WARNING! Tsundere President 607 Holy Cow! This Is The Reason He Can't Go Back!?

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However, her plan was dead in the water before she could even start brainwas.h.i.+ng the granny.

"Sigh, our poor son is anything but smart. He even sacrificed his own cornea just for a woman last time! Now, with you taking care of him, I'm not worried!" The granny patted the back of Wen He's hand with her skinny and frail hand. "He, he might have lost one of his eyesight, but he is still able to live like a normal person. Rest a.s.sured, our family will make it worth your while."

WTF? Losing a cornea. He can't see with one of his eyes? Holy cow! This is the reason he can't go back?

Wen He immediately turned to look at Huo Chen, who appeared calm and absolutely normal, had never mentioned about this thing all this while.


"Okay, Mama," she forced a smile and promised reluctantly, "don't worry, I will take good care of him. Err, it's getting late now. Mama, please rest early, and we will chat again tomorrow."

"Well, well, let's go!" With Wen He's help, the granny got to her feet and said intriguingly, "I have not managed to prepare a guest room for you. Please stay in Huo Chen's room, hope you don't mind."

"It's all right." She could sleep on the floor since the room was d.a.m.n s.p.a.cious.

The two held hands and went into the room. Shutting the door behind her and immediately letting go of his hand, Wen He stood before him and looked up at his eyes.

But Huo Chen stepped aside, coldly walking past her.

"Could you just stand still? I just want to see your eyes!"

Under this circ.u.mstance, he would not be able to pa.s.s the physical test, let alone getting reinstated. Huo Chen's eyes landed on her worried face. Although he could only see with his left eye, his voice was as calm as a millpond. "Wen He, my eye is my business. It doesn't concern you."

What the f*ck? What's wrong with showing some concern?

"You sleep on the bed. I will take the couch." Upon saying that, he went straight into the bathroom.

Wen He turned her eyes at the bed and slowly walked over.

Without a cornea.

She quickly pulled out her cellphone and searched the internet. Although cornea transplant is possible, donors were hard to come by in the country. No one knew when a suitable cornea would surface.

Resting her chin on her hand with her brows tightly knitted together, Wen He beat her brains out, trying to figure out what to do. Since she could not get to Lu Bai, who was still in the hospital, she could only carry out her plan on her own.

"Huo Chen, may I use your notebook computer for a while?" Wen He shouted in the direction of the bathroom.

"You may."

Permission granted, she quickly took his notebook and flung herself on the couch. After hacking every hospital's database, she finally found Huo Chen's medical record. Since no one knew how long it was going to take and she was not prepared to wait for it anyway, she decided to go about it her way—the selfish route.

Huo Chen came out of the bathroom as soon as she put down the notebook.

"Err, goodnight. And don't worry, I won't bother you for long as I will leave tomorrow." While speaking, she placed the notebook back to where she took it from and scurried into the bathroom at once.

Huo Chen glanced at the notebook, arching his brows as he had no idea what the woman had done.

At night, the large bedroom was silent except for the soft breathing sounds. Someone was tossing and turning the whole night, unable to sleep. She was not known as a picky sleeper. How did she get so sleepless?

"Huo Chen, have you slept?" Wen He sat up on the bed and looked at the figure lying on the couch. There was no reply from him, but his breathing was apparently different than before.

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