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Chapter 699 All Get Lost

“Are you the invincible ‘G.o.d of Broadswords’, Li Yidao?” Bai Yuanshou asked, looking at Li Mu with a smile on his face.

“I’m flattered, Your Highness. My broadsword skill is far from invincible,” Li Mu said calmly.

Bai Yuanshou laughed.

He was very charming when he laughed.

He was the most influential person in the Imperium Vulpes Divine City, the supreme ruler of the Heavenly Fox Clan, and a martial arts giant in the Ziwei Star Zone. When he greeted the other Heavenly Legends, he just said a few words casually and left. However, he treated Li Mu in a different way. He stopped in front of Li Mu, took two of wine from the hand of a guard, and handed one gla.s.s to Li Mu.

Li Mu was a little surprised.

At first, he thought that Bai Yuanshou came over to talk to him at last because Bai Yuanshou didn’t care much about him.

However, now it seemed that was not the case.

Li Mu took the gla.s.s from Bai Yuanshou’s hand and thanked him politely.

Bai Yuanshou smiled and said, “I’ve watched the videos about your fights. Your cultivation level is not high, and your broadsword skills are ordinary. However, your talent in fighting is really terrifying. You are a real genius like the G.o.d of War. You can challenge people above your level and make rapid progress. From your first fight to the last one on the Immortal-slaying Platform, your fighting ability has improved drastically, as if you had become another person. You are one of the most terrifying martial arts pract.i.tioners in the world.”

Surprise flashed across Li Mu’s face under the mask.

He wondered whether this compliment was a high one or not.

However, Li Mu realized that Bai Yuanshou’s words proved one thing. Bai Yuanshou had watched the videos about all of his fights on the Immortal-slaying Platform, not just one or two fights. Otherwise, Bai Yuanshou wouldn’t have come to such a conclusion that he had been making progress.

“Those who can make their way to the top 20 on the List of Heavenly Legends of the Star Regions are all extraordinarily talented people with amazingly high cultivation levels. One can improve his cultivation level eventually as time goes by, but the talent in fighting is something that one was born with. Li Yidao, I think you will become the number one Heavenly Legend in the Ziwei Star Zone in the future,” Bai Yuanshou said.

With a smile and a calm look on his face, he said such a word that sounded somewhat astonis.h.i.+ng.

It was a comment from someone who was absolutely a giant in the Ziwei Star Zone.

His words stirred up something in Li Mu’s heart.

Li Mu didn’t expect that Bai Yuanshou would think so highly of him.

“What’s his purpose in saying those words?”

Li Mu couldn’t figure it out right away.

“In the forthcoming days, there will definitely be many people trying to win you over. You’d better not rush into a rash decision. You have to know that the Heavenly Legends with greater potentials tend to attract more attention from others, but at the same time, they also tend to make people feel intimidated. You are enjoying great popularity now just because those people think there is still a possibility of roping you in. However, once this possibility is gone, you will become the target of public attack. They will destroy anything that they can’t get. This is what many people are thinking. I hope you won’t go too far and fall into the trap.”

Bai Yuanshou raised the gla.s.s in his hand.

Li Mu raised his gla.s.s, clinked it with Bai Yuanshou, and gulped down the wine. At the same time, he was rapidly a.n.a.lyzing Bai Yuanshou’s intention.

A giant like Bai Yuanshou, who was standing at the top of the Ziwei Star Zone, certainly would not say something meaningless.

“He seems to be warning me not to rush into a decision. Could it be that he thought that I joined the Green Fox Tribe after he knew that I agreed to have a meeting with the chief of the Green Fox Tribe later?”

“However, the Green Fox Tribe is a branch of the Heavenly Fox Clan.”

Before Li Mu thought more about it, Bai Yuanshou gave his personal communication token to Li Mu and said that Li Mu could look for him at any time as needed. After that, he turned around and left.

Li Mu was surprised again.

“This feels like someone is giving me his personal phone number.

“Is he trying to win me over by treating me with respect and courtesy?”

Li Mu was greatly surprised by the att.i.tude in which Bai Yuanshou treated him.

Many people around them looked at Li Mu in surprise.

However, they couldn’t hear what Li Mu and Bai Yuanshou were talking about. Given his high cultivation level, Bai Yuanshou could, just with a stir of his mind, render others unable to hear what he was talking about and see the movement of his lips.

Seeing Bai Yuanshou offering preferential treatment to Li Mu, many people began to think about it.

The face of the chief of the Green Fox Tribe looked a little unnatural, but his unnatural look disappeared in the blink of an eye.

After a short while, other people came up to greet and get acquainted with Li Mu by introducing their ident.i.ties and backgrounds.

They were all trying to establish good relations with Li Mu.

Li Mu dealt with them in an absent-minded manner.

After the banquet began, Daji disappeared from sight. She had gone somewhere unknown.

As the banquet proceeded, more and more people appeared in the main shrine hall.

Through conversations with other people, Li Mu learned that besides the elders of the Heavenly Fox Clan and the top 20 super Heavenly legends, many big shots of other tribes, races, and powers had also come to attend the banquet. Later, more and more people came. They were all pract.i.tioners from very strong backgrounds. As the host, Bai Yuanshou had to deal with them out of politeness.

This made Li Mu feel that his horizon was broadened.

No matter how fiercely the great powers in the Ziwei Star Zone were secretly contending against each other, they all appeared to be very mild and polite at the societal level. This was an inevitable result when civilization had evolved to a certain extent.

It was like what the presidents of great powers on the Earth would do. They might bear deep grudges against each other, but they would still greet each other politely when they met at a banquet.

The atmosphere at the banquet seemed to be harmonious and happy.

“Li Yidao?” A burly young man in black scale armor came over to Li Mu, looked him up and down, and said, “Some people say that you can defeat any of the top three Heavenly Legends with your broadsword. Do you also think so?”

Li Mu sneered and said, ” Are you the Blighting Dark Demon, Wei Sinian? Well, well, are you not convinced? You may have a try at it.”

This person was Wei Ximin’s elder brother, the current young master of the Demonic Snake Abyss.

The Demonic Snake Abyss was the family of one of the biggest victims of the Dark Yellow Army. Wei Ximin had killed many Dark Yellow Soldiers. What Wei Sinian had done was even worse than the crimes Wei Ximin had committed. Li Mu had long wanted to kill Wei Sinian, so he talked to this person in a harsh tone without any mercy.

The atmosphere between the two of them was a little tense.

Other people around them soon noticed this change.

The confrontation between the young Heavenly Legends was an inevitable phenomenon. Given the fact that the “Blighting Dark Demon”, Wei Sinian, ranked third on the List of Heavenly Legends, while and the “G.o.d of Broadswords”, Li Yidao, ranked fourth, it was rather commonplace for them to confront each other.

However, other people needed to think about if Wei Sinian’s stance represented the att.i.tude of the Demonic Snake Abyss as one of the Six Top Clans.

Could it be that from the very beginning, the Demonic Snake Abyss had no intention to win over Li Yidao, who enjoyed great popularity?

In fact, the “Blighting Dark Demon”, Wei Sinian, did not think that much.

The reason why he provoked Li Mu didn’t have much to do with their rankings on the List of Heavenly Legends. The main reason was that he had a very strange feeling about Li Mu. Whenever he heard the name “Li Yidao” or saw Li Mu, he would feel annoyed, and an uncontrollable feeling of resentment would well up and surge through him.

However, he had tested Li Yidao with his Black Snake Coin. The Black Snake Coin did not detect any signs of curse in Li Yidao’s body, which showed that Li Yidao was not the one who killed his younger brother.

Wei Sinian was a little confused about this.

Where on earth did his hatred toward Li Yidao come from?

He couldn’t figure that out.

However, it was certain that he could not make any move at the banquet today.

“Hehe, did you ask me to have a try? You will never understand what is called the foundation. There will be a chance very soon.” Wei Sinian sneered and said, “I hope you can still talk to me this way after we enter the Heavenly Fox Secret Realm.”

He showed his hostility in a straightforward way.

Li Mu snorted coldly. “You’d better pray that you can walk out of the Heavenly Fox Secret Realm alive.”

As soon as Li Mu finished speaking, the faces of the surrounding pract.i.tioners watching the two of them immediately changed.

“Does Li Yidao mean that he is going to kill Wei Sinian in the Heavenly Fox Secret Realm?

“Isn’t he arrogant and domineering?”

Wei Sinian was dumbfounded, but he immediately nodded with a contemptuous smile on his face. “Okay, I’ll see you then.”

After that, he turned around and left.

Li Mu sneered.

“This Wei Sinian is really courting death. Even if he had not come to provoke me today, I would still take action against him in the Heavenly Fox Secret Realm. I have no mercy for anyone from the Demonic Snake Abyss. The Demonic Snake Abyss is the sworn enemy of the Dark Yellow Army.”

Li Mu soon stopped thinking and looked around.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up.

After changing his clothes to a casual dress, Bai Yuanshou showed up with the little princess, Daji, not far away from Li Mu.

“Everyone, let me introduce the main character of today’s banquet. She is the most beautiful pearl of the White Fox Tribe, the little princess – Daji,” Bai Yuanshou smiled and said to everyone, “the top 20 super Heavenly Legends have all come to the banquet. I firmly believe that the hero who can win the favor of my little princess is right among these 20 people. The most powerful one may not necessarily succeed in becoming the ideal son-in-law of the White Fox Tribe. Young men, if you can win Daji’s favor in advance, you will probably have a greater chance of success.”

He made the speech in a slightly playful and indicative manner.

All the attendees at the banquet burst out laughing.

Daji, who was innocent and pure, lowered her head, and the timid and shy look on her face became more obvious.

She was so naive that she felt out of place in the atmosphere of the whole banquet thing. She wanted to escape right away, but for some reason, she had no choice but to stay.

At this point, the banquet reached its climax.

According to the hints given by Bai Yuanshou, some eager Heavenly Legends rushed over to Daji one after another. They introduced themselves and proposed toasts to her in a seemingly graceful manner. Daji dealt with them perfunctorily, feeling at a loss. Her pretty face looked embarra.s.sed, as if she were about to cry.

No one had expected the little princess of the Heavenly Fox Clan would be so introverted and shy.

However, her special personality aroused the Heavenly Legends’ desire to conquer her.

More and more Heavenly Legends surrounded Daji.

She felt even more uncomfortable and looked a little scared and anxious.

Li Mu couldn’t stand it anymore.

He went straight to Daji, looked at the Heavenly Legends around her, and said, “All get lost.”

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