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Chapter 661: New Product Launch (Part One)


Xu Cheng asked Lin Dong to take a sample to Ye Xiu, and Ye Xiu took that sample to Zhou Xiaoming and the others for research.

There was only one new product in the sample this time.

A kind of scar-repairing serum.

Based on his original intensified genes, Xu Cheng added another set of Dugesia genes on top of that.

This was another new discovery that Xu Cheng had found in his body. After he had studied the Dugesia genes, he suddenly realized why his injuries had a strong regenerative ability every time he touched their secretion, it was a specific gene of theirs that played a role.

He had found that even if he cut the Dugesia into several pieces, the organism could regenerate itself. It was a pity that this kind of ability could not be transferred onto regenerative human cells, otherwise there would be no need for Xu Cheng to use his own blood as the foundation of the serum.

However, with Xu Cheng's genes as a foundation, it did stimulate the regenerative ability of the Dugesia gene and was very effective in repairing scars on the skin. It wasn't just scars either; any wound that hadn't damaged the bone marrow or the bone could be repaired, even if it reached the subdermal layer.

Of course, in order to not panic people because of how unbelievable it seemed, Xu Cheng diluted the serum so that it was similar to the anti-cancer treatments in the future.

In other words, the powerful serum that could originally heal wounds within a few hours was weakened so that it would require three days to half a month for a kind of sustainable effect.

But even then, it was enough to drive the ladies crazy!

Ye Xiu, Zhou Xiaoming, and three others sat in front of a credible researcher, and they all felt shocked after hearing his report.

“This effect is too powerful! Skin necrosis is generally related to the metabolic deaths of the cells, and there has been no breakthrough in this area yet. All the skin repair treatments right now are the laser ones, but those have strong side effects and are expensive at the same time; not to mention the post-care procedures. If this drug came out on the market, I feel that many of the top brand cosmetics companies may have to close down.” The researcher sounded excited.

He was excited but the five of them were even more excited.

Cosmetics had a huge global market, and people's love of beauty was immeasurable; otherwise there wouldn't be so many people in Huaxia who would travel to the K Nation for plastic surgery, and that country was able to contribute greatly to its GDP with just this industry alone.

“Tell me first if there are any side effects or other sensations on the skin,” Ye Xiu asked after calming down.

“It's hard to say at the moment, we would need to study it for a while.”

“No need for that, just take a look at this doc.u.ment. The results came from several clinical studies, just check to see if it's right.” Ye Xiu handed another copy of the experimental clinical data to the researcher.

The researcher opened it and carefully read it over.

“If that's the case, then this drug is really qualified and can be successfully marketed,” the researcher said.

“Ye Xiu, it's all good. We should be ready to release it with Mandala into the market.” Xing Yuan smiled.

Ye Xiu then said, “I'm afraid we still have to go back and report this matter to the seniors to see if they agree with us on this. After all, the profit of this drug won't be little in the future, and I'm afraid we can't take on this dividend from Big Brother Cheng. Grandpa might smack me then.”

The others agreed, “True, I didn't think that the new product from the Mandala Lab would be this strong. It can indeed become a hit in the cosmetic industry. Then let's not wait and head back to report it first. It would be best if we can all convince our own grandfathers, and then we'll move on right away.”

– Five days later –

The Mandala Lab, which seemed to have completely disappeared overnight in the M Nation, suddenly posted a notice on the official social media account.

“The Mandala Lab's new product will launch tomorrow at the Santander Auction House. We'll see you there.”

A picture with a black background followed, and there was only a makeup bottle in it, but no one could tell exactly what it was.

Chapter 661: New Product Launch (Part Two)

The Mandala Lab paid to promote this message on social media platforms, so it could be in the headlines.

Soon, that Mandala Lab that had a quick but short phase of popularity was suddenly on fire again.

This time they were actually holding a press conference with a new product?

The Mandala Lab had broken auction records and claimed to have invented the most expensive medicine. What kind of new product were they going to release this time?

All of the sudden, everyone on the social media platforms were discussing the picture.

The Wall Street side immediately had their eyes on this mysterious Mandala Lab. At first, they had hoped to make the Mandala Lab popular. The market makers could get the Mandala Lab listed on the market with the development of its anti-cancer medicine, and then they could manipulate it's stocks to earn some money. However, who knew the Mandala Lab couldn't care less about the proposed 50 billion market value, and disagreed to list their company on the market, making the market makers almost cough up blood.

They couldn't even find the person in charge. They didn't understand why that Mandala guy rejected their offer and disappeared, because every type of research required a lot of funds, and the companies all would get this money from being listed on the market.

But just when everyone had forgotten about them, they popped up again.

And with a new product?

That was ready for a press conference?

Since their last live stream, in which they had miraculously saved Hawking's life, a lot of people in the market still had high expectations for the Mandala Lab and saw them as the Apple of the medical field, creating a new black technology.

So this time, when the Mandala Lab didn't give any advance warnings for a press conference that was happening the next day, all the professional media and reporters immediately hopped on a plane to fly to Santander Auction House.

A lot of them had a headache when they heard it was the Santander Auction House again.

The same old auction house, and they had to pay for all kinds of media seats and live broadcast rights, again.

The Santander Auction House has been purchased by Mandala Lab, and it was sort of a place for them to hold press conferences.

However, old traditions had to be kept and the money had to be collected. After all, it still had to be used to make a profit.

“We won't come if you want us to pay the money.” Some reporters from the media company argued, “What a joke, every company begs the media to come and help you promote. Unlike you guys, who are asking us to pay so we could even get in. This is ridiculous. If none of us help you to promote it, let's see what happens!”

Of course, there were a few other media companies who were sensible enough to ask first, “So could you reveal if the new product is related to that medicine? Has there been a pharmaceutical breakthrough?”

The Santander Auction House staff answered as Stenson had instructed him to. “The new product has nothing to do with that medicine. It's just a cosmetic serum that the Mandala Lab had researched and wants to make a profit off of, it's the usual kind of cosmetics.”

“What?” All of them were stunned.

“We booked a flight overnight to come here and you're telling us that it's just cosmetics?”

They all quit all of the

sudden. “And you're charging us for this. Go play with yourself, whoever

goes in there and reports it is stupid.”

The swarm of media that came over soon disbanded again and left.

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