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Chapter 731: The Imperial Palace Breaks, the Emperor Falls (IV)


The man's sensitive ears caught Huijun's mumbling. The flames of fury inside him burned as his sharp eyes explicitly displayed his murderous intent.

The silver lance in his hand was like an unbelievably agile mystical snake, drawing lines and lines of bright silver that shone white silk.

Bright red blood, silver lance, and a dazzling scarlet hat.

A single man and a horse forcefully opened a path through the battlefield. The silver lance pierced through the path as flesh ripped through the air with the sharp blade, fresh blood splattering everywhere.

Before the enemy troops fighting the imperial army could respond, a fresh line of blood appeared on their necks and foreheads as their heavy bodies fell to the ground. A wolf had unexpectedly made its way into a herd of lambs, and no matter how many lambs there were, it was not enough to stop the vicious and violent ma.s.sacre.

Huijun anxiously bit down on her lower lip, her hands subconsciously grabbing onto the man's armor.

As she watched the lance flash in the air and the silver light dance with fresh blood, she felt her heart also rise and fall with the battlefield.

“That person is your lover?”

The man carrying Huijun sneered mockingly as he charged forward with his weapon to kill the man.

“Too bad he's just an overreaching child. I'm afraid he won't die peacefully!”

Jiang Pengji, donned in silver armor and red clothes, charged into the center of the battlefield. As if she was in no man's land, she quickly made her way through the enemy forces.

“Little boy, take this!”

Even with a Huijun on his horse, the general wasn't affected. He swung his heavy long blade towards Jiang Pengji's spine.

But Jiang Penji was not someone who could easily fall victim to a sneak attack.

She effortlessly blocked the blow as the two weapons collided, creating a screeching sound of clas.h.i.+ng metal.

“You are quite strong!”

She laughed mockingly as the lance in her hand wiped out all the enemies on the battlefield. She then charged forward towards the general.

The horse between her legs surely didn't disgrace its bloodline. It was truly born a warrior. It understood human nature and cooperated effortlessly with Jiang Pengji.

It crushed several enemy soldiers' chests and heads with its hooves. The fierce aura emitting from the horse contrasted with its shy nature during peace times.

Jiang Pengji laughed softly. “Huijun, I'm here to pick you up.”

From the outsider's view, this young soldier's youthful, blood-spattered face didn't look ferocious. Instead, it gave off an upright and clean impression.

“Langjun…” Huijun answered with a slight s.h.i.+ver, her bloodied eyes already filled with tears.

She was just about to get up when the arm that held her down tightened its grip and pulled her mind back to reality.

Huijun never thought that this person would ever appear to personally fulfill the promise that had been made many years before.

[You do not need to fear. When everything settled, I will protect you…]

And that's why she'd come right now?

The dead heart of Huijun suddenly felt a stream of fresh blood flood into it, making the beating of her own heart almost audible in her ears.

Yet a beautiful scene like this always earned itself some oblivious bystanders to ruin the mood, like the audience in the livestream room and the enemy general.

Qingge Manwu: Little Miss Huijun, we're all here to take you back home.

Little Angel: Go home, go home, let's go home!

All-Powerful Dingdang: The comment above is so shameless. I'm taking my little Miss Huijun and das.h.i.+ng 100 meters away. n.o.body keeps their eyes on her.

Yan RiAn: Hey! You bad man over there with the square face, let go of my little Miss Huijun!

Tianshui Xianle: This one has an MMP that I must say right now… Where are you putting your hands on Little Miss you thug!?

The audience in the livestream were attacking the enemy general in their own way, but he only turned up his nose at them as he tightened his grip on her waist, almost with the strength to break her body.

Jiang Pengji witnessed the act and immediately struck at the man's face as if she had no concern about Huijun being in his arms.

The man laughed out loud and faced the attack head-on instead of retreating. “Good timing!”

A little boy still in p.u.b.erty dares to fight over the woman with him?


The sound of weapons colliding rang out and the high-pitched screeching sound flew into Huijun's ears. She ducked her head down and closed her eyes.

The man carrying her was shocked as he backed off a few steps along with his horse. The horse below him even neighed in agony at the last contact.

Why would Jiang Pengji give her enemy time to react?

Jiang Pengji's horse boldly attacked and bit the enemy horse as the lance in Jiang Pengji's hand quickly turned into a blur. She was fighting off the enemy soldiers that came up to her as she gradually closed the distance between herself and the enemy general. In consideration of the general's safety, the enemy troops didn't dare to send out their archers.

Jiang PengJj forced her way in on her own. Just how long would it take for her backup to arrive?

The man carrying Huijun was slowly pushed to the defense. Drops of sweat began to fall down his face beneath his helmet.

Since the two had crossed weapons, the general did earn some respect from Jiang Pengji and the livestream audience. They both came to a silent consensus on avoiding hitting Huijun.

Jiang Pengji was originally here to save the queen. While the man knew her intentions, he chose not to play dirty and use Huijun as his s.h.i.+eld. Instead, he was determined to keep her safe. This act gained him some positive points from Jiang Pengji.

However, the audience still firmly held their stance that they hated this man.

Any man that stole their pretty little miss was a despicable enemy in their eyes!

The man was also both surprised and upset. His strength was considerably strong and there were very few opponents who could stand a chance against him after all these years.

He hadn't expected to meet a more powerful individual. What's more, the person was just a young soldier that had barely pa.s.sed p.u.b.erty!

Natural strength aside, the young soldier was also very versatile with his swings. The phantom images of the lance were closely knit like a strong net in the air.

The general, who had a lot of pride in his combat abilities, couldn't spare a moment to relax. He blocked off the wave of attacks with much difficulty.

If his own soldiers had to lend a hand and hold back this strange soldier, the man would feel that it was an even more humiliating defeat.

He already needed to use one hand to hold Huijun, and another to hold his own weapon. The perpetual heavy blows had already weakened his arm. His muscles were so tense that veins were popping to the surface of his skin. Huijun also felt the tension in the air because of this situation. She hastily said, “Sorry.”

However, the general's attention was now all on Jiang Pengji. He could not spare a moment to be distracted.

Huijun pulled out the dagger inside her sleeve and slashed it along the man's legs. As he panicked in pain, she turned and jumped towards Jiang Pengji.

“My lady, you're too reckless!”

Jiang Pengji had taken notice of Huijun's action and was ready to catch her, but she still found the opportunity to give her a small scolding.

The general quickly regained his senses. There was now a hint of bitterness flas.h.i.+ng across his face.

However, he didn't attack Huijun. Instead, he spat out some blood as he lifted a mocking smile and said, “You sure have some guts to steal a woman from my hands. Tell me your name. If I'm feeling generous, I can keep your corpse clean!”

Jiang Pengji kept Huijun in her arms. If she left Huijun on the horse's back, who could guarantee that she wouldn't become the next target?

“Haha, you sure aren't afraid to bite your own tongue with such big words.” Jiang Pengji mocked the enemy troops with ease.

At this point, she had already broken through the battlefield and gone through a round with the general. The enemy troops no longer had a reason to hold back. Countless cold arrowheads pointed towards her vital organs.

Jiang Pengji lowered her voice and said to Huijun, “Hold on to me tightly, be careful!”

Huijun followed the order obediently as she pressed her cheek to Jiang Pengji's armor. The tears she'd managed to hold back earlier finally broke forth and rolled down her face.

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