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Bai Yaoyao noticed the cold glint in that woman's eyes. She knew that both the two ladies weren't kind and definitely wouldn't be easy targets.

Through their words, she could sense their threatening tone.

She had no idea how Duan Yanhao had lived through these years, being constantly controlled by them. Chi Jiaojiao had a great personality, so why would she have such a mother and younger sister?

She was in utter disbelief.

She pitied Duan Yanhao and truly felt bad for him. Chi Jiaojiao had been betrothed to him since they were children. Now that she was dead, did he still have to account to her family?

Judging from their actions now, the two ladies still wanted Duan Yanhao to marry into their family.

After hearing Chi Jiajia's mother's words, Duan Yanhao immediately interrupted, "Auntie, if you think that it is inappropriate to talk about it, then don't."

Hearing Duan Yanhao's reply, He Meichun was stunned. He was usually courteous towards her. What had happened to him today?

He was completely disregarding her!

He Meichun's face turned pale. Abusing her status as an elder, she said, "Yanhao, I have watched you grow up, and I'm only thinking for your own good. I'm afraid that you're hanging out with the wrong influences. You're a soldier and the pride of the Duan family, and your family must agree with your marriage too. Also, the elders of your family would definitely not allow you to marry a woman from an unknown background. That would be an insult to your family!"

He Meichun was solemn, and her words were laced with insult. She seemed to be aiming right at Bai Yaoyao.

Bai Yaoyao naturally felt livid deep down. Clenching her fists tightly, she desperately wanted to lunge forward and punch these two ladies.

Duan Yanhao held Bai Yaoyao's hand all throughout this, so he could feel the changes in her emotions. He gave her a comforting look and tickled her palm while holding it.

He wanted to calm Bai Yaoyao down.

As Chi Jiajia listened to her mother speak, she was deeply pleased, gloating deep down. She believed that if her mother spoke up, Elder Brother Yanhao would know the severity of the matter. He wouldn't be enticed by that vixen any longer.

As long as Elder Brother Yanhao cast that vixen away, she would be able to deal with her and make her vanish completely.

She was used to pulling such tricks. In the past, she had dealt with other women who tried to get close to Elder Brother Yanhao.

Her mother had even praised her for doing the right thing.

Therefore, Chi Jiajia grew confident and was sure that she wasn't doing anything wrong.

With an indifferent expression, Duan Yanhao looked at He Meichun and replied, "Aunt, you know that this concerns our Duan family and has nothing to do with you."

"Yanhao, how can you talk to me like that? I've watched you grow up! If Jiaojiao was still around, you'd be my son!" He Meichun spoke and sounded rather depressed.

As Bai Yaoyao watched, she wanted to stick out her thumbs and praise her for putting on such a wonderful pretense.

Duan Yanhao merely scoffed. "Really? Aunt, are you sure you're Jiaojiao's mother? Are you really related to her?"

After being interrogated so suddenly, He Meichun was taken aback. Her hands shook as she wiped them, and a hint of surprise appeared in her eyes. Her heart started to race as she thought, "What did Duan Yanhao know?"

In reality, Duan Yanhao had been merely speculating, but after saying those words and judging from He Meichun's reactions, he knew that he was right.

Indeed, there was something fishy about it.

Thinking about what these two ladies could have done, Duan Yanhao's eyes welled up with hatred. His sharp brows furrowed as a cold glint flashed across his eyes.

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