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However, Li Mu's ability to console others was obviously inadequate in comparison with that to kill others. So it did not work well.

After a while, Granny Cai slightly came back to earth.

The old woman urged Li Mu to leave there as soon as possible and said, "Ma San does not only have a gang of ruffians working for him, but also have backers in the town government. Master Luan Lai, since you've killed his people, the government will not let you go and will arrest you without a doubt. Master Luan Lai, please leave Ping'an town quickly."

Little Caicai also looked at Li Mu with eager eyes.

She hoped to learn some techniques from Li Mu so that she could protect her grandmother. But hearing what her grandmother said, Caicai knew that Li Mu needed to leave there quickly, otherwise, he would be in danger. Therefore, she felt it was not the right moment to ask him to teach her.

Children from poor families became thoughtful at an earlier age.

"Amitabha." Li Mu had fun pretending to be a monk, so he chanted the name of Buddha again. "Granny, please rest your mind. I have my way to deal with those villains. Even the government should be reasonable... Since I've encountered it this time, I should eradicate the cancer for Ping'an town and make the simple and kind local people here enjoy a peaceful life again." In his heart, he did think so.

Li Mu had to admit that he tended to act like a benevolent Saint whom he always looked down upon.

After placating Granny Cai and little Caicai, Li Mu did not leave.

He dragged those ruffian's corpses out and buried them thoughtlessly in unmarked common graves.

After that, he returned to Granny Cai's house.

Granny Cai was packing up things, preparing to flee there with little Caicai.

Although Huang Yong was scared away, it was impossible to guarantee that Ma San and his heelers would not come back to stir up trouble. And some people died in the courtyard, and the government was bound to investigate it. At that time, the bunch of knavish officials under the leaders.h.i.+p of new mayor would pour all the dirty water on Granny and her granddaughter. It was also a disaster.

"Granny, in fact, you really do not have to escape. Please rest a.s.sured. I promise, there will not be any ruffian in Ping'an town. The new mayor does not dare to harm everyone." Li Mu said with full confidence.

But Granny Cai was suspicious about his words.

But in fact, she lived in the countryside and had not had any relatives already. Although she planned to escape with little Caicai, she did not know where to go at all, or whether there was any danger on the way. After a long speculation, Granny Cai made a final decision that she would stay there temporarily and saw how things would be.

"Elder Brother Luan Lai, could you teach me some techniques?" Finally, little Caicai got the courage, gently touched Li Mu's sleeves and said, "Caicai wants to be as powerful as Elder Brother so that I can protect my grandmother."

The children's minds were always so simple and beautiful.

Her motivation to practice martial arts was not to become a Wulin Master, to pursue reputation, or to take revenge. Instead, she simply hoped to protect her own grandmother whom she could only live with from being bullied.

Li Mu thought for a moment and nodded.

Teaching one to fish was better than giving him

If little Caicai learns to practice martial arts, she might be able to live a better life in the future. At least, she could build up her body and perhaps made life better for her grandmother.

"Great, thank you. Elder Brother Luan Lai." Little Caicai jumped with cheers.

Li Mu, "..."

"Just call me Elder Brother, " said he.

Li Mu thought he should not have nicknamed himself merely for the wicked taste.

He pondered in his heart what kind of martial he should impart to little Caicai.

Xiantian Skill and Zhenwu Boxing were both of great importance, so before getting the old fake's permission, Li Mu thought he should not teach any others. Once leaked, these two techniques would be fixed covetously in the whole world of martial arts. If little Caicai learned them, she would suffer disasters.

As for Wind-Cloud Six Moves, it was merely a series of sword techniques based on st.u.r.dy body. And little Caicai was incapable of cultivating it.

Fortunately, a few days ago, Li Mu got many Wulin's rare books from true men of the Sky Dragon Faction, Huya Faction, and other Jianghu's Sects by robbing and extorting. Among the esoterica, Li Mu had read up all the rudimental books so that he had been able to achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the books. Nowadays, Li Mu was like a moving esoterica library. So Li Mu had many techniques to impart.

He searched thoroughly in his mind and finally chose a Cultivation Method named Longevity Training of Qi Formula to teach little Caicai.

This was a Cultivation Method on practicing qi, which came from the Sky Dragon Faction. In order to redeem the Sky Dragon Sword, Dongfang Jian dedicated the Cultivation Method to Li Mu.

The Longevity Training of Qi Formula did not have too many requirements for the flesh strength. Even a common person could cultivate it. The Qi Formula did not cost too many cultivating resources, instead, focused more on health preservation and internal organs exercise. It was good for bodybuilding. And the cultivating process was rather mild but relatively slow. It stressed on "striving for by doing nothing", so it presented high demand on the cultivator's mind condition. Cultivators could strengthen the practicing efforts in the later cultivation. If the cultivators could practice into extremely deep status, he

At the same time, there was another benefit to cultivate the Cultivation Method, that is, no matter what level the cultivator had practiced and he

But just because this Cultivation Method emphasized on natural cultivation and banned on rash advance, the cultivating process was rather slow. And it could not produce powerful lethality immediately. Therefore, it was not so popular in many Jianghu's Sects, and seldom people chose the Cultivation Method to cultivate.

But for Caicai, it was the very Cultivation Method for her to practice.

Li Mu asked Caicai to come to her and explained all the mental cultivation methods and requirements of the Cultivation Method to her.

The little girl was ten years old and had no contact with martial art cultivation before. She knew nothing about it in many aspects, and could only understand a bit after being taught again and again. Therefore, she learned it rather slowly. The slower she learned, the more anxious she became, the more mistakes she made. With many b.u.mps in the learning, she was so anxious that she almost burst into tears.

But Li Mu was quite patient.

He did not blame her at all. Instead, he explained to little Caicai little by little, even demonstrated them personally, totally without a look of impatientness.

Seeing it, Granny Cai was rather excited and happy for her granddaughter.

Although she was only a subordinate villager, she also knew that such a chance was rare for Caicai.

In the world, the so-called methods of cultivating qi were just some initial approaches to breathing. One should sit in meditation with specific posture, breathe and run the air flow inside the body with certain specific breathing tempos and methods by meditation. It was quite similar to Qigong (a breathing technique) on the earth. Thus it could be seen that the initial approaches to inside cultivation were largely identical but with minor differences. It was still true even if it was planets away from the earth.

About an hour, little Caicai could finally figured out the initial approach to the Longevity Training of Qi Formula.

"You should practice step by step based on the Qi Formula. Day after day, you will feel that your strength, speed and reaction will increase a lot. And your body will become better and better. But all of these rely on persistence. You should practice once every day and night. Only when you insist on doing it can you keep on making progress."

Li Mu inculcated patiently.

Little Caicai listened carefully and kept nodding.

But Li Mu himself could not tell how far she could reach.

After all, compared to the Great Masters like Guo Yuqing, Li Mu lacked abundant experiences and vision so that he was not sure whether little Caicai had the talent to cultivate martial arts.

After doing all this, Li Mu Granny Cai's house.

He was going to find Ma San and his gangs.

Why did Li Mu allow Huang Yong to return alive and caution Ma San? The reason was rather simple for—Li Mu wanted to instill fear into Ma San's heart so that Ma San would gather all of his subordinates, even asked his backers in the government for a.s.sistance. If so, the bunch of evil forces would flock together, and Li Mu would not bother himself to find them one by one. Instead, he could handle them all at once.


In an enormous manor on the west side of the Ping'an bridge of the eastern Ping'an town. After hearing what Huang Yong said, Ma San, shocked and furious, pounded the table and rose to his feet, even smashed the wine cup in his hands out of rage.

"Poor monk! Dare to act so recklessly!"

He gritted his teeth and said.

"Did he really say he would come to kill me tonight?" Ma San asked, as his face pulled long and steel b.a.l.l.s rolled in his hands. He continued to asked, "Did he say when?"

Huang Yong said hurriedly, "No. But he said he would come tonight... Master Ma, the d.a.m.ned monk is rather powerful, more formidable to handle that the non-native person several days ago. Besides, the monk is cruel and sinister. He is not soft on killing. We need to take thorough precautions." Then, he retold what had happened in Granny Cai's house with embellishment, especially focusing on how Li Mu defeated them.

Ma San frowned at the words.

He also realized that things were in such a condition that he had lost kind of control.

No one expected that the monk with the monastic name "Luan Lai" was so troublesome.

Besides, the monk could appear in Granny Cai's house in time. It was not a coincidence. At least from one side, it was obvious the monk had plotted from the very beginning, and ran there on purpose... Well, the monk came to look for trouble deliberately.

"Gather all the brothers to the manor to deploy guard and defence here. Start all the traps and gears. Take out all the strong bows and crossbows and send to all the brothers. Tell them to rob poison on the arrows and to prepare the foggy smoke... Haha, I don't believe that a person of flesh is able to fight his way through our traps and gears."

Ma San burst into rage.

After seizing the manor, he had been managing it with elaboration and set numerous traps inside and outside the manor.

What's more, he also purchased secretly some military appliances, such as some powerful bows and armour-breaking crossbows that could destroy the defence of internal qi. And he also bought some foggy smoke and poison from individuals in the Jianghu. In other words, he had fortified the manor as strong as iron, just like a fortress, in order to guard against something like that would happen someday.

Ma San himself did not believe that the little monk was still able to overturn the heaven and threaten him since he had made such full preparations and defence with over three hundred guards armed to the teeth.

Of course, for the sake of safety, Ma San also made other preparations.

"Go to the county government to find Master Song and Private Adviser Liu to request them to send some soldiers and guards in the count for help... Haha, this poor monk! Dare to kill persons in the Ping'an town. He has violated the Empire's law. I think he has been tired of living. And let the government officials handle him. Haha, with two-p.r.o.nged suppression, this monk has no way to escape."

After making a detailed arrangement, Ma Sa felt that uneasiness in his mind was swept away, and he regained his confidence.

He even began to look forward to the arrival of the monk called Luan Lai.

"At that time, I will have his limbs and tongue cut and make him a living death. Let him mourn in agony for forty-nine days. Then see who else dares to be against me."

He smiled ferociously and thought that arrogantly in his heart.

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