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"Oh G.o.d, if I didn't trigger the Devil Immortal Qi, plus the 'complete state' of the Celadon Jade Seal and the eleventh layer of the Heavenly Devil body, I would probably be hurt by now. "It seems that my plan to keep a low profile is not feasible now." Lyu Liang shook his head and strolled down the arena. On his way, he communicated with Black, who was hiding by his side.

"I scanned around and found that among the remaining candidates, there seems to be a person at the Fairy Immortal level, and he is likely to be the one from the Ximen clan." Black's voice was calm but it did not seem to be very concerned about Lyu Liang's encounter with a Fairy Immortal.

Lyu Liang frowned and said worriedly, "Oh, Zhu Yan has speculated about this situation before, but I did not expect it to come true." "It's not a big deal, at most I will trigger the Devil Immortal Qi for a good fight." "I am more worried about the off-site factor. Even if I achieve the final victory, Ximen clan may not fulfill its promise."

After the death-battle by Lyu Liang, the first-round battles took place and it restored the peaceful harmony of the situation, like the first battle. During one of the battles, candidates from the Western-Heaven District and Southern Heaven District fought against each other. Just as Zhu Yan announced the start, the man from the Southern Heaven District admitted defeat immediately.

Under such circ.u.mstances, the entire first round of the contest ended in less than an hour. The second round came right after, and the games continued.

Sixteen qualifying candidates re-drew the lots, and this time, Lyu Liang was the first to fight. His opponent was a tall and muscular man from the Western-Heaven District. Black reminded him that this person was probably the Fairy Immortal.

"Okay, got it. Later, we shall do the Human-Beast Unite directly and try to take him by surprise!" Lyu Liang's expression did not change at all. He finished deploying the plan to Black in just one sentence.

At the arena, when Zhu Yan announced, "start", Lyu Liang moved first!

In an instant, his eyes turned black, a smas.h.i.+ng Devil Immortal Qi was emitted from his body and the Devil Thunder Wing fluttered. As soon as Zhu Yan's words fell, he had already rushed to the front of the tall and muscular man.

The man was shocked. His impression of Lyu Liang seemed to be from the first battle. Before he could react to emit his aura, he was already inside the endless Field Domain of Sword Tao.

Everyone outside the arena felt something flas.h.i.+ng by their eyes. Then, the arena was shrouded in a gray, hazy Sword Qi. If anyone wanted to see the situation inside, the person would have to waste his Divine Sense to detect it.

At this time, the man had an aura of the Early-stage of Fairy Immortal. However, his aura was mixed with the aura of Lyu Liang, and it did not attract much attention.

"Kid, don't you understand the rules of this contest?" "Everyone is merely playacting for the Ximen clan, why are you so serious about it!" "Admit defeat, and you will be able to earn a large amount of upper-grade Primordial Stones!" The man shouted hurriedly, while trying to resist the Sword Qi.

Lyu Liang did not have time to deal with him. "Upper-grade Primordial Stones?" Even if the award could give him the chance to be promoted to the Heaven Realm, if the price of the award was at the expense of Shangguan Ying's happiness, he would not even consider it at all!

Lyu Liang sneered, holding an upper-grade Primordial Stone in his hand to increase the intensity of his attack and also to provide himself with Primordial Qi. He had to ensure that he was in the best condition, no matter how many battles he went through.

Looking at Lyu Liang's stubborn behavior, the eyes of the giant man turned ruthless. He raised his hand and a colorful lotus flower appeared on the top of his head. The lotus bloomed slowly, emitting three colorful lights, red, yellow and blue.

Among them, the red light formed a protective s.h.i.+eld, which enveloped the giant man. The yellow light and the blue light turned into two sharp swords, which rushed toward Lyu Liang. The Sword Qi in the Field Domain had only a limited barrier function, but it could not stop the movement of the sword completely.

"Immortal standard magic treasure!" "It should be in the 'complete state', I have to use my means as well!" Lyu Liang was shocked at first, and then he wanted to trigger the Ghost Devil Head. Although this was one of his secret abilities, it was still a good idea to use it when he encountered a magic treasure that could fight against the Field Domain.

At this time, Fatty who had been silent throughout, said, "What?" "Buddhist Immortal magic treasure!" "Boss, that belongs to the enemy, can I eat it?"

Lyu Liang was stunned, and he quickly changed his move. He stopped the idea of triggering the Ghost Devil Head and replaced it directly with the 'complete state' of the Celadon Jade Seal and threw out several layers of shadow s.h.i.+elds. Even so, when the sword hit him, he was forced to take a step back due to the strong force.

"Boss?" "Are you talking to me?" "Can you eat the magic treasure that the opponent is using now?" Lyu Liang was a little surprised. If Fatty was not joking, then he had indeed found a precious treasure!

"Yeah, Black said to address you as boss, so that you will give me better magic treasures to eat. Anyway, calling you boss will not cost me anything, so I am addressing you as boss!" Fatty said this in a casual tone, and it seemed that the t.i.tle 'Boss' in his mind, was just a nickname. From its tone, it seemed that the nickname was just like calling cats and dogs.

"Alright!" "If you can eat it, you will do me a great favor, but how will you get there?" "The opponent's attack is very fierce. You saw that I had to take a step back even when I am relying on the 'complete state' of Celadon Jade Seal." While Lyu Liang was resisting the yellow and blue swords' continuous attacks, he was communicating with Fatty, at the same time.

"That is no big deal, look at me!" "He he he, I shall go now!" Although Lyu Liang couldn't see Fatty's expression, he could imagine it salivating at the thought of the treasure.

On the other side, the man seemed to be a little surprised that Lyu Liang had blocked the two swords so easily. But very soon, he gritted his teeth as another set of green and purple swords appeared in front of him. Now there were a total of four swords flying toward Lyu Liang.

Lyu Liang concentrated and defended, using most of the Sword Qi in the Field Domain as a protection and the Celadon Jade Seal to defend. After Fatty finished speaking, it seemed to give out a gulping sound, then it disappeared from his body.

For a time, the swords and lights danced on the arena, and the atmosphere was chaotic. The Field Domain of Lyu Liang had a great momentum. Although the lotus swords of the man were small, it was strong and domineering.

By now, Lyu Liang understood. If he was not wrong, the man had also stimulated a kind of Field Domain incorporated with the lotus magic treasure. No wonder it could resist his Field Domain and even defeating it! It seemed that as the levels of his enemies got higher, he could no longer defeat the enemy easily by relying on the Field Domain of the Sword Tao.

For the law power of the Sword Tao, according to the words of Tai Su Ancestor Lord, he was only at the stage of "getting a view of the door." As for the entry, he obviously had no chance yet. When he thought of his other master, Dreamless Heavenly Lord, who could fight against the Blood Divine Sect chief and Yishui Clan chief at the Almighty Immortal, by only relying on the power of the law, Lyu Liang was filled with excitement. He was getting more hopeful for the realization of the power of the law.

Seeing that his four swords could not defeat Lyu Liang, the man became anxious. During this period, Lyu Liang's first upper-grade Primordial Stone was already depleted and had now been replaced by a second one. It showed how exhausting this battle was, in terms of Primordial Qi and the strength utilized.

Although the man was a fairy immortal, he had only a few magic treasures with him. Therefore, he had no Primordial stones to restore his Primordial Qi. After all, he thought he was just going to put on a show when he came here. Even after he was urgently told to kill Lyu Liang, he felt condescending, when he discovered that the other party was a level lower than him, and did not have any worries.

However, the result was not what he expected. Not only was this kid accomplished in his Field Domain of the Sword Tao, but there was also a trace of the power of law. In particular, his powerful defense and the continuous supply of the upper-grade Primordial stones, made the man feel anxious.

A Fairy Immortal was strong, and it would usually take about thirty minutes for an Early-stage Fairy Immortal to kill a Peak of Void Return. Unfortunately, Lyu Liang was destined not to be an ordinary cultivator.

If the man knew about Dreamless Heavenly Lord's many feats and realized that Lyu Liang was an Immortal-Devil genius, who inherited the ability of the Dreamless Heavenly Lord and had been taught by a powerful figure, the man would probably play all his cards when he went up to the arena.

The giant man gritted his teeth, and another set of orange and green swords emerged. At the same time, beads of perspiration trickled down his forehead. He was using all his strength because the surprise attack by Lyu Liang, gave him a great shock.

A Void Return cultivator who had not even survived the ordeal was able to force him to do his best and still unable to win. This was no longer about face, but a dangerous situation that might cause him his life.

Although the man did not need to restore his Primordial Qi yet, if he were to fight for another hour and if Lyu Liang had enough Primordial stones, then when he did not have enough Primordial Qi to support his Bounded Domain, he would probably die.

He felt that Lyu Liang's Field Domain of Sword Tao had surpa.s.sed those at the same level. Though his expression was quite severe now, he showed no hint of tiredness and anxiety. It was evident that there he still had something up his sleeve. "How terrible!" "This person was totally qualified for a battle against the Middle-stage of Fairy Immortal!

The man made up his mind and waved his hand again. On top of the lotus flower, a golden virtual shadow of the Buddha gradually emerged.

At this time, people who knew their goods, outside the scene, started to scream. "It is a sacred Buddhism lotus! This person has an immortal standard ultimate-grade buddhism treasure, and he managed to combined its 'complete state' with the Field Domain perfectly, then he should not merely be a disciple from an ordinary sect!"

On the judging stage, three people were sitting side by side. In addition to the two acquaintances of Lyu Liang, there was also a giant man with big fat ears. Even his chair was three times the size of Zhu Yan's. At this moment, he was staring obsessively at the blooming colorful lotus flower, and his mouth was even watering, and he muttered, "Buddhism top treasure!" "It is my favorite magic treasure!" "Very nutritious!" "Unfortunately, his opponent is not me... eh?" "He he he!"

Outside the arena, the audience had mixed feelings, some were happy and some were worried. Lyu Liang's excellent fighting abilities had already brought him a group of staunch supporters. These cultivators were the ones concentrating on their practices. People kept inquiring about the origins of the Void Return youth, who fought against a Fairy Immortal and remained undefeated. Lyu Liang's performance was an inspirational story for all low-level cultivators!

Those who were worried were naturally the people from the Ximen clan, who had intentions to harm Lyu Liang. The strong appearance of Lyu Liang completely disrupted their wishful thinking.

In addition to the Ximen Chunfeng, who had an anxious look and Ximen Xiayu who lowered his head, Ximen Qiuye, who was originally behind the two, had disappeared.

At the same time, at a remote place in Kunlun Sect, Ximen Qiuye waved his hand, and a golden voice-transmitting talisman disappeared into the air. The malicious look on his face became more obvious, and he muttered to himself, "No matter where you come from, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d shall wait for death when you are up against Wushang Ancestor. "It's just that the most hated thing in my life is this so-called genius!"

While everyone was still amazed at the progress of the battle, the situation on the arena stage changed suddenly.

Initially, when the golden Buddha shadow appeared, Lyu Liang suddenly felt the golden light rus.h.i.+ng towards him. What scared him was that this golden light seemed to hinder his flow of Spiritual Qi. In such a fierce battle, this was a move that could kill him any time.

The man on the opposite side seemed to have a relaxed expression. When he was about to take a break, a strange round fat monster appeared next to the colorful lotus. Its body, which was lacking five features, seemed to emit a dark crack.

The small crack instantly turned into a black light curtain that quickly shrouded the lotus. In less than a breath's time, the lotus and the little monster disappeared at the same time.

With the disappearance of the lotus, the six-color sword that attacked Lyu Liang, and the golden Buddha shadow that was formed, disappeared without any trace.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye, and the man still had a relaxed expression. The moment he lost the protection of the Field Domain, he was surrounded by countless Sword Qi. Lyu Liang took the opportunity and did not give the other party any chance to respond.

After a while, when the Field Domain of the Sword Tao was exhausted, Lyu Liang took a storage bag into his arms. Under everyone's eyes, he turned his head to the judging panel.

This time, before Zhu Yan could say anything, the giant man with the big head on the other side, was already smiling, and shouted to all the audience, "This kid is the winner!"

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