WARNING! Tsundere President Chapter 650 - Where’s My Reward?

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Chapter 650: Where’s My Reward?Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

She removed her arm slowly, but woke the man up whilst doing so.

He shook his head a few times before pulling her toward him until they were touching each other again.

He was energetic and ready for action after an entire night’s rest.

“Huo Yunting, I know you are awake. Let me wash myself first,” she asked by way of an excuse to get away from him.

He planted a kiss on her forehead. “Remember to come back here.”

I’m not even gone yet, okay?!

Lu Zhaoyang felt his arms around her loosen and she quickly stepped out of bed. She crossed her arms around her naked chest and slipped to the bathroom.

Huo Yunting finally opened his eyes and admired her graceful spine.

He had let her off last night, but she would have to pay him back this morning.

After Lu Zhaoyang finished was.h.i.+ng herself, she stepped out of the bathroom to see him watching her expectantly, curling his finger at her, beckoning her to go to him.

She put on a bathrobe and skipped to the wardrobe to try her luck. To her surprise, the wardrobe was filled with branded female clothing, all from the latest season.

Based on the measurements… They were all meant for her.

Huo Yunting noted her refusal to cooperate. He got out of bed and combed his fingers through his hair lazily. “Lu Zhaoyang, you still owe me my reward.”

“I can’t do it now. Xuxu wakes up early, he must be waiting for me downstairs now.”

She picked a long dress and slipped it on.

“I’ll be quick.”

Lu Zhaoyang watched as he took one slow step after another toward her. He was still undressed. “Do you think I don’t know you?”

“Then…” He looked down. “What do I do with this?”

“Take a cold shower. I’m going to my son!”

She grinned and slipped past him to the door.

He stood where he was and watched her leave. The way she grinned so widely made him chuckle.

She was already well practiced in the art of escaping him.

Lu Zhaoyang went to Xuxu’s room and found that there were new clothes for her son too. It seemed that Huo Yunting was set on bringing them both to stay in his mansion.

That man was too cunning!

“Yangyang, what’s wrong? Did Uncle Yunting bully you?” The boy stood obediently by his bed as she helped him get dressed, but he could not help but notice her curious expression.

“Nothing’s wrong, I’m good, don’t worry.” Lu Zhaoyang kissed him lightly on the cheek and said, “Let’s go downstairs.”

Huo Yunting was already there waiting for them, and he seemed to be in good spirits.

“What got you so happy?” She could not imagine how their presence at his mansion could make him so happy.

Huo Yunting dodged her question. “Let’s send Xuxu to cram school together later.”

“I can do it myself.” She had already bothered him with the task of fetching her son yesterday.

“Xuxu, would you like me to send you off?” Having being rejected by her multiple times, Huo Yunting switched tactics.

“Yes!” Xuxu smiled and looked to his mother. “Can he, Yangyang?”

“You already said yes.”


The boy hid a smile behind his hands and did not feel bad at all. He thought it was wonderful to have them both send him to school.

After breakfast, they sent Xuxu off to cram school.

Huo Yunting sat in the driver’s seat and waited for Lu Zhaoyang to return from the school gates. From the concerned look on her face when she came back, she must have heard of what happened yesterday.

Lu Zhaoyang sat in the car and was about to speak when he stepped on the accelerator and started driving.

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