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"Gosh. Whose kid was he? They invited Cao Beibei as the guest singer? He's so good at singing..."

"Cao Beibei, I am a huge fan..."

"Cao Beibei, I love you!"

The audiences were pushed to their best mood by Cao Beibei's presence. w.a.n.g Hongbing looked at Qin Haodong. It looked like he couldn't be prouder.

Qin Haodong shook his head in silence. The guy's gender might seem to be a secret, but it seemed his name was well-known.

Cao Beibei and w.a.n.g Guan sang Moms Are Always the Best together on the stage. Cao Beibei was qualified for a professional singer. He was singing well and helped to cover the disadvantage of w.a.n.g Guan with his nice singing skills.

When the song was finished, the applause thundered in the venue. The audiences, especially Cao Beibei's fans, looked quite excited and couldn't stop screaming.

As they had done performing, Cao Beibei held w.a.n.g Guan's hand and waved his hand to his fans under the stage. He was acting like a real star.

"I already know the answer. The winners have to be Cao beibei and that kid."

"You tell me. Even Cao Beibei is here. The judges would definitely made them winners if they weren't blind."

"There's a kid who will perform later and I heard she was really good at singing, but I guess it's meaning less if she will perform or not, because she can't never do it better than Cao Beibei."

Lin Momo and w.a.n.g Jiani turned sullen when they heard the discussion. They thought there was little chance that the little fellow could win.

"Qin Haodong, where's the guest singer you found for my daughter? Why am I not seeing him? Did you forget about it?"

w.a.n.g Jiani complained and added, "How can you forget something so important? You've seen how helpful a guest singer can be. He could upgrade the quality of the program in so many levels, and may even affect the result of the contest."

Qin Haodong smiled and said, "Don't worry, our daughter's show hasn't started yet."

w.a.n.g Jiani realized it and said, "Yes. The last show is over. Why Tang Tang's show hasn't started yet? Did the host forget about it?"

The audience also went noisy, "What's happening? I remember there's one more kid. Why hasn't she started yet?"

Ma Hong said with a proud face, "They must have given up because they've see my son's show and the judges' result."

w.a.n.g Hongbing held w.a.n.g Guan and said proudly, "That can't be. Our son is the winner, but they still have the second and the third position to fight for. The girl will get on the stage anyway."

When everyone was puzzled, the host took the microphone and stepped onto the stage. He said to the audiences, "Don't worry. A mysterious guest singer will take part in the next show. We need to set up the stage, but it won't be long. We'll be ready soon."

The audiences turned curious immediately after he said that. Cao Beibei's presence today was already a surprise for everyone. Now that the host said there was another mysterious guest singer, they wonder who it was.

Ma Hong snorted and said, "Don't try to make a big scene. n.o.body can be a bigger star than Cao Beibei."

w.a.n.g Hongbing said, "That's right. The gigolo boy is no more than a leader of those bodyguards. He is such an upstart and has no way to invite big stars."

Lin Momo looked at Qin Haodong with a puzzled look and said, "What mysterious guest singer? What did you do?"

Qin Haodong smiled and answered, "Just wait for it. You'll know it soon."

"Don't try to make a big scene." Lin Momo rolled her eyes on him, and looked at the stage.

At the same time the host announced, "Let's welcome player No.10 to go up on the stage."

Qin Haodong kissed the little fellow's cheek and said, "Tang Tang, don't be nervous. You'll be the winner."

The little fellow looked relaxed and said, "Papa, Mama, I'll do my best!"

After that, she went up on the stage. She was in a white princess costume today with a red hairpin. She looked like a princess coming out of a fairy tale. Her beautiful looks won her loud applause as soon as she was up on the stage."

"She's cute, then what? She could never be the match of our son." Obviously, she envied the beautiful ad cute little fellow.

"That's right, she had no guest singer. She can't be the winner no matter how well she sings because she could never be better than Cao Beibei. So our son will definitely be the winner."

The light on the stage suddenly lit after w.a.n.g Hongbing said that. All the people's attention was caught by a curtain on the right side of the stage.

They couldn't see what exactly was behind the curtain, but they could faintly tell that there was a piano inside, and a woman was sitting behind the piano. The woman was in good shape and wore long hair. Thought there was a curtain blocking in between, people could feel her elegance.

"Who is that? Is she the mysterious guest singer?"

"Who is she? She looks so beautiful."

"Nonsense, you didn't even see his face. How can you tell? But she's definitely dominating the show."

Lin Momo said to Qin Haodong, "Is she the guest singer you found for my daughter?"

Qin Haodong smiled and said, "Yes, she is. I couldn't possibly forget Tang Tang's contest, it's too important for me."

w.a.n.g Jiani asked, "Who is she? She sounds familiar."

"Don't worry. I told you she was the mysterious guest, and she wouldn't be if I tell you who she is now."

After Qin Haodong said that, the show started. The little fellow held the microphone and said, "I am player No.10, Tang Tang. My show today is named Before the Flowers and Under the Moon."

"It must've taken the little girl a lot of courage to sing one of Ouyang Shanshan's song."

"That's Ouyang Shanshan's song. I like it so much, but I'm not sure the little princess can sing it well."

The woman behind the curtain started to play after Tang Tang said that. The melody was flowing which was exactly the prelude of Before the Flowers and Under the Moon.

The little fellow sang happily. Her voice was sweet and her rhythms were perfect. The audiences started to applaud soon after she started to sing.

w.a.n.g Jiani admired the show and said, "Tang Tang was really talented. She could sing this song so well in such a young age. It's really hard. But she was a little bit young and doesn't have the mature appeal of the original singer of the song."

Qin Haodong said, "Don't worry. We still have the guest singer."

At this moment, a beautiful voice came behind the curtain. The voice sounded perfect with the little fellow's. It was like voice of an angel, with fully mature appeal. The voice made up for the defects w.a.n.g Jiani just said.

"Gos.h.!.+ That's beautiful!" w.a.n.g Jiani opened her mouth widely. After moments of hesitation, she pulled Qin Haodong and asked, "Who is she?" "How could she sing so well? Almost as good as Ouyang Shanshan."

Other audiences burst into amazed cheers and they were as surprised as w.a.n.g Jiani with the singing of the guest singer.

Ma Hong whispered to w.a.n.g Hongbing, "Looks like the gigolo boy and found his guest singer, and a good one. I feel our son's position is endangered."

w.a.n.g Hongbing said, "There's nothing to worry about. Singing skills are of no use here. What matters is how famous this person is, can she be more famous than Star Cao?"

"You are right, reputation matters most. Some of the judges here are fans of Cao Beibei, and they'll definitely give us high score."

Ma Hong nodded. She couldn't agree more with w.a.n.g Hongbing, but she didn't notice Cao Beibei, who was looking at the singer on the stage. He looked totally dumbfounded.

The adult and the kid on the stage were singing better and better. They were cooperating with each other so well. When it came to the first refrain of the song, the mysterious guest stood up from the chair. She raised her fair arms and pulled the curtain. Then she went up on the stage with the microphone.

When she pulled the curtain and showed herself. The audience went total silence at first, then all of them stood up, screaming and cheering.

"Ouyang Shanshan. Gos.h.!.+ My idol. Finally I get to see her. My heart is jumping off my throat! I'm going to go crazy!"

"It's really Ouyang Shanshan. I told you no one could sing this song better than her..."

"Ouyang Shanshan, I love you, I love you..."

Audiences' mood in the big contest hall soared to the ceiling. All the audiences went crazy for Ouyang Shanshan.

w.a.n.g Jiani grabbed Qin Haodong's arm. Her nails was in his flesh and she looked so excited. She said, "It's really Ouyang Shanshan! How did you do this? No wonder you don't need me to find a guest singer for Tang Tang. n.o.body can do this better than Ouyang Shanshan."

Lin Momo might not be one of those fans, but she knew well of Ouyang Shanshan's reputation. She had been surprised by those signatures Qin Haodong had last time, but she was even more surprised to see Qin Haodong had invited Ouyang Shanshan here today.

Ouyang Shanshan was one of the most popular stars in Huaxia, and a recognized diva. She was much too high-level than Cao Beibei. A big star like her would never attend any events she didn't like no matter how much she was paid. n.o.body knew how Qin Haodong did it.

The calmest one in the hall was Qin Haodong. She called Ouyang Shanshan immediately after he knew the little fellow needed a guest singer. Ouyang Shanshan treated Qin Haodong as her benefactor. She would never refuse him for a little favor like that. She came here in joy.

w.a.n.g Hongbing and Ma Hong were completely dumbfounded. They had used all kinds of connection and paid 200,000 yuan for Cao Beibei. Or he wouldn't be here to a guest singer for a kid.

They thought the high cost would definitely bring w.a.n.g Guan to the first position in the contest. But Ouyang Shanshan, the diva, just came out and smashed all their fantasies.

The audiences went crazy, but that carried little influence on the two on the stage. The little fellow was excited when she saw Ouyang Shanshan in the first place. Later she tried harder singing. The two beauties, the adult and the kid, performed the best of the song.

When they finished singing, the cheers of the audiences were overwhelming. Audiences under the stage rushed up the stage like crazy because they wanted to take a photo with Ouyang Shanshan. Even Cao Beibei, who was sitting next to w.a.n.g Hongbing, rushed over.

Fortunately, the organizers had fully prepared for this. Dozens of bodyguards stood on the stage like a wall, trying to protect Ouyang Shanshan. Soldier King Chen Fugui and another eight-level bodyguards encircled Ouyang Shanshan and the little fellow in the middle.

"Please calm down, everybody. The contest is not over yet, please take your own seats..."

Audiences finally calmed down after the guidance and comforting of the host. But they were still looking at Ouyang Shanshan with their excited eyes. They went back to their own seats and tried to score the final score.

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