Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 1267 - Don’t You Even Think about Leaving Me

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Chapter 1267: Don’t You Even Think about Leaving Me

On hearing her words, Wu Chengyue smiled lightly and said, “Restrain what? Is it necessary to hide our relations.h.i.+p like that?”

He, of course, wanted the whole world to know that Lin Qiao was his girlfriend. Most people had known about it already. So, he believed it wasn’t necessary to keep their relations.h.i.+p secret anymore.

Lin Qiao looked at him unhappily and said, “What relations.h.i.+p do we have? Have you been over-thinking?”

She had indeed started to accept him already, but she hadn’t accepted him fully yet.

Wu Chengyue looked at him with a sad face and said, “You’re doing this again! Am I over-thinking? It’s you who’s been over-thinking! Don’t you have feelings for me at all? Am I not good enough?”

Lin Qiao had seen a lot of looks on his face, including his fake smile, the serious look he wore in the kitchen, as well the look of jealousy and anger. None of the others had the luck to see as much as she had.

It wasn’t the first time she saw the sad look on his face. She had no feelings about that before, but now, she didn’t have the heart to see him like that. So, she turned her face away, “You are a great man. But, I… Give me more time. I can’t make the decision just yet.”

Recently, she had started to feel his sincerity. But still, she didn’t have the courage to risk her own future. People tended to change. He did care a lot about her now, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t change in five, ten, or twenty years. Even though she had already started to accept him, she still needed more time to think about it.

Looking at her, Wu Chengyue secretly sighed with relief. At least, Lin Qiao had already started to think about that. He was impatient, but he was aware that he should not push her too hard.

“Alright. I’ll give you the time to think about it. Don’t take too long though. I don’t want to wait until Teng learns to run!” He adjusted his expression and said to Lin Qiao with a smile.

As he directly agreed to give her time, Lin Qiao somehow had a subtle, strange feeling.

“If your answer is no, I… I’ll learn to give up,” Wu Chengyue continued. When he said that, the smile on his face grew a little bitter, and a trace of sadness was detected from his eyes. He was not an extremely stubborn person. If Lin Qiao decided not to be with him at last, he would learn to give up on her. That would be his only choice.

He truly loved Lin Qiao. Even thinking about giving up on her made him feel as if someone was cutting his heart into pieces. He could tell that even though she had started to open herself up to him, she had yet to fall for him. There was still a locked door between him and her. The door wasn’t as thick as the previous one though. If he failed to open that door at last, he would have no choice but to learn to give up.

That was the worst case scenario. After all, a relations.h.i.+p needed to involve two people. He didn’t know how long he could keep loving her without receiving her response. Perhaps, he would be exhausted over time.

On hearing what he said, Lin Qiao froze and gawked at him in the eyes.

She had gotten used to being with him already. She was used to being surrounded by his vibe. She had been hesitating about if she should truly accept him, but never thought that he might leave one day. He had been following her all the time, so she never even imagined his leaving.

But just now, he said that he might give up. The words he said opened a door in her heart. And behind the door was not a beautiful world. Instead, it was coldness, emptiness, like a black hole. She felt as if something very important was suddenly gone.

That feeling made her shudder, then she felt as if she had lost control of herself.

She stared at him and said, “Are you saying that you’ll give up…”

Wu Chengyue detected her weirdness. Seeing the darkness spread in her eyes, he gave a start and yelled at him, “Stop!”

Lin Qiao heard his voice and the bad feeling was suddenly gone. Next, she fell into his warm arms, being held by him tightly.

“I’m not giving up! I’m not giving up! I was lying. Don’t take it seriously! It was my fault. I said something that I shouldn’t have said. I’m sorry!” Wu Chengyue held her tight as he looked at her face and said to her nervously.

He never thought that what he said could actually disable Lin Qiao from restraining her zombie nature. A disaster had almost happened!

The darkness in Lin Qiao’s eyes faded slowly and she closed her eyes briefly. Those eyes turned back normal as she opened them again.

She raised her and , glanced at Wu Chengyue, then dropped her eyelids and quietly stayed in his arms. She wasn’t expecting such a strong emotion swing either. It was all because of a few words he had said.

Just now, her vibe was disordered. If that kept worsening, her zombie emperor vibe would be leaked. That was why Wu Chengyue yelled at her to wake her up.

Wu Chengyue looked at her with fright. He could never think that talking about giving up on her would make her react so strongly.

“You are not allowed to leave! You have already b.u.mped into my heart. Are you gonna leave after that without taking any responsibility? I will be with you, okay? You knew that I’ve started to accept you. Why did you tell me that you’ll be giving up at this point?” Lin Qiao spent a short while to calm down, then suddenly raised a hand to grasp his arm. Next, she raised her head and stared at him in the eyes as he said to him a little emotionally.

If his leaving would leave a black hole in her heart, she might as well lock her up in her heart! He brought himself into her world, but now, he was thinking about giving up. How could he possibly come and go just like that? Was her heart a public place?

“Alright, I get it! I won’t leave you!” Wu Chengyue stroked her back with a hand to comfort her.

Lin Qiao let go of his arm, then gripped his collar with both hands and raised her head as she said to him through clenched teeth, “It’s too late! From this day on, you are not allowed to even think about leaving me! You wanted me to make this decision, so now, you’re going to take responsibility for it! If you betray me, I will make you suffer a miserable death!”

Wu Chengyue dropped his head as he looked into her fierce eyes and said to her with a grin, “This is exactly what I wanted.”

Lin Qiao relaxed her grip on his collar and put her arms around his neck, then brought his head down and pressed her own lips heavily against his. At that very moment, someone suddenly broke into the door while saying, “Eh-hem… Um, sorry to interrupt, but there is something that you guys need to know!”

Wu Chengyue and Lin Qiao turned to the man together silently.

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