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Chapter 842: An Engagement Destined To Be Chaotic (22)

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Qian Xun was unsurprised in the slightest bit as her face revealed no expression while she smiled indifferently. “So, that's what you called me over to tell me. Very well, I've got it… goodbye!”

She turned around wanting to leave, but her arm was held by Lu Yanzhi.

Struggling, Qian Xun could not fling him away at all. From the darkness, Lu Yanzhi's cold dark eyes looked at her, displaying a cold frustration that could send chills down one's spine with a single look.

His other arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her into his embrace.

Warmth from his body spread out and misted over her face such that Qian Xun felt as though her entire body was on fire. From the depths of her heart, she felt a sense of annoyance.

Under his gaze, Qian Xun felt being read like a book as she heaved a deep breath of air. “Let go!”

“Not letting go!” His domineering voice brought with it a hint of childishness as though he was doing it out of spite. However, the feeling he let off was as though he was holding onto a special delicacy of his own, and the reason why he had not bitten into it just yet was because he was deciding where to start from.

Qian Xun's entire ears flushed bright red.

Right at that moment, her phone rang out.

With reddened eyes, she looked at Lu Yanzhi somewhat meekly. “Let go! I'm going to pick up the call.”

He was unmoved as his grip on her hand did not relent. However, his gaze was imperceptible against her seemingly about to cry expression.

“Can't you hear my phone ringing?”

“I'm not deaf.”

“Then hurry and let go. I've got to pick it, it's my daddy!” Qian Xun's voice was quivering as though she could cry out at the next moment as her eyes welled up. “No matter what you want to do, my daddy is my bottom line!”

Looking at her teary expression, Lu Yanzhi's heart softened. A complex influx of emotions gushed through him as he let loose instinctively.

Qian Xun stumbled back a couple of steps immediately after regaining her freedom and picked up the call.

Old Master Su had called asking her where she was, because the engagement banquet was starting soon.

“I'm getting a breather in the garden. I'll head back right… right away!” Qian Xun stood rooted for a moment after speaking before turning back. To her surprise, Lu Yanzhi, who had appeared out of nowhere, had disappeared seemingly in the air as well.

She pursed her lips as she felt her nose getting stuffy. It was only by gritting her teeth tightly that she was able to hold back her welling tears.

She must not let her tears stain her makeup. It didn't matter why she was engaged today, but it was still her engagement, and she should be pretty and happy.

s.h.i.+ Guang's eyes were roaming around, searching for Rong Mo, while Lu Yanchen looked at how her expression dimmed as she was unable to find him. Finally, she caught sight of Rong Mo at a far corner chatting with Su Ya.

Why would Rong Mo know Su Ya? And, they seemed to be rather happy chatting!

s.h.i.+ Guang was stunned for a moment.

Right then, the emcee got onto the stage and everyone gathered forward.

s.h.i.+ Guang looked back in front at Qian Xun who was walking toward Old Master Su as the emcee started speaking—this engagement was fixed for sure now.

She sighed out. “Qian Xun, are you really going for it?”

Lu Yanchen did not reply and s.h.i.+ Guang remarked again, “Even though there are many people in this circle that are having marriages of conveniences, I still think that I'm not suited for your circle of life.”

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