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Published at 21st of July 2019 02:45:08 AM Chapter 453: 453

Raising his head, Lu Yanchen was surprised to find a sense of hastiness in s.h.i.+ Guang's departure .

He frowned . It wasn't like her to rush about like that . What was the hurry for? A stomach-ache? That didn't seem too likely either .

It was only after she reached the restroom that he retracted his gaze . He sat there quietly for quite some time, yet s.h.i.+ Guang did not return at all .

Checking his watch, it had already been 20 minutes .

A little worried, he stood up and walked toward the restroom area .

At the entrance, a cleaner was just walking out of the restroom and he asked, “h.e.l.lo, sorry to trouble you! Could you help me check how the girl inside is doing?”

“There's no one inside,” The cleaner left after saying that .

No one? She had already come out?

Furrowing his brows, Lu Yanchen looked around him for a while, but still, he did not catch sight of s.h.i.+ Guang .

Where had she gone to?

He searched nearby, but the result was still the same—she was gone .

Unable to find any traces of his lover everywhere, Lu Yanchen took his phone and gave her a call . Even though the call connected, no one picked up .

Could something have happened to her? It seemed like a kidnapping… Lu Yanchen was instantly panic-stricken .

Sitting in the taxi, s.h.i.+ Guang looked as though she had lost her soul entirely .

When she received the first text, she had thought that she might have been seeing things . However, it WAS indeed her sister in the photo . At that moment, she was a little fl.u.s.tered and frightened, immediately wanting to ask Lu Yanchen if that was true .

However, the contents of the second text had her swallowing every single thing she wanted to say to him back into her stomach .

It was a threatening text .

She must not tell Lu Yanchen about anything concerning Mo Feifei, and she must leave him far, far away . Otherwise, she could only dream of seeing her sister ever again in this lifetime .

Because it concerned her sister's life, she felt a deep fear immediately, and could only look for an excuse and leave the place .

At the same time, she wanted to verify if her sister had truly disappeared . The provincial hospital was no ordinary hospital, and her sister was staying in the VIP ward as well . How could she disappear just like that without anyone noticing?

She first headed to the restroom to give Mo Jin a call . However, before she even made the call, Mo Jin called her first .

“s.h.i.+ Guang, why did you arrange for Sister Feifei to transfer hospitals without saying anything? Which hospital is she in? I'll go look for her . ”


Since when had she transferred her sister? So, her sister was truly… and that person had even managed to do it so inconspicuously while using her name to boot!

s.h.i.+ Guang immediately felt her head starting to spin .

A chilling fear crept through her body as her heart began to sink, as though she was descending through an abyss that she could not find her way out of .

She closed her eyes and forced herself to calm down with much effort .

Who would make use of her name and be able to s.h.i.+ft her sister out of the hospital without causing any bit of a stir at all?

The first person that came into s.h.i.+ Guang's mind was Yang Sitong .

The grudges Yang Sitong had with her sister along with the terms in the texts… For her to leave Lu Yanchen if she did not want anything to happen to her sister .

Before she left, she took one last glance at Lu Yanchen sitting in the distance and dug her nails deep into her palms, her face pale as a sheet . Thinking about everything that had happened between them recently, she felt a tightening pain in her heart .

Before she could determine just who exactly had her sister with them, she did not want to take any risks; thus, she could not tell Lu Yanchen anything at all . Furthermore, she did not want to be questioned about why she had to rush back without taking their honeymoon and lie to him .

Because of that, she chose to leave without bidding farewell…

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