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Chapter 191 Night Fight

Zheng Xuan had easily won the first round of the wushu test, so the ma.s.s had tremendous respect for this mysterious, pretty girl.

Butian Saint's capability had been shown in the fights during these years, and at least she was among the powerful figures, who could fight freely in the bombing of cannons. However, this time, she had been beaten so easily by a not-so-famous girl and what was worse was that it seemed that she had been killed. The others could then, naturally guess, the real ability of Zheng Xuan.

The second round of combat was between a tall man from the Mortal Realm called Meng Tianxiong and a tall, thin man from the Ghost Realm called Feng Jiuzhou. It seemed that he was probably from the Feng family.

The duration of this fight was considerably longer than the previous one! Lyu Liang also saw their fight with the help of Little Tian, for the purpose of getting to know more about his future opponent. Finally he drew a conclusion: they were just horse and horse, if it had been a chess game!

Feng Jiuzhou was able to summon a huge ghost to help him, which proved that he must be from the Feng family. The ghost he summoned was not as big as the one that belonged to Feng Xiu, but it was nearly 66 meters high.

Meng Tianxiong's advantage was his defensive power. This person had a layer of golden light, similar to that of Liu Jiawen. Although it was hard to say which one had the upper hand, the defensive power of Meng Tianxiong, was really amazing.

Faced with the attack from a man and a ghost, he did not panic at all. He used his golden light to protect himself from the heavy attacks of the ghost, and then used his Field Domain and magic treasures, to hit back at Feng Jiuzhou.

The fight between the two lasted from sunrise till sunset, which would definitely be called a neck-to-neck fight.

After watching the fight for 2 hours, Lyu Liang stopped the Human-Beast Unite and began to sit on the ground to meditate the Five Acts of Heaven Soul. Even if he continued watching their fight, he did not find new moves he could use.

Four hours later, when the Wine Sword Immortal announced “Feng Jiuzhou wins!”, Meng Tianxiong appeared outside the gourd, sighing. Since his cultivation was still at the Peak of the Almighty Immortal period, even though he was defeated, he was not killed.

Then Feng Jiuzhou came out and cupped his hands as a salute to Meng Tianxiong. After that, he returned to his group, with a serious look. He seemed to know he had a hard time winning the fight.

It was already late, and if they continued to hold the third round, they would probably fight into the night. Therefore, the judges started discussing whether the third round should be put off, to the next day.

“Your honorable judges, I'm Feng Xiu, the contestant in the third round. I beg you to start the third round right now! Huangfu Gang, do you dare to fight with me now?” The judges were still in discussion, yet the voice of Feng Xiu, pierced the sky.

“Haha, is there a difference between night and day? No matter what time, you will definitely be the loser! If your honorable judges agree, I don't mind having a night fight with you!” The frivolous voice of Huangfu Gang sounded, and it seemed that he didn't show any objection.

At this moment, the voice of the Saber-toothed Master sounded, “Are you sure?”

The two looked at each other and both nodded. So the Saber-toothed Master announced loudly, “Now that you have made up your minds, the third round will begin! And this will be the last round of fights for today!”

When he heard this, Feng Xiu gave Huangfu Gang a threatening look and took the lead to enter the gourd. Huangfu Gang chuckled. He bowed to the judges on the platform, and then entered the gourd too.

After the two entered the gourd, those who had already slacked off, were immediately activated, and Lyu Liang was among them.

Besides Lyu Liang, Feng Xiu and Huangfu Gang were the most well-known combat powers, in this fight. They were both the kind of people who could go about freely under the bombings. But how unexpected that the two men should meet in their first round in the wushu test!

But anyway, it would be an outstanding fight, that could rarely be seen. At least Lyu Liang would have a chance to see the fight, but for others who had no way to see the fight, they could do nothing, but feel eager and anxious.

Before the two entered the gourd, Lyu Liang stopped the meditation of the Five Acts of Heaven Soul, and began to focus on this fight, with a seemingly hidden secret.

He still remembered that when he first came to the Immortal Allies, Feng Xiu was the first person who reminded him to be on his guard against Huangfu Gang. At that time, Huangfu Gang was an outstanding figure who treated others politely and worked hard in his cultivation. Even Lyu Liang felt that Huangfu Gang was a promising young talent, but for the biasness against him.

Only Feng Xiu had told him directly, to take care. It seemed that he had had a fight with Huangfu Gang, so he must at least, have a deeper understanding of Huangfu Gang.

Now that they were up against each other this time, Lyu Liang really wanted to see what kind of fierce sparks they would make.

“Little Tian, is there any way to hear what they are saying?” This time, Lyu Liang didn't just want to watch the scene, but also wanted to listen to the sounds.

“Well, yes, but that will consume a lot of power of Divine Soul. With your current cultivation, you can only hear the sounds for one hour. And tomorrow you will meet the guy from the Devil Realm, so it is not a good idea to use up the valuable power of your Divine Soul.” Little Tian was only telling the truth, and left it to Lyu Liang, to decide.

Lyu Liang was stunned at his words and he immediately figured out which one was more urgent. Nothing could more important than the fight with Anye Tianlong the next day. If he consumed too much power of the Divine Soul just for hearing some sounds, the losses would outweigh the gains.

However, Lu Liang was not reconciled to this fact. He continued to ask Liu Jiahao, Liu Jiawen, and Zheng Xuan, who were able to see the scene, the same questions, and even checked with the three, among the judges.

The final answers he got, made him both happy and anxious. Except for Han Tangtang, who could see and listen to the fight through a special skill of his spirit server, the others could just see the fight, without hearing the sounds. And even their chance of seeing the fight, was rendered possible by that special skill of Han Tangtang.

“How can you still want to listen to the sounds! Do you know that it will consume much of your Divine Soul! Stop thinking about it. I can tell you what happened after the fight, will that be alright? But I am not sure whether I can do it for free.” Of course Han Tangtang would not tell Lyu Liang about the fight, for free.

In the end, after a moment of bargaining, the two finally decided that if Lyu Liang challenged his twenty-five Spirit Servers after the Immortals' Contest, Han Tangtang would describe the whole fight to him.

In the gourd, Feng Xiu had a serious look, with a hint of hatred, sometimes. On the contrary, Huangfu Gang, on the other side looked so relaxed, yet it was unknown when he came to be covered by a layer of mist.

Feng Xiu made a gesture without saying anything, and a giant ghost of about 100 meters in height, appeared, charging at Huangfu Gang rapidly. Feng Xiu himself, took out a black soul streamer and rushed toward Huangfu Gang, a blaze of demon-like blue light, showing in his eyes.

Huangfu Gang seemed stunned for a while, upon seeing the soul streamer, but then he sniffed. At the same time, the mist around him suddenly swelled once, and he rushed ahead, with the demon halberd.

Obviously the giant ghost had more of a spiritual force than the one belonging to Feng Jiuzhou. It seemed that it did not only attack by using brute force, but could also spray a strong and powerful pillar of light, which was quite overwhelming.

The mist around Huangfu Gang worked as a s.h.i.+eld to some extent, which could defend the attack from the light. Huangfu Gang used his demon halberd to draw numerous black lights, which gradually covered the surroundings, in a huge light ball.

The soul streamer in front of Feng Xiu was constantly swaying, from which many gray figures drifted out. At the same time, there appeared a cloud of gray mist around Feng Xiu.

When Lyu Liang thought that they were using their Field Domains to fight against each other, the situation suddenly changed! Feng Xiu, who was rus.h.i.+ng ahead, suddenly yelled furiously!

At the same time, the soul streamer suddenly turned into a dark ball, and then a huge b.l.o.o.d.y eyeball opened from it, and instantly shot out a slender ray of golden light!

It was the first time that Huangfu Gang became serious when he saw the golden light! He first evaded the light at an incredible speed, and then with a b.l.o.o.d.y light flas.h.i.+ng over his demon halberd, a three-headed black python, nearly 100 meters long, appeared.

When the python appeared, it swished its tail to ward off attacks behind it. With a fierce s.p.a.ce fluctuation, another figure with the shape of a black ball, appeared faintly at the tail of the python, and then slowly dissipated.

Lyu Liang was shocked, because everything happened in only a few seconds. The moves of Feng Xiu were so different, and the reaction from Huangfu Gang, so incredible! The last defense from the python, in particular, proved that it already knew there was a threat coming from behind.

Though their fight was short, it didn't seem as if this was their first time meeting each other, rather, they were like a pair of old adversaries!

After the python blocked the black ball, Feng Xiu quietly retreated and the golden light s.h.i.+ning from the black ball, disappeared at the same time, and then turned into a black soul streamer.

At this time, Feng Xiu did not appear as calm as he was before. The blue light in his eyes was more intense and his body suddenly doubled up. A horn came out from the top of his head and his face was covered with colorful patterns. He really looked like a fierce evil spirit! At the same time, he seemed to be shouting, pointing a trembling finger at Huangfu Gang!

Standing on the middle head of the three-headed python, Huangfu Gang had no smile on his face at all. He stared at Feng Xiu, who had changed into an evil ghost, and his eyes flashed with heart-rending coldness!

Although Lyu Liang couldn't hear any sound, he could guess what was happening. Lyu Liang was familiar with the expression in Feng Xiu's eyes. It was a symbol of hatred, most of which were unforgiving hatred!

When Lyu Liang started meditating secretly, the two inside the gourd started their fight again.

It was really a fatal fight this time.

The special black ball of Feng Xiu reappeared, which rushed to Huangfu Gang, together with the giant ghost. Huangfu Gang totally separated himself from the three-headed python. He let the python deal with the giant ghost, while he started fighting with Feng Xiu in earnest.

Huangfu Gang waved his black demon halberd so fiercely that it seemed nothing could hurt him. The black light shone like tiny sharp daggers, which were constantly darting, towards Feng Xiu.

Obviously Feng Xiu was afraid of the black light. While dodging it, he frequently waved a hammer, launching a melee fight with Huangfu Gang.

Because the gray Field Domain and the black Field Domain of the two, were totally mixed with each other, Lyu Liang could not see which one had won the upper hand.

After about one and half an hour, Huangfu Gang suddenly changed his move! He unexpectedly raised his head and screamed furiously. A b.l.o.o.d.y light suddenly appeared all over his body! For the first time, Feng Xiu, on the opposite side, revealed a terrified look. Although he confronted the b.l.o.o.d.y light bravely, Lyu Liang saw a trace of despair, in the face of his bravery!

At this moment, it seemed that Huangfu Gang had turned into a different person. His initial serious face turned ferocious in an instant, and even the demon halberd in his hand seemed flushed with invisible, b.l.o.o.d.y ripples.

One of them had the complete upper hand, in the next fight.

Under the fierce attack from Huangfu Gang, Feng Xiu found it difficult, even to defend himself.

After another 30 minutes, although the giant python had dissipated, Feng Xiu's lips still moved, and then he disappeared from the battlefield. As for Huangfu Gang, he lowered his head, and seemed to be gasping heavily. But after a short while, he suddenly raised his head, laughing wildly at the sky.

The Wine Sword Immortal announced, “Huangfu Gang wins!”, and following his announcement, the figure of Feng Xiu, appeared first, outside the gourd, as was expected. At this moment, he had been restored his original appearance, but the hatred and unwillingness in his eyes, could be read by everyone else!

When Huangfu Gang appeared, his arrogance and smile were back in place. But when he looked at Feng Xiu, there were somewhat a hint of homicidal intent in his eyes!

While Lyu Liang was mulling over the previous fight, White's voice unexpectedly sounded, and it contained a serious and deep intent, which he had never shown before, “Boy, you will be in big trouble. Huangfu Gang is actually the ‘Fight Devine Body' among the three Devine Bodys! If you meet him in the fight, chances of winning against him may be less than half!”

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