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Chapter 1471: Fiery King!

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“My man?”

“Fiery King said that I’m his man?”

Jian Wushuang was caught by surprise.

He had not been in Sky Sword Prison for long. He had not came across Fiery King before, nor had he been an appendage to Fiery King.

But then, Fiery King said that he was his man?

More interestingly, from Blood Emperor and Heartless King’s expressions, they seemed to know that he was Fiery King’s man.

What was going on?

“Fiery King!”

Heartless King looked at Fiery King, “I am invited by Blood Emperor. He gave me benefits while I only looked for Jian Wushuang on his behalf. Before this, I never knew that he was your man.”

“I had no idea either,” Blood Emperor said.

“I don’t care if you knew or not. In short, you already took action against him!” Fiery King was raging with anger.

He was really angry at that moment.

When he came to the void nearby and saw Blood Emperor and Heartless King were fighting against Jian Wushuang, he didn’t bother, nor did he intend, to get involved.

After all, a ma.s.sacre in Sky Sword Prison was originally crazy. Jian Wushuang wasn’t related to him at all, so his death had nothing to do with him.

However, at the crucial moment, Jian Wushuang performed various trump cards and cause an opening in the consciousness prison.

Among the trump cards that Jian Wushuang performed, it included the technique from Scarlet Kingdom!

The moment he saw Jian Wushuang perform the secret skill of Scarlet Kingdom, Fiery King couldn’t just sit and watch.

“As you already took action against my man, you have to pay the price for what you have done!”

A cold voice was heard from Fiery King’s mouth. The next moment, Fiery King immediately launched an attack.


Fiery King’s figure expanded instantly and suddenly became a giant that was a hundred zhang tall and covered in flame. It was a flaming giant.


The flaming giant stepped hard and kicked in the direction of Blood Emperor and Heartless King.

On the way, a churning crimson flame swept out mightily. It suddenly covered the surrounding void in an instance.

In the ten thousand mile range, it became a crimson sea.

The flaming giant that Fiery King became was the only ruler of the crimson sea.

Looking at the sight, Jian Wushuang’s eyes stared with his eyes wide opened.

“This, this is… Scarlet Kingdom!!!”

Scarlet Kingdom!

Yes, Fiery King was performing Scarlet Kingdom’s technique then!

The difference compared to Jian Wushuang’s was that the Scarlet Kingdom technique that Fiery King performed was at a peak level. It could cover a total expanse of ten thousand miles.

As for Jian Wushuang, even if he performed Scarlet Kingdom with all his power, the coverage wouldn’t be more than ten miles.

Scarlet Kingdom was a precious secret skill of Lineage of Scarlet!

“Fiery King is an expert from Lineage of Scarlet.!” Jian Wushuang was surprised.

He finally found out why Fiery King said that he was his man.

It turned out that the two of them belonged to Lineage of Scarlet!


A terrifying rumble sounded across the battlefield.

Even if Blood Emperor and Heartless King, who were swallowed by the crimson sea of fire, were to work together, they would still be in a fix from the ferocious attack of the flaming giant that Fiery King transformed into.

In a short while, they were trembling in the balance and were dispirited.

“Consider this a lesson that I teach you. If there’s a next time… Humph!” Fiery King’s loud voice was heard across the universe and the crimson sea of fire that covered the surroundings slowly stopped spreading.

In the sea of fire, Blood Emperor and Heartless King glared at Fiery King in anger.

“Let’s go!”

The two of them turned and left immediately, without hesitation.

The universe quickly calmed down.

The flame on Fiery King slowly dispersed and he returned to his original look of a brawny man. He suddenly plunged forward and appeared before Jian Wushuang.

“Jian Wushuang,” Fiery King looked excited when he looked at Jian Wushuang.

“Thank you, Mister Fiery King, for lending a helping hand,” Jian Wushuang quickly thanked him.

“Haha, you are from Lineage of Scarlet, a junior to me. Of course I have to save you. Plus, even if I don’t, you should be able to escape, right?” Fiery King laughed.

Jian Wushuang raised his eyebrow but did not deny it.

True. He had already freed himself from Heartless King’s consciousness prison and he had already performed the secret skill of Dragon Blood. Even if Fiery King didn’t appear, he would be able to run away too.

“Let’s go. Find a place and let’s have a chat,” Fiery King smiled.

Very soon, the two of them found a remote cave-dwelling in Darkness Mountain. In the cave-dwelling, Jian Wushuang and Fiery King sat opposite one another.

“Jian Wushuang, where did you cultivate the secret skill from Scarlet Kingdom?” Fiery King asked.

“At Snow Kingdom in Dayu World, on Scarlet Island,” Jian Wushuang briefly explained the process of him cultivating Scarlet Kingdom.

After he heard Jian Wushuang’s description, Fiery King nodded his head and revealed a gratified expression, “Luckily, although Lineage of Scarlet is on the decline, it has never once been destroyed.”

“Mister Fiery King, would you be the creator of Lineage of Scarlet?” Jian Wushuang asked.

Back when he was on Scarlet Island, the Master of Scarlet Island once told him the history of Lineage of Scarlet. He said that Lineage of Scarlet was created by a top-notch expert above Universe G.o.d. Lineage of Scarlet was once brilliant but it was in decline later on.”

“Creator? I guess so,” Fiery King nodded faintly.

“As expected,” Jian Wushuang raised his eyebrows.

Then, Fiery King started telling him the story, “Many years ago, I created Lineage of Scarlet in the Kingdom and the Kingdom was one of the seventy-two Kingdoms that Sky Sword Mountain controlled. Then, because there was a Real G.o.d – me – who took charge, Lineage of Scarlet was considered a great force in the Holy Kingdom. There was almost no one who dared to provoke us, but then…”

“Because of an accident, I offended Sky Sword Mountain and it could be said that I offended Sky Sword Mountain greatly!”

“Then, I understood that Lineage of Scarlet was in danger. Hence, I made a prompt decision and ordered the experts of Lineage of Scarlet to immediately leave the Holy Kingdom while I also opted to run away. However, Sky Sword Mountain was too powerful. In the end, I was arrested by experts from Sky Sword Mountain and imprisoned here in Sky Sword Prison. Fortunately, Lineage of Scarlet escaped.”

Fiery King smiled.

Jian Wushuang sighed. The seventy-two Holy Kingdoms that Sky Sword Mountain controlled and the distance to Snow Kingdom was very far.

Scarlet Kingdom ran away from the seventy-two Holy Kingdoms into Snow Kingdom and steadied its foundation in an ordinary world in Snow Kingdom. They really ran very far away.

“I thought I’d forever be imprisoned in Sky Sword Prison and never meet any junior of Lineage of Scarlet. I never thought that I’d be able to meet you today,” Fiery King looked at Jian Wushuang with a smile on his face.

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