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Chapter 656: Emperor of Fortune

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Was it embarra.s.sing to have your fly down when meeting a friend outside?

Not at all! At the most, you would just laugh it off, pull it up in front of your friend, and continue with, “The little bro down there needs a break too…”

See? You could defuse the situation with just one sentence.

Li Yi had left the house with his fly down before too, and he did not find it embarra.s.sing at all. The scene before him, on the other hand, made him feel unbelievably awkward…

Onyxia was showing Fluttering Snow Purple Water Chestnut her smacked b.u.t.tocks, so what would that mean? What would Fluttering Snow Purple Water Chestnut think?

There was no doubt that she would misunderstand.

Right now, Li Yi felt as though he was hiding in his room and jerking off with all might, only for the door to fly open just as he was about to come, and a bunch of people ran in…

Li Yi suddenly remembered a song, a cla.s.sic by the band Black Panther— “Shame”!

“I’ve been lonely… and I’ve been ignored… but never have I felt… such shaaame… Bring it on!”

Li Yi coughed softly. “Guild Master Fluttering Snow, I believe you misunderstand.”

Fluttering Snow Purple Water Chestnut did not say a word, but her gaze clearly told Li Yi what she thought of him. It all came down to one word: sicko!

“I’ve long heard that Guild Master Dark Wing has a wide array of interests, and today, I get to see it for myself.”

Fluttering Snow Purple Water Chestnut took out a burning dragon head and summoned her Wicked Flaming Dragon Mount.

The Wicked Flaming Dragon Mount was completely ablaze and one size larger than even Onyxia, so it roared at Onyxia as a show of dominance.


Onyxia did not try to intimidate it back. Instead, she simply returned to dragon form, and faced with the Wicked Flaming Dragon’s taunting, she just opened her mouth and used Dragon’s Breath at it.

The Wicked Flaming Dragon raised its head and spewed fire in response.

The Dragon’s Breath and the flames clashed in between them, and there was a huge boom, leaving a giant crater in the ground.

The Wicked Flaming Dragon roared once and took flight, leaving with Fluttering Snow Purple Water Chestnut on its back.


Onyxia flapped her wings and tried to give chase, but Li Yi dismissed her by force.

“Curse you, Black Dragon Princess, you totally embarra.s.sed me…”

As he watched Fluttering Snow Purple Water Chestnut leave, Li Yi felt quite frustrated.

He had been feeling pretty good about himself for getting Fluttering Snow Purple Water Chestnut’s “limited-access photographs”, but the Black Dragon Princess’ actions ruined his mood completely.

At this rate, he would never shake off the label of a sicko…

Li Yi shook his head with a sigh.

On the other hand, seeing as Fluttering Snow Purple Water Chestnut had now obtained the Wicked Flaming Dragon, it was only a matter of time before she learned Territory Release, huh?

This opponent was going to be rather troublesome.

Li Yi summoned his Spirit Mount and flew out of the Flaming Dragon Lair.

As soon as Li Yi left, two figures walked out from the shadows. It was Fake Fengxi and The Cat that Sings.

The Cat that Sings was furious. “Lil B, why didn’t you attack just now?”

“Cat, it’s not that I didn’t want to. I was just worried I might overdo it and hurt Purple.”

“F*ck, would it kill you to not bluff for once?”

“Cough, language! Watch your manners…”

“Man you up your *ss!”


“Cat your *ss!”

“Alright, alright, I give…”

“Alright your *ss!”

The Cat that Sings was practically spitting fire, rendering Fake Fengxi speechless. He no longer dared to say anything.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?”

Fake Fengxi raised his head 45 degrees to look at the sky, melancholy in his gaze. “I’m contemplating life…”

“Contemplate your *ss!”

Li Yi went around the Southern Continent and searched up Not Gray Wolf’s name over a thousand times, but there was still no trace of him. However, it was not all for naught, because he accidentally b.u.mped into Drifting Snow in the middle of a quest near Black Iron City.

Drifting Snow had not been messing around the Invincible Continent lately. After Snickersnee the Ironsmith took him to town, he became extremely aware of his own inadequacies. That was why he was desperately completing quests right now, trying hard to increase his Territory Level so that he could exact his revenge.

To someone like Drifting Snow, he did not find it embarra.s.sing if Li Yi killed him ten thousand times, but one death at the hands of an unknown Ironsmith was enough to push him over the edge.

It was because he never once took Snickersnee seriously, so how could that unexpected loss not drive him crazy?

Actually, Li Yi was mistaken in one thing. It was not that Drifting Snow did not want to get revenge on back at Snickersnee, it was that he did not dare to right now. Snickersnee’s t.i.tan’s Grip was too overwhelmingly powerful, and he had yet to come up with a counter to it, so how would he have the guts to go?

“May the Earth Mother protect you always, my child. Please accept this talisman…”


Drifting Snow completed one quest and his ridiculous luck struck again. Not only did the NPC reward him with a significant amount of EXP, it even gave him a rare Holy Light Talisman.

With a Holy Light Talisman, he could resurrect on the spot. Something this precious could not even be bought in the Auction House.


As soon as Drifting Snow accepted the Holy Light Talisman, Li Yi’s arrow flew at him. To avoid being noticed, Li Yi had not used Hunt Target, simply shooting a Quintuple Powered-up Arrow straight at him.


The Powered-up Arrow went straight through Drifting Snow’s body, dealing [−67544] damage.


Drifting Snow crashed to the ground, dropping the Holy Light Talisman in his hand.

Li Yi darted forth and picked it up with a chuckle.

That was another small fortune in hand, making his trip well worth it.

Drifting Snow lay on the ground, and when he saw that the one who ambushed him was Li Yi, he immediately started cursing.

He was doing quests, so he had not even activated his Territory, much less his Territory Skill, Absolute Invincibility.

What a meaningless death…

“F*ck you in the *ss, wait for me if you got the b.a.l.l.s!”

Drifting Snow threw down a challenge and released his soul to corpse run.

Li Yi waited next to him, but five minutes later, Drifting Snow still did not get up. Instead, a bunch of elite players from the Fluttering Snow Alliance Guild came running.

There was no question about it. The coward Drifting Snow must have been too scared to get up, so he called reinforcements instead.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Li Yi leaped as he shot. With the help of his Territory Power, he put down the thirty-odd Fluttering Snow Alliance elites as soon as he could see the whites of their eyes.

Drifting Snow had meant to get up, but when he saw how quickly his reinforcements kicked the bucket, he immediately changed his mind.

“F*ck, Drifter, you a p*ssy? Why ain’t you getting up?” There was a Warrior among the Fluttering Snow Alliance elites who had had a bone to pick with him for a while now.

Drifting Snow explained, “I have something precious with me, so if I get up then he kills me and gets it, wouldn’t it be a waste?”

That Warrior understood. “No wonder! I was just saying that while Drifter’s a bit of a wuss, he’s still quite loyal. I see, so he was scared he’d drop it.”

“You’re a wuss!” Drifting Snow swore back at him.

Li Yi waited for a while longer. He had noticed that Drifting Snow must be carrying some precious treasure right now too, or else he would have gotten up a long time ago.


A dragon’s roar rang out from the sky, and he saw a hint of firelight in the distance. Li Yi frowned slightly and rubbed his Reusable Teleportation Stone, returning to the Celestial Capital.

When he saw Li Yi vanish, Drifting Snow leaped up from the ground. “Motherf*cker, don’t run if you got the b.a.l.l.s!”


The Fluttering Snow Alliance’s elite Warrior spat furiously.


Just then, a Flame Arrow appeared out of nowhere and nailed Drifting Snow right in the back of the head…



Drifting Snow immediately fell to the ground, dropping a yellow scroll.

Li Yi activated his Rocket Propellant and rushed forth, picking up the scroll as quickly as possible. He then rubbed the Reusable Teleportation Stone, and this time he returned to the Celestial Capital for real, before Fluttering Snow Purple Water Chestnut arrived on the scene.

When it came to playing dirty, how could Drifting Snow possibly beat Li Yi?

Drifting Snow watched Li Yi leave, roaring angrily, “You little motherf*cker…”

Li Yi was rather frustrated that he could not find Not Gray Wolf, but his unexpected bounty was pretty satisfying, especially the Holy Light Talisman and the yellow scroll, the Pantheon Ruins Teleportation Scroll, that he had obtained from Drifting Snow.

Drifting Snow’s luck was simply ridiculous. When he looted the treasure chest back then, he had not received one, but three Pantheon Ruins Teleportation Scrolls. Thankfully, these Pantheon Ruins Teleportation Scrolls could not be kept into the inventory and could only ever be left in the Backpack. Otherwise, Li Yi would not be able to get him to drop it no matter what.

“No wonder that punk did not dare to seek Snickersnee out. He didn’t want to lose his scrolls, hahaha…”

Li Yi was in a very good mood. Now he had to consider the same problem again— who should this newest scroll go to?

Should he sell it for money? Li Yi definitely would not. It was not like he needed the money. Just the resale of the Sacred Potions alone had earned him more money than many people have ever seen in their lifetimes.

“Clang clang!”

Just as Li Yi was about to log off, he received a private message that stunned him.

The message came with the sender’s name on it, and it was Windcloud—Brother—Nine!

“Brother, I’m online now.” Brother Windcloud Nine sounded rather tired.

“Brother Nine?”

“Yeah. Where you at? There’s something I gotta tell you.”

Five minutes later, Li Yi met Brother Windcloud Nine at the Island Trading Center.

Brother Windcloud Nine looked very pale, as though he was utterly exhausted. He was in really bad shape…

“You must be wondering why I logged off so suddenly, huh?”

Li Yi nodded.

Brother Windcloud Nine chuckled a little and took out the Pantheon Teleportation Scroll Li Yi had given him, handing it back to Li Yi.

Li Yi did not accept it. “What’s the meaning of this?”

“I won’t be using this anymore, so it’s best not to waste it. Give it to anyone else you want, but don’t give it to Sister Nine. She’s too silly, she probably wouldn’t be able to learn Territory even if she did go to the Ruins.”

“You won’t be using it? What are you trying to say?”


Brother Windcloud Nine chuckled again.

“Tell me, how’s Sister Windcloud Nine doing?”

“She’s perfectly fine. This is your second time asking, by the way.”


Brother Windcloud Nine raised his head to look at the sky, staying motionless for a long time.

“Brother Nine, just tell me straight. I’m getting a bit confused, I don’t know what you’re getting at.”

Brother Windcloud Nine sighed. “I don’t know how long I’ll last either. Sigh, I guess I just couldn’t let go of that silly little girl, that’s why I logged on all of a sudden…”

When he heard what Brother Windcloud Nine said, Li Yi’s heart immediately sank…

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