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Chapter 518: Killing and Reason

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Most of the energy used in New Was.h.i.+ngton A came from the stars that shone on the Noah World.

This technology of collecting recycled energy that used the light energy technology taught by the Atlanteans completely differed from the previous simple solar energy technology in terms of energy efficiency. It could use light energy as the primary energy source of the city. However, the downside was that the cost of building an energy system was very high.

This caused the light energy technology to not be popularized yet before it reached a further maturity level other than the experimental use in the construction of the oasis city in the foreign world. Secondly, even if most of the energy in New Was.h.i.+ngton A was renewable, it did not mean that it could be randomly wasted. The usage must be planned, so for this reason, the street lights on the edge of the city were not very bright.

Under the double illumination from the cold moonlight and the soft beige street light, Zhang Lisheng walked on the winding road with sand-proof trees on both sides. He was anxiously searching for his prey but failed despite spending a long time doing so.

This was because, after nearly two years of experience living in a city in the desert, the cold and harsh nature had already given enough lessons to the immigrants of New Was.h.i.+ngton A.

Thus, unless it were absolutely necessary, very few people would wander around the edge of the city at night.

He went to a half-circle around the city behind the sandman while walking on the well-connected streets lined with lush trees as if they were a public park but ended up with nothing. The young man’s patience gradually wore off.

He had the intention of going naked and bear his skinny body into the city to try his luck. However, he was also worried that acting recklessly would just bring unimaginable troubles to himself. Unable to hold back, he cursed, “This is really f*cked up. Since when did the New Was.h.i.+ngton A become even more deserted than the darkest and most degenerated corner of the Queens…”

“W-Who is there? Don’t play with me, buddy! I’ve already seen you! I’ll pull out all your teeth and nail them on your head if you continue to hide!”

Zhang Lisheng’s voice was not loud, but it could travel far in the street as desolate as a cemetery. When his words left his mouth, a few black shadows leaped out from behind distant trees. They shouted in a swashbuckling posture, “Listen, I, Blackjack, is very famous, but I’ve never hurt anyone for no reason. If you show yourself honestly, I’ll let you go.”

“Oh? It looks like the battle during the day time has exhausted me too much till I didn’t even notice these few small bugs hiding there. Mr. Blackjack, is it? Well, even though I can’t let you go, I’ll still give you and your companions a proper burial as grat.i.tude for your initiative of making a sound.” Zhang Lisheng’s tone was filled with great relief as he ordered the sandman in a whisper. “Kill them, but don’t mess up the clothes.”

“Y-You! D-Don’t you come near us! Don’t come near…” The killing aura faintly revealed by the young man sent chills down the spines of the black shadows standing hundreds of meters away in unison. Looking at the sandman walking towards them, they began to regret the words they said just now.

When they saw that the sandman continued to make way to them without stopping, they began to threaten in a stutter, “W-We have guns! W-We’re pointing guns at you now…”

Raising their arms, they aimed their weapons at him.

At this moment, the creation of the divine power was only about 20 to 30 meters from the shadows. Under the moonlight, the horrifying face that only had eyes and ears made from sand grew faintly visible.

Somebody among the black shadows finally saw that this incomer was not a human, and he began to shriek in horror, “No! That’s not a human! My G.o.d! Dear lord! Open fire now! Shoot now…”

Gun shooting sound filled the air. Unfortunately, the small-caliber pistols that were less powerful than a bow could hardly cause any fatal injury to an inorganic creature made up of sand and water.

As the sandman charged forward, their gunshots and screams of agony soon transformed to become cries and struggles. After a few minutes, the streets at the edge of the New Was.h.i.+ngton A city regained its dead-like silence.

When everything ended, Zhang Lisheng slowly walked to the ‘murder scene.’ As he had expected, the people who took the initiative to jump out of the woods to threaten him but encountered their demise instead was actually two groups of criminals hiding at the edge of the city, carrying out illegal transactions. This could be seen from the pill and flour-like white powders scattered all over the ground.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk! Crime is really everywhere in this world. Even the newly built city in the foreign world cannot escape from it…” Looking at the wide-eyed criminals who suffocated to death with moist sands and a desperate look on their faces, the young man sighed while finding a suitable set of clothes to wear.

After that, he searched for money from the deceased. After taking a wide-brimmed cap from the head of a black corpse and putting it on himself to cover his face, he stood up. He told the sandman on the side, “Bury them in the desert at least 30,000 steps away from the city, and you can ‘disintegrate’ after that.”

Upon hearing the creator’s command, the magical creation suddenly stepped his foot into the sand and began to swell up in size as gushes of wet mud were flowing up like a countercurrent river. It picked up the corpses from the ground one by one, and at this time, Zhang Lisheng had already turned around to walk into the center of the oasis city.

Now that he had regular clothing and cash, everything was much more comfortable. He crossed the no man’s zone at the edge of the town and came to a crowded street before stopping a taxi and returning to Tina’s villa in no time. After half an hour later, Tina, Trish, and Sheila already gathered at the closed terrace on the second floor of the villa. They were listening to his story about the dangerous situation he encountered today.

“This was not an ambush on a whim but a planned murder.” Sitting in a wicker chair amid the balcony that had a ceiling and four walls made of tempered gla.s.s, Zhang Lisheng finally concluded. “A precious formation: four fully equipped Gate of Dao’s elders who in Taoist robes, Taoist crowns, and jade ornaments that had a combat power comparable to ten Grand Wizards. Also, if I thought about the fact that they had the right timing into consideration, it means that those Taoists had been planning this for a long time. What I don’t understand is why would the Gate of Dao go all out to kill me?”

When the young man’s words left his mouth, Tina, who was staring at his face that was so thin that it was practically haunting, could no longer suppress the rage in her heart. “No matter what the reason is, it’s an unforgivable crime to use me as a reason to lure you into the trap that almost took your life! I’ll definitely let those religious Chinese people pay with their blood!”

As her anger boiled, the dark buckle on her brown coffee bag on the coffee table suddenly snapped open by itself. A thick hard-covered book slowly rose and opened in the air, revealing a blank page.

Then, an invisible brush seemed to appear in the air and began to draw something on the page of the book. Soon, a sketch of a skysc.r.a.per slowly appeared.

“This is the Wyatt Business Apartment Building. I recognize its triangular base.” When the image of the building was displayed on the page, Trish, who was reclining on the gla.s.s, squealed as she watched the thick hovering book. “Looks like those pagan followers are still in Noah World and haven’t left yet. What a confident bunch of people!”

As the first word left her mouth, the body of the redhead girl began to emit an intense, milky, white light. When she had finally finished speaking, her body had already been covered with a light ball until her outline had become blurred.

“Don’t get too emotional, sisters. Perhaps it would be better for us to get ‘professionals’ to help us. Unless those Taoists had the power to fly over the Pacific with superpowers, it’d be easy for us to arrange for some ‘accidents’ in our home ground.” Sheila, who understood Tina and Trish’s temper very well, could feel the rage of her close friends that were about to lose control, so she quickly dissuaded them.

‘Accidents? Oh, sheila, the current USA is no longer the ‘wild era’ in the 1930s.” Upon hearing the remarks made by the three girls, Zhang Lisheng said with a wry smile. “Chinese Taoists that have a long history which preceded the founding of the US is not a gangster from Mississippi…”

“Lisheng, when it comes to money, you may not be inferior to any celebrity family in the US, but ‘LS’ is still very young. On top of that, you’re a yellow-skinned, dark-eyed Asian, so you’re still much more inferior when it comes to methods and approaches to using money. Just let Tina and I deal with this matter.” Sheila interrupted the young man. She said with hints, “As for the other aspects, well, I can only say that you should never underestimate the power of mortals with ‘professional skills.’”

“Oh? I didn’t expect you to say this kind of words, Sheila,” Zhang Lisheng remained stunned for a while before studying the girl from up to down a few times. With a smile, he said, “Looks like you’ve changed a lot after taking over your family business. Still, I’m not that weak to the point where I need three girls to help me take my revenge. Listen, the reasons I told you all this is because, one, I want you to help me think the reasons why the Gate of Dao attacked me. Two, I want to warn you all to pay more attention to the background of other parties when you come into contact with Chinese people. Although the Taoists who use ‘moral’ as the original teachings will never bring harm to any of you because of me, you guys still need to be more cautious and smarter. For instance, none of you should take the initiative to provoke first. As for revenge, I’ll take it myself but not now, okay? It’s a crucial time to my cultivation now, understood?”

The young man’s tone was calm but was stern and allowed no room for refusal. The girls could only nod in agreement and promised to turn their attention away from revenge to help find the cause of the attack. Soon, they came up with these few reasonings:

The Zheng Tianliang, who had been brutally killed by Zhang Lisheng a few years ago, had a close relative, or maybe even his parents, who had just risen to become a high-ranking figure in the Gate of Dao;

Guo Caiying, whom everybody could tell with only a glance that she was not born in an ordinary family, was overly close to Zhang Lisheng at the welcome reception hosted by Tina, so it caused Lu Shangyou, who was arranged by the Gate of Dao to get close to Guo Caiying who was trying to win her heart, to be jealous that he plotted out a big conspiracy;

The people in the Gate of Dao had used some unknown divination to discover that Zhang Lisheng might gain the power of the G.o.ds in the future to revitalize the witchcraft.

Many similar reasonings were voiced out but were all rejected. In the end, the focus of the question made one whole round and was finally concentrated on the mining business that the China Energy Company Limited, wholly-owned by the Chinese government, sought to sign a contract with the ma.s.sive development company hosted by Tina.

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