Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 1265 - What Is She Looking At?

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Chapter 1265: What Is She Looking At?

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“He has fire power. But, his power isn’t the same as normal fire power,” Dong Lijia explained, “His power allows him to absorb the energy of the sun. The temperature of his fire is thousands of degrees higher than normal fire.”

“I didn’t know the fire power can get one’s skin tanned,” Lin Wenwen looked at Luo Yuanjun with great interest.

“His body has evolved under the effect of his superpower. It automatically absorbs solar energy and turns that into his own energy even when he’s not using his power. His skin under the clothes is in the same color as his face,” said Dong Lijia with a smile.

Lin Wenwen gave Luo Yuanjun another few glances, then accepted his new look. People had triggered many different types of superpowers currently. It was normal that some people had their bodies changed under the effect of their powers.

She turned to look at Dong Lijia and said, “Is your power the reason why you can’t open your eyes wide now?”

“Hah, no. It’s because his personality has changed. Do you think that he’s still the silly boy you knew seven years ago?” Dong Xinxin laughed and said.

Lin Wenwen quickly glanced at Dong Lijia from head to toe. She herself and the tall and strong Deng Chenfei were both wearing camouflage suits. Unlike them, Dong Lijia was in a white leisure suit and a light-brown, tight sweater, looking handsome and elegant. The smiling fox eyes of his made him seem very hard to see through.

He looked mild and elegant, but also inaccessible. He could even be described with the word ‘dangerous’ now.

Lin Wenwen spent a short while staring at his face. No image popped in her head, meaning that she wasn’t able to see his future. But, something crossed her mind and made her twirl to Deng Chenfei.

She remembered seeing Deng Chenfei and Lin Feng in her head before she came back. She saw her big brother being very anxious.

It was about Lin Feng, so it was important for her. Lin Wenwen focused her mind power and stared at Deng Chenfei as she narrowed his eyes. Suddenly, she lost her sight and saw an image in her mind.

Deng Chenfei was walking in building that looked like a large factory. Following a sudden boom, the place was overwhelmed by a ma.s.sive spread of fire. A huge herd of ferocious-looking creatures emerged from the fire, charging at him. He turned to find the emergency exit and soon rushed out of the building, but what was waiting for him outside was an even larger group of monsters.

At that moment, Lin Wenwen noticed a few people who were right near Deng Chenfei, surrounded by a large group of scary-looking creatures. However, something seemed to have been disabling those creatures from touching those people.

One of those people was very familiar to her. That was her sister-in-law—Cheng w.a.n.gxue. Her hands were tied up behind her body, so she couldn’t move freely. The people surrounding her were all wearing masks, with their faces covered entirely.

The picture ended there.

“Wen? Wen?” Dong Lijia’s voice suddenly woke Lin Wenwen up. The latter turned to look at him with confusion in her eyes. But soon, she focused her eyes again and turned back to Deng Chenfei.

The others were all looking at her bewilderedly, even including Deng Chenfei himself. This time, she spent about ten seconds staring at him, but no other images popped in her head.

“What’s she looking at?” Dong Lijia finally couldn’t help but ask Dong Xinxin, who shook her head. Dong Lijia thought for a moment, then wore a mysterious smile and said to Lin Wenwen, “Stop looking at him. He likes my sister.”

Dong Xinxin, Lin Wenwen, and Deng Chenfei looked at him together in silence. Dong Lijia looked at the three of them and said, “Eh? Isn’t that why she’s looking at you?”

Lin Wenwen rolled up her sleeves and said to him with a smile, “You are aware that talking nonsense might get your a.s.s kicked sometimes, aren’t you? When did I say that I like this boy?”

Watching her movements, Dong Lijia immediately recalled how brutally she used to torture him in the gym seven years ago. So, he silently turned his eyes up to look at the ceiling.

Lin Wenwen started looking at Dong Xinxin and Deng Chenfei. Next, she turned to Luo Yuanjun and said, “Hmm, seven years ago, I found that both of you have been fond of Xinxin. It seems that neither of you managed to win her heart yet.”

Ever since she came in, both Deng Chenfei and Luo Yuanjun had been keeping an appropriate distance from Dong Xinxin, without making any intimate interactions with her.

“Eh-hem… Why suddenly mention this?” Dong Xinxin awkwardly kicked Lin Wenwen’s foot.

During the few months that she and Lin Wenwen shared a body, Dong Xinxin learned things about Lin Wenwen. After experiencing the few years after the apocalypse and learning how evil human beings could be, she somehow became dependent on Lin Wenwen. it wasn’t like the way she relied on Dong Lijia. It was because Lin Wenwen was the only girl who didn’t dislike her because of her fat. On the contrary, Lin Wenwen spent a great effort to help her to lose weight.

She rarely showed her face to the world during the past seven years. All the works were done by Dong Lijia, Deng Chenfei, and Luo Yuanjun. Only the core members of the hunter group knew about her existence. The three men had her protected well these years, to the point that many people outside hadn’t even heard her name.

After giving Lin Wenwen a gentle kick, Dong Xinxin asked her, “Why were you staring at him? Did you see anything?”

Lin Wenwen nodded and said, “Yeah. My power is only at level-two, so I didn’t see it clearly…”

Just now, she saw her sister-in-law in that future scene. Her situation didn’t seem good. No wonder Lin Feng looked so anxious in the last picture she saw.

Only Dong Xinxin understood what she was talking about. The three men had completely no idea what she meant.

“What picture? Are you able to see something different by staring at him?” Luo Yuanjun curiously looked at Deng Chenfei, then at Lin Wenwen.

“I can see something very important!” On hearing his words, Lin Wenwen turned and carefully glanced at Deng Chenfei again.

Deng Chenfei was wearing no expression, but a slight curiosity could be detected from his eyes by the people who knew him well.

“I guess you two have both been pursuing Xinxin openly, right?” Lin Wenwen looked at Deng Chenfei, then at Luo Yuanjun. If they weren’t pursuing her openly, Dong Lijia wouldn’t say that just now.

On hearing her question, both Deng Chenfei and Luo Yuanjun glanced at Dong Xinxin awkwardly, then looked at Dong Lijia. Lin Wenwen finally figured out why was Dong Xinxin still single after seven years! It turned out that her brother was still highly protective of her!

“What are you two looking at?” Dong Lijia said to the two smilingly, “My Xinxin is so pet.i.te and adorable. Only a powerful man at level-seven or above will be able to protect her! You two are still lingering in level-five, not even reaching level-six yet. So, don’t even think about it!”

Deng Chenfei didn’t know what to say, and Luo Yuanjun stayed silent as well.

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