Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife 1274 Came From A Lowly Place?

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They invited Yun Bixue for a meal, but at the same time, they wanted to talk about Lu Suyan.

They truly had not expected Lu Suyan to have found a way of retreat and still keep them in the dark.

These ladies were also emotional by nature, and they loathed such betrayal between friends.

In the beginning, Lu Suyan and her close sisters had agreed to suck up to Jiang Jingshan. It was also Lu Suyan who had intentionally provoked Jiang Jingshan outside the mall too.

But what happened in the end? Lu Suyan had removed herself from the picture altogether.

Lu Suyan wasn't afraid too. She felt that although the Jiang family was pretty decent, it was sufficient. The Han family was the truly powerful one. The Yuan family wasn't just a n.o.ble household, it was even affiliated by marriage to the Han family. Moreover, Yuan Shuangrui was the heir of the Yuan family.

Therefore, if she stayed by Yuan Shuangrui's side, who should she be afraid of?

In fact, she felt that Yun Bixue had simply beaten up Jiang Jingshan that day. Yun Bixue wouldn't be able to deal with the master of the Yuan family and also Jiang Jingshan. She was confident that Yun Bixue wasn't so capable.

Therefore, she felt that Yun Bixue might be adequately intimidating, but she looked down on her for coming from such a lowly place.

Yuan Shuangrui looked at Lu Suyan and asked indifferently, "Are they your friends?"

Lu Suyan shuddered and knew that Miss Yuan was p.i.s.sed off.

She shook her head immediately. Looking at Tan Xinxuan and the rest, she said, "I just like Miss Yuan. Miss Yuan is a socialite and a refined young lady. What's wrong if I look up to her? Look at all of you. You're sucking up to someone who came from such a lowly place, yet you have the audacity to mock her. We're all the same. Don't block Miss Yuan's path."

Yuan Shuangrui was rather pleased with how Lu Suyan had acted. She felt that one of the ladies in front of her was very familiar, but she couldn't recall where she had met her.

Her sixth sense told her that that woman was dangerous.

However, upon hearing that that woman had come from a lowly place, she immediately pushed that thought away.

Yuan Shuangrui took a few steps forward hastily and said to Lu Suyan, "I'll wait outside for you. Let me know if you need my help."

Lu Suyan understood that Yuan Shuangrui was backing her up, so she immediately plucked up her courage. With Miss Yuan by her side, she didn't need Tian Xiaojuan and the other five ladies as her friends.

Tan Xinxuan pointed at Lu Suyan and asked, "Lu Suyan, how could you do that?"

Lu Suyan shook her head and refused to admit that they were friends. By casting them aside, she was making Miss Yuan displeased with them too.

Those ladies could have offended the Yuan family. What should have been a fight amongst friends had escalated so severely.

Lu Suyan's words were truly disappointing to hear. Tan Xinxuan turned around and apologized to the rest of them, "I'm sorry. I couldn't control my mouth."

"It's not your fault. After all, it's a good chance for us to see through her."

"That's right. We're not ungrateful and disloyal. We're friends. Even if we die, we will die honorably."

Those ladies consoled themselves as Yun Bixue watched on behind them. Initially, she had been enjoying the show, but it had also incited the fury in her heart.

She simply liked trustworthy and loyal people, and she wanted to do something for them too.

Yun Bixue pondered. Narrowing her eyes dangerously, she looked at Lu Suyan and asked, "Did you say that I came from a lowly place?"

Lu Suyan was smart. Even though she looked down on Yun Bixue, she didn't want to offend the latter now too. She lowered her voice and answered, "Ha, Yun Bixue, I'm not afraid of you. I didn't offend you, neither did I provoke you. You can't attack me for no rhyme or reason. I have nothing to do with you. This is between me and them."

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