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"Your honor, how about the Qingfeng Citadel..." Feng Yuanxing tried to ask.

Li Mu patted his head and seemed to have thought of something, saying, "Oh, I forget to say, has Ma Junwu recovered from those wounds? Right? Let him order fifty guards with him to clean up the battlefield at the Hancha Intersection. That place is too b.l.o.o.d.y, and I'm afraid businessmen or pa.s.sers-by will be scared."

Hancha Intersection?

Feng Yuanxing and little boy Qing Feng were shocked at the same time.

Immediately, an idea flashed through their minds.

Was there any chance that...

"Your honor, last night, at Hancha Intersection, if..." Feng Yuanxing asked Li Mu with a trembling voice.

At that time, the kitchen had begun to serve dishes.

The fragrant flavor almost made Li Mu's saliva come out of his mouse.

After the big battle last night, he consumed a lot of energy and was really hungry. Otherwise, he would not rush out of the practice room after watching Netherworld Dao-using Methods just once. At present, he could not afford to talk nonsense with Feng Yuanxing and rush to the table, saying, "You will know when you have arrived..."

But he wasn't the first person to rush to the table.

Li Mu did not know when that adorkable and stupid Ming Yue was already glutting herself with delicacies at the table.

"Haven't you already eaten something?" Li Mu grabbed that roast leg of lamb from her hands and said angrily, "How dare you steal my meat?"

"Who cares whether the meat is yours or mine? It should be the meal of whoever has eaten it." Little Ming Yue then took up that quickly fried pig kidney, raised her head and open her mouth like pouring the garbage, and then that dish slid into her stomach. After that, she raised her hands and took two baked pig shoulders, shouting, "Qing Feng treats me badly. He only let me eat ten bowls of meat congees, and how am I full with so little food?"

Not full with ten bowls of meat congees?

Li Mu was suddenly speechless.

"Even if I raise a Tibetan mastiff, it cannot eat so much like you."

"Is your stomach a bottomless pit?"

Li Mu then stopped talking with her and immediately began to fight for food.

Then Li Mu and Ming Yue gathered around the table, staring at each other and s.n.a.t.c.hing madly.

Feng Yuanxing was also speechless.

"My county magistrate is occasionally majestic, occasionally mad as a child, sometimes powerful as a G.o.d of war, sometimes funny as an idiot... He, he really is... really pa.s.sionate and unrestrained, who is quite a famous scholar."

Apart from the words "pa.s.sionate and unrestrained", Feng Yuanxing couldn't think of other words to describe his county magistrate.

The little boy Qing Feng, who seemed to have become inured to the unusual, rubbed his temples, and saying to himself, "Oh, I feel so tired, and it seems that I have to bring more food..."

He went to the kitchen and told the cooks to prepare three times as much meat to bring in.

Hearing that, those cooks also sighed in their minds.

Since they applied to work as cooks in the county government, although their salary had increased four or five times, their workload had also increased greatly. It was harder to cook for the county magistrate than to serve many guests who always came and went in the restaurant.

How could an adult and two little children eat so much food on one meal?

They really doubted whether their county magistrate had secretly raised a group of greedy beasts in the county government office.

The morning sun was rising.

Suns.h.i.+ne was not so blazing.

There was a strange atmosphere in the streets of Taibai County.

Many residents of the county towns had received notifications from the government official, and thus closed their home doors and stopped going to the streets. Some shops and restaurants also had temporarily closed and their gates were shut down.

If such things happened in a few days before, Jianghu heroes who gathered here would definitely be furious.

Those closed doors of shops would be smashed by the Jianghu people, and their owners would also be badly beaten.

But everything had changed dramatically after the relentless slaughter of the mysterious master of Duan Shuiliu who came out of nowhere yesterday.

The Jianghu heroes who were originally arrogant and willful were scared to death now.

It was said that those Jianghu people who committed evil deeds in the city were so frightened that they had run away overnight, and most of the people who stayed in Taibai County became well-behaved and more polite, and they dared not make any troubles and stopped acting like a tyrant in the city.

Under the notice of the government, shops and stores were closed.

Jianghu people staggered in groups of three or five on the streets, talking noisily, and headed for the Shennong Faction ruins. The two factions were about to start their big fight, so for those Jianghu people whose bones were full of undisciplined genes, that was a great event that could not be missed.

An hour before the start of the fight.

At the entrance of Taibai County, a white-haired young man carrying an ancient sword appeared.

He was extremely handsome with beautiful sword-like eyebrows and star-like eyes, who was really like a G.o.d from heaven. With his long white hair, he had a strange temperament just like a G.o.d. He stepped by step into the county, and the guards who stationed at the gate of the city had not stopped him as if they could not see him at all.

"The smell of the beast monster and it is a big one... How does that happen?"

The young man with white hair and an ancient sword was shocked and looked up at the Taibai government office, which was the highest building in Taibai County.

Deep in his eyes, there were strangely silver lights, more like nebulae rising and falling.

And the ancient sword behind him, in a frequency that no one else could perceive, was buzzing and shaking at a high speed.

Soon, all this change had disappeared.

The white-haired young man converged on the sharpness in his eyes and walked slowly between the streets as if he were sightseeing. But strangely, even if those Jianghu people had pa.s.sed the old white-haired young man, they seemed not to have noticed him.

This person, like a breath of air, did not exist in that world.

Shortly afterward, at the gate of Taibai County, there came the sound of galloping horses.

It was a small group of traveling merchants that came from afar.

"How come a group of merchants is coming to our county at this time?" The guards at the gate were astonished.

Because these days, a lot of villains and hooligans gathered in Taibai County, which made the city unsafe, besides, traders who had pa.s.sed by had been robbed several times, and the security outside the city was not guaranteed, therefore, traders basically disappeared those days.

Especially like that kind of small group of traders, which contained one carriage and five or six people, it was nearly impossible for them to come here again.


The carriage stopped at the gate of the county.

"Young Master, we've arrived." The coachman pulled the reins and turned back to the people in the carriage.

The coachman was a strong man in his early thirties with a solemn look. He had worn a coa.r.s.e cloth robe, but that could hardly make him feel ordinary and mellow, and compared with those Jianghu people who called themselves masters in Taibai County today, he seemed to be stronger like a sharp knife.

It was hard to imagine that such a person should be willing to drive a carriage for others.

On both sides of the carriage, there were four knights.

The two knights on the left were an old man in green clothes and square scarves and a 14-year-old boy servant, who were all dressed up as a scholar. With that kind of dressing and behavior, they seemed not to be great martial arts masters in Jianghu.

Both the two knights on the right were strong as a bear in the hips and with a back supple as a tiger's, and each with two crossed swords on their back. They were both warriors who used two swords.

"Is this Taibai County?" A childish voice came from the carriage.

Someone opened the door of the carriage a little to see the outside world.

A small head with messy hair squeezed out of the gap of the carriage door.

It was a little boy who looked less than ten years old. He got a white face and bright eyes, who was very naughty just like children of his age. His hair was dark but really messy. A hair band with a valuable oval jade was bound above his forehead, which was about two fingers high above his eyebrows.

The little boy looked out curiously, trying to squeeze directly out of the door.

But a palm came out of the back and pulled him back.

It was the palm of a young woman.

That hand was whiter and s.h.i.+nier than the white jade on the forehead of the little boy.

There were no words or rhetoric that could describe the beauty of that hand, that jade-like hand as if it was carved out of the most beautiful jade in the world with a flash of magical brilliance. Anyone who saw that hand could not resist the temptation to know its owner.

"Hey, sister..." The little boy was violently dragged back into the carriage.

Then the carriage door was closed.

A sound that was as crisp and sweet as a jade collided with pearl pa.s.sed through the door. "Mr. w.a.n.g, let's find an inn in this city. The scenery here is good, and we can stay for a few more days."

"Yes, master." On the left, the old man in green clothes and square scarves nodded.

Those group of people went into Taibai County smoothly after simply being checked by the county warriors and guards.

Until the carriage disappeared in the distant streets of the city, all the guards were still staring at them, and their minds were still occupied by that beautiful and delicate hand which seemed to have magical power. They still imagined the master of the hand should belong to an extraordinarily beautiful woman.

Suddenly, a barking dog woke up the soldiers and guards who had fallen into their own minds, kind of like hypnosis.

The soldiers looked at where the sound came from.

But they did not know when an old beggar with a yellow and white dog came to the city gate.

That old beggar was in his fifties with a rosacea nose, a wide mouth and a pair of thick black eyebrows, who was particularly eye-catching.

He was tall and big, dressed in a ragged robe, which was cleanly washed, with a pair of shoes made of straws on his feet. He was holding a begging bowl in his left hand, a yellow wine gourd in his right hand, and a sack on his shoulder, and he seemed very healthy and energetic compared with other ordinary beggars.

A big fat yellow-and-white dog was standing at his feet, wagging his tail and looking silly.

"Officers, please do me a favor. I want to go to the city and beg for some soup and water to fill my stomach." He was grinning with a smell of wine all over his body.

A guard looked him up and down and nodded, signaling the old beggar to hurry in and not stand in the way.

"Thank you, thank you all, officers." The old beggar brought his big fat yellow-and-white dog into the county.

"Wait a minute." One Dutou Official suddenly opened his mouth.

The old beggar looked back.

That Dutou official said, "It's not very safe in the city these days. You should be careful. To avoid being beaten, don't go to those Jianghu people to beg for food. You are old now, and don't let them break your legs here."

"Thank you, officer." The beggar made obeisance and left with the fat yellow dog.

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