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"Doctor… Doctor Ling, I don't know how Yun Hua Hospital operates. In our research center, our lowest aim for Achilles tendon repair surgery is 'excellence'. It would be equivalent to a failure if we only achieved 'good'." Doctor Qu started rambling when he saw Ling Ran, "In our Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center, we have a limitless number of doctors who come for in-service training every year. Everyone brought their own medical practices from different places and different hospitals. As for us, no matter how you describe these operating habits, our Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center want our doctors to follow the standard operating procedure and request that our doctors' surgical operation is able to withstand criticism. We especially don't want you to bring in your unique habits and don't even explain your methods to me during the surgery…"

"The principle I have been following all along is that the capable will ascend to power, and the incompetent will stagnate. It is the same when it comes to performing surgeries. When you reach a certain level of competence, you will naturally become a chief surgeon. If you are incompetent, and you sabotage my work as a chief surgeon, I can replace you with another person any time I want. When that happens, do not speak any further, and do not feel that I'm picking on you, we operate purely based on facts…"

The meeting regarding the patient's preoperative a.s.sessment was attended by Doctor Qu, Xue Haochu, Ling Ran, Lu Wenbin, and another resident doctor. The number of people attending the preoperative surgical discussion was rather sufficient for a surgery of this caliber.

However, during the entire discussion, Doctor Qu remained as the only person who talked nonstop, and everything he said was unrelated to the details of the surgery.

Xue Haochu looked towards Ling Ran with a strange gaze multiple times. Even if he was a colleague of Doctor Qu in the same research center, Xue Haochu found himself not quite able to withstand Doctor Qu's nonsensical rambling anymore.

Ling Ran only watched the scans. He did not make a sound.

After much difficulty, they finally made it to the end of the discussion. With slight skepticism and great satisfaction, Doctor Qu left the room. Xue Haochu intentionally stayed behind, and once Doctor Qu was a little further away from them, he asked, "Doctor Ling, why didn't you say anything?"

"I had nothing to say," Ling Ran replied.

Xue Haochu looked Ling Ran up and down before he said to Lu Wenbin, who was next to him. "I didn't expect that Doctor Ling would be someone who would meekly pocket insults aimed at him."

Lu Wenbin chuckled and said, "It's probably because Doctor Ling agrees to most of what that person named Qu said."

"What do you mean?"

"Doctor Qu's views are based on using standard surgical procedures and striving for excellence. Changing the people in his treatment group at any moment's notice… is something I agree with." Ling Ran raised his head and looked at Xue Haochu. He said, "His views are very relevant."

"Very… relevant?" Xue Haochu found himself absolutely unable to understand Ling Ran. He looked at Lu Wenbin, then at Ling Ran. He could not believe that the duo had failed to see Doctor Qu's deliberate attempt at making things hard for them.

However, as a member of the research center, Xue Haochu did not have a reason to expose Doctor Qu.

"In short, Doctor Ling, you do not need to worry too much. Whatever Doctor Qu said can only be treated as a reference. Once my mentor returns, we will still do things as per usual."

Ling Ran nodded and let out a little hum before he said, "I don't really care about the internal environment of your organization. I'm here to perform surgeries. If I can't perform surgeries in your research center, then I'll go back."

Xue Haochu was stunned before he instantly turned gloomy. 'Aren't you just putting me in a really difficult position?'

Xue Haochu cast a glance at Ling Ran's expression and found that Ling Ran had meant every word. His mood plummeted further. At the end of the day, he was just Academician Zhu Tongyi's student. Ling Ran would not listen to him, and neither would Doctor Qu. However, they still had to perform the surgery.

"Everyone, please rest for a while and calm down. Then, we'll perform our first surgery." Xue Haochu could only persuade Ling Ran and Lu Wenbin to calm down before he repeated some pleasant sounding wishes.

Ling Ran and Lu Wenbin did not give any remarks. They went off to make their preparations.


Doctor Qu arrived twenty minutes earlier than the appointed surgery time in the operating theater. He earnestly checked through all the equipment once.

He might have turned his nose up against this surgery and said that it was the simplest, standard operation, but to live up to his words, Doctor Qu became even more careful with the operation.

Normally, it was already uncharacteristically good for the chief surgeon to head for the operating theater ten minutes ahead of the appointed surgery time. Chief surgeons normally only needed to watch the anesthetist give the patient anesthesia, look at the scrub nurses take stock of the surgical tools and gauzes, and observe young resident doctors verify that all machines necessary for the surgery were in place and functioning.

Doctor Qu came over twenty minutes earlier and did everything himself because he wanted to diminish Ling Ran's power and prestige.

Doctor Qu was attentive towards the star athlete he finally managed to get in his hands after going through many difficult processes. He wanted to perform the surgery himself, however, the surgery plan that he designed could never get Zhu Tongyi's approval. This resulted in Liu Weichen's Achilles tendon repair being postponed day after day. It now could not be postponed further any longer.

Doctor Qu knew by all logical sense that he had to let go of Liu Weichen, but his heart was reluctant to let go.

There were academicians in charge of the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center who were extremely amazing. When there were star athletes who were admitted, all the staff in the research center would be apprehensive, as if they were about to meet a nemesis. Operating on star athletes could be seen as the surgery that propelled a doctor to fame, and it was the best choice for a doctor to spread his name. 

After all, the medical science of the present day and age was built on the foundation of providing popular medical treatment methods to others. High-quality treatment methods were also built on the hopes of providing high-quality treatment to many people, rather than a select few.

In such an environment, all medical inst.i.tutions treated attracting streams of patients as an incredibly important job.

Even the leaders of the tertiary Grade A hospitals in first-tier cities that were constantly filled with patients would still want to ensure that their hospitals remained filled with patients. Of course, if they could get patients who could pay high or had distinct traits after screening, that would be even better.

If Doctor Qu could personally finish Liu Weichen's surgery and obtain rather good results, then he would end up getting famous from the surgery. In the future, he would definitely have streams of patients with similar symptoms coming to his doorstep.

As a surgeon who was over forty-years old, bald, and had just acc.u.mulated a vast pool of medical knowledge, Doctor Qu was willing to perform Achilles tendon repair surgeries for life, but he must first be able to become someone of authority in this field first.

Ling Ran changed into scrubs and arrived in the operating theater seven minutes before the appointed surgery time.

Doctor Qu snorted softly and said, "Aren't you on time?"

Ling Ran raised his head and looked at the clock. He did not say a word.

"We will perform an Achilles tendon repair surgery today. The patient is female, thirty-eight-years-old, and has closed Achilles tendon rupture. The auxiliary examinations show that the Achilles tendon suffered multiple ruptures in succession. We will first perform an examination through surgery, then decide what surgical plan we will need to proceed…" Doctor Qu explained in detail, speaking based perfectly on his standards.

There were few doctors who would say such things in an operating theater.

But Ling Ran could adapt to this very well. He liked people who made things clear.

"Scalpel." Doctor Qu had a resident doctor who acted as his second a.s.sistant disinfect him before he reached out for a scalpel. Up to this moment, he was still quite satisfied with Ling Ran's att.i.tude.

He might be young and he had a lot of hair on his head, but he had the correct att.i.tude. In Doctor Qu's eyes, he was quite the good fellow.

Intent on saving the patient, Doctor Qu stopped picking on Ling Ran too much. He skillfully cut open the patient's skin and began the operation.


"Tissue forceps."

Doctor Qu and Ling Ran practically said at the same time.

The scrub nurse immediately slapped the tissue forceps into Ling Ran's hand.

"Gauze." Ling Ran called out again. He used the gauze to protect the skin, used the tissue forceps to clamp down on the skin, and widened the area.

It was an action he could not nitpick. Even though Doctor Qu did not make any specific requests, what he needed was precisely what Ling Ran did.

And in all of Doctor Qu's life as a surgeon, there were few doctors who could work so well and so skillfully with Doctor Qu.

Doctor Qu lowered his head without another word. He felt a little strange. His mood was stuck between pleased and displeased.

Ling Ran's expression did not change. He continued doing whatever he was doing.

If the doctors from Yiyuan County Hospital's Department of Orthopedic Surgery was there, perhaps they would immediately describe Ling Ran's skill as the Great Spoon-feeding Skill!

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