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Chapter 769: More Like a JokeTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Since Xiang Jinxi had already paid for the project and Huo Yunting was instrumental in helping the project owner avoid a landmine, they practically awarded the project tender to him for free.

Besides, Xiang Jinxi had invested hundreds of millions into the project, so Thunderbolt Corp would only need to inject just a little more money to see the project to its completion!

News of this turn of events shocked the business circle.

Huo Yunting had crushed Xiang Yuan Corp and defeated Xiang Jinxi without any significant losses. He even won the much-coveted tender nearly free of charge.

His cunning and ingenious tactics were unheard of.

It was fortunate that no one had sided with Xiang Jinxi.

In the end, Thunderbolt Corp bought Xiang Yuan. The port development continued and Thunderbolt soared to new heights. The business empire was now unrivalled in the country.

“Brother Ting, you’re the man!”

Huo Li patted the newspaper on the table and said with a grin, “The media praises you like you’re the king.”


Huo Yunting ignored him.

He was preoccupied with the problem of getting Lu Zhaoyang to accept him in bed.

“I say, Bro, are you not worried about Xiang Jinxi?” Huo Li asked, confused. “State Security may have issued a wanted notice on him, but they have heard nothing so far. That scoundrel is in the wind, who knows when he’ll strike again! He is like a ticking time bomb.”

Huo Yunting ran a finger through his hair in affected pa.s.sivity that belied his murderous intent.

“A time bomb? More like a joke. I do hope he will look for me soon.”

Xiang Jinxi may have escaped, but he was not too bothered by it.

As Huo Li had said, the man would be back, and he would defeat him once again.

Huo Li did not doubt Huo Yunting’s ability. He stood up and stretched. “Well, that’s the end of it, for now. Brother Ting, I’m taking a few days off, okay?”

He never expected to be rejected.


“… Why?”

“It’s a punishment for your big mouth.”


Huo Yunting still remembered how he accidentally spilled the beans in front of Lu Zhaoyang. But that was so long ago! Heavens!

After that, Lu Zhaoyang and Huo Yunting resumed their lives peacefully.

Lu Zhaoyang stopped going to work to rest at home, leaving her husband alone in the office to deal with menial tasks.

When he finally came home, his wife continued to treat him coldly.

He tried to please in any way he could think of, be it flattering her of begging for mercy. It was a long road to forgiveness.

In the end, Lu Zhaoyang finally yielded.

Huo Yunting came to realize that a woman with a temper was much more difficult to handle than a formidable enemy.

“Huo Yunting.”

Lu Zhaoyang opened the door to the study and saw him hanging up his phone. She asked, “Who were you calling?”

“The military.”

“Oh, what’s the matter?”

“I was asking about Huo Chen,” Huo Yunting replied frankly.

Grandma worried about Huo Chen in the moments before she pa.s.sed away. He hoped Huo Chen was safe too.

“What did they say?”

Lu Zhaoyang’s att.i.tude s.h.i.+fted when she heard it had to do with Huo Chen. She immediately went to him and watched him expectantly for his reply.

In his mind, Huo Yunting was super annoyed by her sudden show of interest. He abruptly pulled her into a hug and savoured the proximity before slowly replying, “He sent a report back to base three days ago saying that he had eliminated the organization. He is now looking for the last remaining members of the organization that are still on the loose.”

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