WARNING! Tsundere President Chapter 529 - 、Marie Antoinette Syndrome

WARNING! Tsundere President -

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Chapter 529: 529、Marie Antoinette Syndrome

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Leaning against the back of her bed, she texted Huo Chen informing that she would be on a trip with their son, telling him to not worry. The blue ticks appeared extremely fast as her phone vibrated before she placed it down.


Lu Zhaoyang smiled as she packed up everything and brought Little Huo Xu to check out. She opened a tiny gap at the door and peeked through it cautiously—no sight of Huo Yunting. She looked at the floor—no sight of him sleeping overnight here either. It was as if he never existed and it was just a dream last night.

“Yang Yang, are we going to trip without daddy? Where’s daddy?” Waving Zhaoyang’s hand in his grip, Xuxu asked as he grooved with the little bag behind him.

“Daddy is busy. It’s gonna be just the two of us this time.” She led her son out of the room while dragging their luggage case.

“Okay, don’t lose me this time,” said the little guy with his grip tightened.

They stopped a taxi at the outside and asked to go to the airport straightaway.

At the outside, the man in question was resting inside his car. He was still waiting and despite the fact that he did not sleep the whole night before this, he was still tireless.

“Finally…” He muttered as he watched the mother and son leaving. He pinched his forehead and said, “Go to the airport now.”

Huo Li turned on the engine and the car zoomed away roaring.

“I’ll get my man to investigate on their flight,” said Huo Li as he reached for his handphone. “Gimme a sec.” The moment he entered the pa.s.sword and unlocked his phone, “Go back to the city now,” he heard Huo Yunting saying.

Nani? Aren’t we going for your wife? I don’t get it anymore. What were you thinking the whole time, Brother Ting?

Huo Li thought as he turned to the other road on the highway.

“Get your men to watch them for me,” added Huo Yunting while Huo Li gave an OK sign.

I knew Brother Ting could never let his wife go just yet.

And that’s one thing done. Now the other—Well I got the little boy’s hair, okay. All I need now is his father’s ha—wait—am I going to pluck out boss’s hair?

Huo Li wanted to prompt “Hey Siri” and said “how to pluck your boss’s hair safely” while he was driving but he shut up quickly after calling Siri.

Sigh—I’ll try to look for some on his bed…

The lonely beast’s woman was traveling with the little boy in the meantime. For the following ten days or so, they checked out the Great Canyon, took a detour through Las Vegas as heaven forbids, the little boy was not even in primary school and Zhaoyang would not want to miss the opportunity. A long ride through the coast going about 99 as they headed east. In two days they would be back to Was.h.i.+ngton.


Huo Family’s Residence.

The old man lay against the sofa with colors as dull as his expressionless face—a sign of his surrender for the scattered stack of newspapers before him. He was the man for the cover story, the headlines ringing his utter failure, the soon-bankruptcy of Huo Family.

His expression crumbled as he was gasping weakly for air. Puzzling thoughts had dyed his grey hair completely white. It felt as if 20 years ago when he was still alive and kicking.

“Dear, you should stop reading these,” said his wife patting his hollow shoulders, “I think we really need Yunting’s help at this point…”

Huo Zhenning did not speak. His head hung low as his sight occasionally fell upon the papers, his ears somehow perceived the faint laugh from the hidden crowds waiting to see his kingdom to fall.

This shouldn’t be it! I can’t lose everything just like this! I devoted my whole life on my business!

That was when the cranky, familiar footsteps broke the silence.

It was Huo Yunting.

His hands in his pocket, his steps landed nonchalantly. His disdainful eyes were as if enjoying a home comedy.

“Oh wow, is that an Antoinette Syndrome I see? I thought it only happens in fiction. You can’t even take this bit of shock? Pathetic.” He spotted the newspapers on the table as the elderly surveyed his ent.i.ty without even blinking.

Huo Zhenning got up.


The Thunderbolt Corp. president took a few steps away from the pitiful old man on his knees.

The heck he’s doing?

Wasn’t he the man in pride more precious than the entire world? And now he’s kneeling before me?

Yes, Huo Yunting was not wrong. His father wanted his help. His sorrow had been building up the past few days ever since he saw the news. And he had lost control by then. He wailed as his cheeks was wet with tears.

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