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The airtight access door was opened. But the doctors and nurses in front of the operating table were too tired to take a look. 

Ling Ran's surgery speed did not get any slower just because the patient was an AIDS patient. 

His speed remained the same, just like how he performed for other patients. 

For other medical staff, Ling Ran's speed was faster than their expectation, and that had made everyone become more nervous.

Huo Congjun—he was the one who just entered the operating theater—took a look at the equipment in front of the scrub nurse. When he saw the equipment was reduced one after another, he started to worry. 

If Ling Ran performed surgery for other patients, Huo Congjun would not bother to care if the chief physician performed it faster or slower. He was a department director, not the director of the Teaching and Research Department.

But Ling Ran's high speed in performing surgery for an AIDS patient forced Huo Congjun to be worried. 

Huo Congjun observed for four to five minutes. Then, he took a chance while Ling Ran was free and said, "Ling Ran, don't be in a hurry."

"Department Director Huo?" It was only then that Lu Wenbin realized that Huo Congjun had entered. Suddenly, he felt panic and had the feeling that he had been wronged. His voice was hoa.r.s.e. "Why are you here?"

Huo Congjun heard Lu Wenbin's tone, and his heart went out for him. But in the next second, his att.i.tude became forceful, and he said, "You are performing an infectious surgery in my operating theater, shouldn't I be here to take a look? Are you the only a.s.sistant?"

"Department Director Huo, I'm here too." Yu Yuan sounded lackadaisical. She was mentally exhausted and did not have the energy to speak.

Huo Congjun moved his sight downwards, and only then was he able to find Yu Yuan. 

In the face of Yu Yuan's gaze and the three interns' curious glances, Huo Congjun, who behaved like a father at the moment, could not help but feel a little fl.u.s.tered. He could not help but chuckle in embarra.s.sment. "You're managing the interns, so you are not counted."

Yu Yuan replied calmly, "Oh."

By this time, Ling Ran raised his head and answered Department Director Huo, "I think that if we use the same way in which we usually handle matters, it'll be less likely for accidents to occur."

Huo Congjun became less anxious when he heard that. He nodded and said, "This can be an option too… True, reducing exposure time is not a bad idea either."

"Yup," Ling Ran replied and turned his attention toward the patient again.

Huo Congjun did not say much. Since the patient only received regional anesthesia, what they said may cause the patient to misunderstand their words.

However, Xiang Xueming, who was at the side, felt excited with Huo Congjun's appearance. 

Since he was Ling Ran's cla.s.smate, he knew that Ling Ran could stay at Yun Hua Hospital as an intern because of Huo Congjun's support. Of course, Ling Ran was very skilled too. But from the stories Xiang Xueming had heard, there were too many famous doctors, and even then, Ling Ran was chosen. This was just like what his teacher always said, "There are always many talented people around the world, but the people who could recognize such talents were much fewer."

Xiang Xueming admitted that Ling Ran was just like a horse that could run for thousands of miles, but he also believed that Huo Congjun was a person who had quite the keen eye.

Perhaps Huo Congjun could realize his potential too?

When Xiang Xueming thought about that, he looked at Huo Congjun carefully. Then, he used a concerned tone and said, "Department Director Huo, should I get you a set of protective clothing as well?"

"No need." Huo Congjun only wore a mask and goggles. His expression remained calm. 

Unlike the doctors in the Ling Treatment Group, Huo Congujun had encountered many infectious diseases in his whole life. 

He was the master of the Emergency Department. For the past few decades, Huo Congjun had dealt with many infectious diseases. 

Why was everyone who was admitted into the hospital required to go through the four cla.s.sic transfusion-transmissible infections (TTIs) test? Why did the patients need to go through TTIs tests after they were transferred from the emergency room? Those who came up with this conclusion and decision were all at Huo Congjun's age. In other words, those who had been infected while they operated on infected patients were all doctors who were at the same age as Huo Congjun. 

In the past, AIDS was not the only incurable disease, even the infectious Hepat.i.tis C virus could not be cured. Other infectious diseases might not be deadly, yet they were very difficult to be treated… 

Having those kinds of experiences made Huo Congjun know how to protect himself, and he also understood the level of protection that he needed. 

For example, if he just watched the surgery in front of him by the side, a mask and a pair of goggles, together with a pair of gloves, would be more than enough. It was not like Ebola. They did not need to use quarantine measures just yet. 

Besides, HIV would not spread in the air, even if some liquid from the patient sprayed outwards… Unless Ling Ran cut through the heart, the blood would not spray on the doctors watching by the side. 

Of course, the safest way was not to even watch the surgery by the side. 

When Huo Congjun thought about it, he frowned gently. He asked Ling Ran and said, "Why did you let the interns come over?"

"Since they came for an interns.h.i.+p, we should let them experience this too." Ling Ran's answer was quite short and simple. 

Huo Congjun turned and looked at the three interns, especially Xiang Xueming, who talked just now, and said, "All of you are quite lucky because Doctor Ling gives you a chance to learn. Do you know what is the most important thing when you watch a surgery by the side?"

Guan Fei and Zheng Jun gently shook their head. 

Xiang Xueming racked his brains and answered tentatively, "Be cautious of our actions and words?"

"At least you know something." Huo Congjun nodded like he was praising him. 

Xiang Xueming showed a smile in the next second.

Huo Congjun subsequently snorted and said, "If you know you need to be cautious of your actions and words, why did you still talk so much when you saw me come in?"

Xiang Xueming was instantly stunned. 'What's wrong?'

"Since Doctor Ling allowed you to observe the surgery, all of you better keep your mouths shut and seize the chance to observe the surgery, understand?" Huo Congjun's tone showed that he did not have any intention to treasure for the younger generation. He said sternly, "Your chances won't be handed to you on a silver platter, so you'd best observe carefully."

The three interns fell silent. Even the patient on the operating table wanted to hide. 

"Do you know what 'be cautious of your actions and words' means? It means that you shouldn't use any your petty tricks! You even had the galls to remind me what to do? What right do interns have to remind other medical doctors on what they should do?" Huo Congjun voice became louder, and it was very intimidating. 

Ling Ran could not help but cough. He said, "Department Director Huo, your voice is too loud."

"Oh, I'm sorry." Huo Congjun immediately came back his senses. He lowered his voice and waved his hands. "Really sorry about that."

Once he finished speaking, Huo Congjun stood behind the interns and watched the surgery through the gaps between them. 

After entering the operation theater during the surgery, it would be better for him to stay if nothing special occurred. 

The three interns felt so terrible that they squirmed. 

Xiang Xueming, who had his name mentioned and was scolded, looked dazed. He was twenty-four years old now and had lived through the zodiac cycle twice. If he were to work at a company out there, his superiors would probably not scold him even if they wanted to sack him. 

They would definitely not be as fierce as Huo Congjun in the face of proactive workers. 

However, the words of senior doctors were usually forceful and offensive. If the mood of the senior doctors was not good, they would just scold others as they pleased, and the junior doctors could only bear with it. Previously, Xiang Xueming did not truly understand the reasons why he had to bear with it. Only when it happened to him did he know that he had no choice but to bear with it. 

Otherwise, what would be the results be if he angered Huo Congjun?

Xiang Xueming came up with many thoughts in his mind. He thought, 'People like Huo Congjun must be fake talent scouts who pretend to have keen eyes. He wouldn't know who has true talent even if it hit him in the face. He's just a talent scout who manages his subordinates with a short temper…"

"Yes. This side is well-repaired." Huo Congjun suddenly pointed at the display screen and praised. 

The few of them subconsciously looked at the screen.

"Can you see how nicely this torn edge is repaired? If you take a look at research articles, this will be known as matching the edges well, understand?" Huo Congjun increased the praising tone in his voice. 

"And all the edges are still fresh." Yu Yuan took over Huo Congjun's topic. She pointed on the surgery display screen and said, "This is an old tear, and the bone margin near the meniscus is not solid. So, it will be very easy for the meniscus to tear again if you just suture it without repairing it, even if you managed to match the edges perfectly. Once it tears again, the bone fragments will move about freely. In other words, it'll be very painful. So, there is a need to repair all the edges."

"And the surgeon even needs to be careful not to cut off too much of the surface area of the patient's healthy bone minerals."

"That's true. Some doctors will just carelessly cut off a big portion of the meniscus. That's very irresponsible. It is very rare to have a doctor like Doctor Ling who can refresh the edge of the tear without destroying too much of the healthy tissues. Do you all know why tools like basket forceps, grasping forceps, hook scissors, reverse knife probe, and hook probe are used in knee arthroscopic surgeries?" Yu Yuan tried to become a good teacher.

The three interns including Xiang Xueming looked at Yu Yuan with dumbfounded expressions.

Yu Yuan raised her head and sighed in a manner as if she was superior, even though she had to look up while she did so, "It's because the arthroscope is not flexible enough, therefore, we've created all kinds of devices." 

The three interns felt as if a great burden had been released from their shoulders, and they quickly smiled in an obsequious manner. 

"Being able to repair the meniscus in such an inflexible environment is what we call skill." Department Director Huo was thoroughly impressed. He turned around and pointed with his finger again, "Look at this suture. It through the tear directly. This is called a stable fixture. That's truly rare, truly rare…"

In Xiang Xueming's eyes, Huo Congjun's image had turned from a fierce individual who carried a horsewhip to someone who fiercely licked someone's boots. 

If it happened to another intern, the intern would hardly believe this. However, in Xiang Xueming's mind, there was a similar case like this. 

At that moment, Xiang Xueming's mind spun rapidly, and he felt as if he had returned to university. At that time, compliments would fly all over the place in the places Ling Ran pa.s.sed by. Anything that Ling Ran did, he would receive compliments. Xiang Xueming originally thought that this kind of life would slowly disappear with the arrival of graduation and interns.h.i.+p… But… Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Reality always took people by surprise.

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