yuan glanced through the pictures before she quickly said, "I don't mean that cardiovascular surgeries are more supreme than other surgeries. What I mean is that our main focuses are different, so we can't just say our work is similar just because Wei Jiayou has written a few articles about endoscopy."

"That's not what I meant."

Yu Yuan raised her head and looked at Zuo Cidian.

"Let's not talk about cardiovascular surgeries first. Let's just look at endoscopic surgeries. All endoscopic surgeries are actually closely related to each other, right?" Zuo Cidian a.n.a.lyzed the information with his abilities as a poor student and said, "Now, Doctor Ling has started to do knee arthroscopy surgeries. He might want to perform laparoscopies or thoracoscopies later. Forget everything else, let's just say if there's a summit about endoscopies later on. We can't possibly have Doctor Ling appear after Wei Jiayou, right?"

Sometimes, the thought processes of a poor student could connect to the thought processes of an excellent student.

From Yu Yuan's perspective, knee arthroscopy surgeries and thoracoscopies were two entirely different things, and their anatomical structures were also completely different. They could not be forcefully connected together just because they were all endoscopies.

Naturally, if they learnt knee arthroscopy surgeries before learning how to use thoracoscopes, they will definitely find that the techniques in thoracoscopy was similar to knee arthroscopy surgeries, and they could also save up a few months' time…

However, if Yu Yuan were asked to make a judgment, she felt that she would never be touching thoracoscopy within ten years. That was a totally different field. If the Orthopedics Department decided to handle the organs below the ribs, then would that not mean that the Cardiothoracic Department had to be closed down?

Similarly, if she were to be the main character in a story, Yu Yuan did not feel that there was anything wrong if she appeared after someone else on stage. Naturally, it depended on the level of the summit. If it were an international summit or maybe a local summit which was at a slightly lower level than an international summit, she would be extremely happy if she could even have the chance to go on stage. Why would she care whether she appeared behind someone else on stage?

However, when Yu Yuan listened to Zuo Cidian and reconsidered things from Ling Ran's perspective, she suddenly felt that Zuo Cidian's considerations were not pointless at all.

"Then, I'll do an information categorization." Yu Yuan straightened her posture before she said, "Since Wei Jiayou came to Yun Hua Hospital, there's a possibility that he will take over our resources. I'll go and check what he's planning…"

"Even if Wei Jiayou does not come to Yun Hua Hospital, he will also take some of our resources," Zuo Cidian said seriously, "I've met quite a number of young men like Wei Jiayou. You might not know how wasteful they can be when this kind of people who have a tough background and who are skilled actually utilize their resources… Let me tell you one more thing. What if he wants to show up on stage alone? What if he wants to monopolize the resources?"

Yu Yuan was stunned for a while. "That's unlikely, right? It'd be very wasteful."

"Wasteful? Did the Americans talk about wastefulness when they started the war?" Zuo Cidian pursed his lips and said, "He has an academician supporting him, and it doesn't mean anything to him if he wants to monopolize anything."

Yu Yuan could not imagine that.

She did not have a chance to perform a surgery even when she wanted to during the early years of her practice. In fact, she could not even become a chief resident who could stay in the hospital for twenty-five hours a day. Hence, she could not imagine what sort of resources an academician could bring.

"Academician Zhu is also an academician." Yu Yuan suddenly thought of the Zhu-Ling Achilles Repair Technique. She had a great memory when it came to such matters.

Zuo Cidian only smiled faintly before he said, "You're just considered a part-timer there. Is it appropriate for you to dream of the employer sharing his house with you?"

Yu Yuan was stunned by his words. She thought about it carefully, and she could not help but admit that what Zuo Cidian had just said actually made sense.

Ling Ran's roots were based in Yun Hua Hospital. If Yun Hua Hospital was unable to provide the greatest pool of resources for Ling Ran, were they supposed to expect the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center to provide them with those resources?

Unless Ling Ran transferred to the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, there was only a certain chance that they would provide them with those resources.

Furthermore, if Ling Ran went to the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, the field of surgeries he could do would be limited to arthroscopies only. It was not even comparable to Wei Jiayou's cardiovascular surgeries or thoracoscopies.

Yu Yuan shook her head and laughed secretly. She was effectively trapped by Zuo Cidian. Because why would she want to compare herself with Wei Jiayou? Wei Jiayou was a PhD holder who graduated from John Hopkins University, and the starting point of his career was definitely better than hers.

"I'll go and write the a.n.a.lysis report," Yu Yuan said.

"You won't need to do just that. You better urge Doctor Ling to write more articles." Zuo Cidian lowered his voice and said, "No matter how many surgeries a doctor performs, others will never know of it. This is why publis.h.i.+ng articles is still needed. I know you're good at this, so if you have other stuff to do, you can come and find me. I'll help you out."

Yu Yuan was a little tempted. She smiled and said, "It's my duty to help the leader to collect information for his article. But, I'm afraid that Wei Jiayou may have better writing skills than me."

He was someone who graduated from John Hopkins University, and he definitely had good academic writing skills. Even though Yu Yuan had not read them before, she could roughly take a guess at his level.

Zuo Cidian only snorted and said, "You're somewhat correct. Wei Jiayou is definitely good at writing research articles."


"But Doctor Ling is better in saving lives. Isn't the CPR patient yesterday proof enough?"

"But it'll turn different when it is written into a case in a research article…"

"That depends on your capabilities. But based on my knowledge, those who write nonsense in their medical research articles without any content whatsoever are not doctors but people from the Administration Department, right?" Zuo Cidian said firmly, "Since medical research articles are normally written by doctors, then, at the end of the day, the quality of the article will still depend on the doctor's skills in saving lives, isn't it?"

"You've already said everything, if that's the case." Yu Yuan seemed to disagree, but she had already started to read up on relevant literature when she turned around.

Compared to how much of an amateur Yu Yuan was when she dealt with all the things that needed to be done around the operating table, when Yu Yuan sat in front of the computer, her skills will increase by at least seventy thousand levels, and she will be completely in her element.

Wei Jiayou waited for all the things that were scheduled into his itinerary for the day to come to an end before he began wandering around. Then, he arrived at the ICU of Yun Hua Hospital again.

The one who was on duty was still the young attending physician he met this morning. The attending physician had become more polite. He smiled before he said anything, just like the receptionist who worked in a high-cla.s.s hotel.

"Doctor Wei." The young attending physician did not know what to say, so he showed a sweet smile.

"What about Ling Ran's track record?" Wei Jiayou asked.

The young attending physician was stunned and said, "He did the one you saw this morning."

"I want all his medical records."

"But… It's not convenient for me to give them to you."

Wei Jiayou frowned, but he did not force the doctor to hand over those medical records. He said, "Which hospital beds are Ling Ran responsible of right now?"

"The patients who are in the ICU most definitely belongs to the ICU Department." When the young attending physician was halfway through his sentence, he saw Wei Jiayou's expression. Then, he shut his mouth wisely and said, "Bed 7 and 12 are patients Doctor Ling sent to us. Bed 14 and 3 are also his patients…"

"Send me their medical records," Wei Jiayou said.

The young attending physician asked in a low voice, "Hard copy?"

"Nonsense. It's obvious that I want the electronic medical records." Wei Jiayou looked at the young attending physician as if he was a fool.

The young attending physician felt aggrieved, 'I heard Academician Di asking you to read medical record in their hardcopy form earlier. You're being insubordinate, and you're scolding me?'

The young attending physician swore on his life that if Academician Di opened an anonymous complaint system for the public, he would not hesitate to use that to complain about Wei Jiayou.

"One moment. I'll send it to you once I find it." The young attending physician showed him a begrudging smile.

Wei Jiayou cast a glance around the ICU and recorded the serial number. Then, he entered the ICU again.

"You also underwent a prolonged CPR?" Wei Jiayou came to Bed 7 and saw the patient incling against the bed. He did not even have a tube fixed to him. So, he immediately woke him up.

Old Hu's mind was still muddled with sleep when he opened his eyes. He nodded unhappily. "I did, receive a CPR."

"You received a… CPR that lasted for almost an hour?" Wei Jiayou looked at the tablet in his hands.

"I think so." Old Hu used a lot of strength when he talked. He coughed softly.

Wei Jiayou nodded and looked at the monitor that showed that almost all the patient's vital signs were normal. He suddenly asked, "What is the sum of seven and eight?"

Old Hu glanced at Wei Jiayou. When Wei Jiayou was about to give up in impatience, Old Hu whispered, "Doctor, are you planning to test me on my mathematics, or do you want to check whether my brain is still functioning well or not?"

Wei Jiayou was stunned. His expression was a bit strange when he said, "From the way you speak, your brain seems to be functioning quite well."

"I don't really like numbers. You can ask me something simple like the sum of seven and three, but if you ask me the sum of seven and eight, I won't be willing to calculate it for you."

"But you first add some numbers from eight to make seven ten first, then you can subtract whatever is remaining from eight. Once you get that number, you can get ten with whatever you have remaining, and you can get the sum," Wei Jiayou answered.

Old Hu stared at Wei Jiayou for a long time again. Then, he suddenly laughed before he coughed, "You are quite similar to Doctor Ling."

"What's similar between the two of us?" Wei Jiayou refused to admit that there was anything similar between them.

"You're slightly inferior than him, but both of you are quite similar. Doctor Ling is like the chariot in Chinese chess. He is always very straightforward," Old Hu said and gasped a few times. "You're like a cannon instead. You seem to be moving straight, but you will actually need to jump across one piece to take another piece, you're a little… like in second place. Hehehe…"

The young attending physician of the ICU stood very far, but he had been listening to the conversation, and he felt as if his brain was going to explode from stress. 'Is it really alright for an ICU patient like you to provoke the doctor?'

He was afraid that the patient would make Wei Jiayou angry, and the flames of Wei Jiayou's anger will end up burning him. So, the young attending physician quickly walked over and said, "Bed 7, you can't say things this way…"

"Let him continue." Wei Jiayou stopped the young attending physician.


"Speaking is a higher brain function." Wei Jiayou looked at Old Hu, and his voice wavered. "Being able to talk will mean that his CPR has truly been successful."

"Of course, it has been a success since the beginning."

"He managed to perform two continuous successful cases of prolonged CPR?"

"Yes. Pretty awesome, right?" The young attending physician felt proud for Ling Ran as well.

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