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Chapter 1359: Huaxia’s Missile

“The law of nature stays the same, even in the post-apocalyptic era,” Li Yueshan nodded.

“They’re fighting to upgrade. I wonder when the battle will end,” Luo Yuanjun picked up the telescope and started observing again while murmuring to himself.

Through days of fighting, some creatures had to kill and eat quite a few others to upgrade. Some killed and ate their opponents but suffered fierce attacks before they could upgrade. Meanwhile, some lucky ones managed to upgrade successfully after killing and eating only one opponent.

The number of those creatures had been reducing rapidly, and at least half of them had died at the moment. Some of them were killed by the others and some died when failing to upgrade. Only the successfully upgraded ones were allowed to leave. The rest of them had to stay and keep fighting. In the end, they would either die or break into a new level.

Apparently, not many of them would survive.

“Aren’t they worried that the population of their kind might grow smaller and smaller, and they might die out in the end?” Watching that cruel scene, Qian Xiaoai couldn’t help but share his puzzle.

“They reproduce fast actually. It’s just that they have to spend a long time upgrading. And look, we can’t see any under level-three on the battlefield. So, these underground creatures must already have a way to maintain their population.”

Qian Xiaoai nodded, “I see. I guess they do have their own way of surviving.”

“We need to send the message back to the base,” said Li Yueshan, “This is good news for us anyway. At least, we might be able to figure out a way to catch all of them in one swoop, since they’ve all gathered together.”

Soon, they sent someone to bring their discovery back to the base. After receiving the message, Lin Feng, Wu Chengyue, and the others all wore complicated expressions.

“This way of upgrading means that many of them will die trying to upgrade, but this is a very efficient way. The survivors are growing stronger and stronger. So many level-eight ones have emerged already, along with a bunch of level-seven ones. Any of those level-eight ones can tear our base down,” Lin Feng thought for a moment with his brows knitted as he gave a sigh and said.

The others nodded in agreement with slightly sullen faces.

“I wonder how often they upgrade like this,” Chen Yuting fixed his eyes on the report as he said.

While they were having the meeting, a quick series of footsteps were heard from the outside. Li Zheng walked to the door while holding a piece of paper. He looked at the people in the room and gently knocked on the door.

“There’s an urgent message from Huaxia.”

All the others turned to him immediately.

“Urgent message?” Lin Feng put on a serious look.

If it weren’t urgent, Li Zheng would not knock on the door and walk straight in while the meeting was still going on.

“What happened? What did Huaxia do this time?” Wu Chengyue asked.

Li Zheng walked in while holding the piece of paper and saying, “They bombed the nearest underground creature gathering spot with missiles. The missiles contained something special that killed all underground creatures in that area.”

“It killed them?” Everyone was surprised to hear that.

Reasonably speaking, not even missiles could kill so many underground creatures so easily, not to mention there were level-eight ones on the scene. Those were definitely not easy to kill. They had such strong self-defense. The missiles might kill the lower-leveled ones, which were right in the explosion area, but the ones at and above level-five should be fine.

However, Li Zheng said that all those creatures were dead, and more importantly, the missiles contained something special.

Li Zheng nodded with a serious look, “We’ve confirmed it several times. Some higher-leveled ones at the edge of the battlefield got away, but the ones near the explosion center have all died. The explosion wasn’t what killed them. They seemed to have died of poison. The missiles exploded and released a mist that spread in that area. Huaxia Base launched tens of missiles like that and blew up the entire crowd.”

“Tens of missiles? Huaxia Base knew how to kill those creatures since long ago but still summoned us to discuss the solution. I guess Si Kongchen has been planning this since long ago!” Wu Chengyue narrowed his eyes; the smile on his face was gone.

Clearly, Huaxia Base started developing the weapon and coming up with the plan a long time ago, because they couldn’t possibly produce tens of missiles within such a short time. But still, Si Kongchen summoned the leaders of all the other bases to his place to talk about how to solve the crisis caused by the underground creatures. His purpose couldn’t be that simple. Moreover, he kept that secret very well. None of the others had heard a word about his missiles.

But now, he suddenly launched those missiles. He had started to show his ambition.

“I think he was probably planning to take some kind of sneak actions when he summoned all base leaders to Huaxia Base. But then, the leader of Green Mountain Base suggested exploring the underground realm, so he probably changed his plan after that, because he knew either you or our Chief will go underground,” Lin Feng said with a sullen face.

Even if Si Kongchen had changed his plan, he never stopped taking small actions. And now, he had finally taken a big one.

“Why is he exhibiting his best weapons now?” Yun Meng, who had been listening to the others talking the whole time, finally asked a question.

“These underground creatures are very dangerous,” said Wu Chengyue, “They have such powerful weapons, so the future of mankind will be under their control. In that case, we’ll have only two choices—either to use their weapons to fight those creatures or fight on our own.”

His words solved everyone’s doubts. Without effective weapons, they would suffer great losses if they chose to fight on their own. However, uf they wanted to use Huaxia’s weapon, they would have to pay any price named by Huaxia Base.

The timing was perfect. The missiles killed a huge number of underground creatures while they were gathering. That result was shocking and impressive.

On hearing what Wu Chengyue said, Yun Meng furrowed her brows and said, “Does Si Kongchen think he’s the only one who knows how to kill those underground creatures? I’m impressed, though. They’ve actually found something that can kill those creatures. Do you guys know what it is?”

Li Zheng shook his head and said, “We’ve collected some of that material and sent it to Leng Xuantong’s lab, but we don’t know what it is yet. We have to wait for the scientists to tell us. But, I think Huaxia Base found it a little too soon. Those underground creatures only showed up recently, so I wonder when they started to develop that kind of a missile.”

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