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Feng Jin took a deep breath and asked directly, "Your pure nature is to create trouble. Why do you drag yourself down along with him?"

The naïve brother needed to grow some wisdom; one couldn't help but worry for him. He was cheated on, and yet he still treated the cheater so well.

Huang Song and Fang Pangzi brought men in for a fistfight. Regardless of whether they won or lost, both sides knew their limits and did not cause someone's death.

However, Huang Song shouted, "Brother Jue, quickly come save your older brother." He had intentions to bring in Feng Jue, who was originally just an observer.

Feng Jue was only equipped with minimal martial arts ability. To put it bluntly, he could not help with much, except putting himself in danger. What help could he contribute?

Feng Jin did not just dislike the fact that Huang Song descended from the eunuchs––he despised the person even more because he dragged Feng Jue down.

Based on the incident, it was enough for Feng Jin to blacklist Huang Song for a lifetime.

Feng Jue was silent. Feng Jin coldly said, "Don't evade the matter. You should at least answer. Without Lanting's help, how were you going to resolve this? Third brother, this is Shangjing. Many hidden talents abound, and will not tolerate your insolence."

He grew so angry that his chest hurt at just the thought of Fang Pangzi's conditions for the bet. What was even more disappointing was that Feng Jue agreed instantaneously.

The child was so disobedient. He should not have been allowed outside.

Feng Jue was in a cheery mood and laughed, saying, "Second brother, don't be angry. Bogao will not allow anyone to humiliate me."

After Feng Jin heard that, he thought of something and his expression became weirdly conflicted. His fingers were trembling, afraid that he'd hear some strange words from his own brother's mouth.

Jiang Pengji saw that both brothers did not understand each other. She laughed helplessly and coughed, attracting their attention. "Huaijie meant that Huang Song has intentions to win him over at the expense of his well-being. He will trick others. For Huaijie to truly believe him, even if Huang Song was humiliated, he would do his utmost to protect Huaijie," Jiang Pengji explained and thereby dispersed the scary thought in Feng Jin's mind.

A relaxed smile appeared on Feng Jue's face. He nodded and said, "Exactly."

Rather than Huang Song calling for Feng Jue to help, Feng Jue used that as a test for Huang Song to a.s.sess his capability and forbearance.

Even without Jiang Pengji's help, Feng Jue had the confidence to escape from it. His brother worried excessively.

Feng Jin's face darkened. "Then you shouldn't have dragged Lanting in. If the person you identified wasn't Lanting but some innocent person, what would you have done? Fang Langjun has always been notorious. His actions cannot be a.s.sessed by logic. Can you ensure that the situation will be within control?"

He had created trouble for his brother often. Now even his brother's friend was implicated. Who was the one who taught such an insolent child?

Feng Jue blinked his eyes stiffly and smiled slightly, saying, "If I did not identify Lanting's status, would I have courted trouble?"

He already pointed it out, so there was no fear.

Feng Jin understood his brother's purpose. His heart burned with anger for no reason.

Based on that, since he identified Lanting, did he deserve to be ridiculed?

"You are the son of the Feng family. He is only a descendent of eunuchs… Huaijie, what were you trying to do?"

He knew his brother had a wide circle of friends and their status was unimportant to him. Feng Jin looked down on Huang Song's lowly birth, but Feng Jue declined to comment.

That was precisely Huang Song's shortcoming, and one that could not be erased. Even if what Feng Jin said was true, Feng Jue was not pleased that his brother used the status of one's birth to determine everything. As they grew up, their conflicts and division increased.

"Since Dongqing country was established, the founding Emperor was a slave who escaped. He was once a horse breeder. The Feng's still became his officials, yet I have not heard brother saying anything against this," Feng Jue said mockingly. The present atmosphere became extremely cold.

Were the two brothers prepared to fight it out? As the saying went, "Don't air your dirty linen in public. The wayward child should be brought home to discipline."

Feng Jin controlled his temper in time and regained his usual calm and composed nature.

He apologized to Jiang Pengji formally and thought of chastising the disobedient child when he was home.

"My younger brother was wilful. Lanting has witnessed a joke."

"Huaiyu, calm down. Huaijie is young and immature. When he is older all will be well." Jiang Pengji was not affected by it at all––to the extent that she was even fond of Feng Jue. Only, insolent children deserved to be disciplined!

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After the Feng brothers left, Xu Ke continued to be deep in thought. Jiang Pengji asked him, "You are still thinking about Huaiyu and Huaijie?"

Xu Ke said, "Some years back, Feng Langjun and I exchanged some conversations. He did not seem to adhere strictly to family status. Why is it now that…"

Jiang Pengji replied, "Firstly, humans change. Huaiyu is a young adult, no longer an immature youth. It is impossible that his views remain unchanged. Secondly, he is not fixated on family status, neither does he look down on those who are not from a scholarly background. He just does not like Huang Song."

Xu Ke was stunned for a moment. "But just now…"

"Xiaoyu, suppose you had a younger brother. This brother of yours is immature and naïve and needs the protection of his elder brother. One day he meets a gangster. There is nothing likeable about that person, but your brother unfortunately looks up to him. As his elder brother, would your heart be at ease?" Jiang Pengji explained. She looked as though she was smiling but not smiling at the same time. "That gangster is Huang Song."

Xu Ke was speechless. As an only child, he did not understand what a love for younger brother was like.

"Huaiyu disapproval of Huaijie's and Huang Song's friends.h.i.+p is essentially for his brother's benefit. No matter how many advantages Huang Song's G.o.d-grandfather gave to the aristocratic families, whether he adopts a neutral position or sits on the fence, as long as the emperor guards against these families, Huang Song and Huaijie will be at opposing ends. What is the point of their close ties? You may know a person, but not his heart. Who knows what Huang Song is really like behind the scenes?"

Xu Ke was filled with emotions after listening. "That being said, Feng Langjun really gave this a lot of thought."

"However, it is beyond his control that his brother is rebellious. Huaijie's perception of Huaiyu is of importance. It may be hard to change. After all… Huaiyu does have a bias towards family status. This is a common weakness shared by all rich and well-known people. From an outsider's perspective, contrarily, Huaijie is the oddball."

"Only, it's a pity…"

Jiang Pengji suspiciously said, "What is pitiful?"

"The Third Langjun's temper is compatible with yours, Langjun."

Both were similar in their rebelliousness. They were born as n.o.ble scholars, but did not agree with the ways of the people with similar status. They held on firmly to their beliefs.

"Pei! We should forget it. If I kidnapped Huaiyu's precious brother, would Huaiyu get angry with me?"

Xu Ke was speechless. He pondered over Feng Jin love for his brother. He felt it was difficult to bring up.

Jiang Pengji shopped through the entire night market with Xu Ke. They bought many gifts; both their hands were full, and they even hung some items around their necks.


Fang Pangzi, who was. .h.i.t by Jiang Pengji, was held by his hired thug. He walked home limping. Even before he reached home, he was already in tears and bawling. "Father, your son was bullied mercilessly. You have to seek justice for me!"

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