Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 1021 - Was that Like An Electric Shock?

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Chapter 1021: Was that Like An Electric Shock?

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“Why aren’t you a big cat? Panthers are cats too. What’s wrong about calling you ‘big cat’?” Qiu Lili was not happy to hear Lin Kui’s complaint, so she pouted and argued with him.

“Emm, nothing wrong about that,” Lin Feng nodded and said. Meanwhile, Yuan Tianxing smiled silently as well. Judging by the look on his face, he too agreed with Qiu Lili.

‘Alright. You’re younger, so you can always be right,’ thought Lin Kui.

“So, you two can go together. First of all, you need to bring Wenwen and Leng Xuantong back here safely, and secondly, don’t forget to finish off those Huaxia people,” Yuan Tianxing nodded to let Qiu Lili go with Lin Kui.

“We’re going now! Let’s go, Big Cat!” On hearing that, Qiu Lili instantly sprung up from her seat, then turned and dragged Lin Kui toward the door, without giving the latter a chance to say no.

Lin Kui was dragged up from his seat without being able to react. Only when he was pulled out of the door by the little girl could he start to speak.

“Alright. Can you please let my hand go now?”

Qiu Lili, who was walking before him, turned to glance at their hands which were held together. “Oh…” she quickly let go of Lin Qui’s hand. Then, she immediately turned around and said, “Move quick! I’m a little worried about Wenwen.”

A lock of her hair brushed across Lin Kui’s hand. He silently glanced at his own hand, then followed the girl to the elevator. After the two of them walked in, the elevator moved toward the roof.

In the narrow elevator, the two fell into a weird silence. Qiu Lili awkwardly fiddled with the tips of her ponytails while thinking about the feeling she had when she realized that she was holding the guy’s hand. Suddenly, a strange, itchy feeling came from her palm.

Earlier when she let go of his hand, her face was actually burning slightly. However, as a zombie, she was always pale, and her cheeks would no longer turn red when she felt shy.

Unlike her, Lin Kui was somehow disappointed a little when the girl dropped his hand. That was why he unwittingly glanced at his own hand. Before he figured out what it was about, that feeling had faded away.

At that moment, they both had a weird feeling, so they fell into a strange silence.

Qiu Lili dropped her head and looked at the seam of the elevator door. She wasn’t sure about how she felt at the moment. If she was still a human being, she would be able to hear her heart thumping. However, she was no longer human, so she couldn’t heart her own heartbeat.

After the two of them left, Lin Feng turned to Yuan Tianxing and asked him, “Are you really going?”

Lin Feng knew that Yuan Tianxing would attend Teng’s one-month-old party at Sea City Base too. But, he figured that it might be very difficult for him. After all, it wasn’t so easy to forget about the feelings that he had for Lin Qiao.

Yuan Tianxing smiled and nodded, “It’s alright. Teng is our Chief’s son after all. She’s my boss, and my old army friend. Of course, I’ll be there! Am I a heartless person?”

He would have to face it sooner or later. Lin Qiao had already become the mother of another man’s son. He would rather suffer the pain sooner than later. Perhaps, that would help him let go of the feelings he had for her.

“You need to arrange your schedule in advance then. You are a busy man,” Lin Feng sighed and nodded, then looked at him with a smile.

“Like you’re any less busy than I am,” Yuan Tianxing gave him a scornful glance.

Well, he was right. Lin Feng was busy too.

Last night, those underground creatures didn’t attack again. But still, the two of them needed to figure out a way to provide the base with better protection as soon as possible.

Those creatures lived underground, and could dig a tunnel underneath the base at any time. There was nothing to stop them from moving forward underground. They couldn’t s.h.i.+eld the entire bottom of the base underground, could they? How were they supposed to do that?

They weren’t able to destroy those underground creatures yet, so all they could do was to find a way to guard the base well. Hopefully, they would be able to protect the base from those dangerous creatures.

“Are there any devices that can store solar energy or lightning energy, and then release them when needed?” Lin Feng put on a bitter look when he thought of those underground creatures.

“Perhaps… We need to find out what they’re afraid of. Every species has natural enemies. They might have natural enemies too,” said Yuan Tianxing with a frown.

“Aren’t they afraid of lightning and sunlight?” said Lin Feng.

“Both lightning and sunlight exist in the form of energies. I’m talking about actual things. Those creatures lived underground, but they are all alive at least. Nature has its laws. I don’t believe that there’s nothing else to stop those creatures other than lightning and the sun.”

Lin Feng thought for two seconds and then responded, “There is something else. Isn’t there our Chief’s fire! That’s highly harmful to them too!”

Yuan Tianxing gave him a cold glance and stayed silent. Under that glance, Lin Feng felt slightly embarra.s.sed as he coughed slightly and then continued, “Well… there might be some actual things to stop them. Plants? Or, some special kind of metal? Or, some kind of animals? Lin Hao’s research is going nowhere sadly. Maybe he’s not good at it. Leng Xuantong might be able to find something when he comes back.”

“We need more test subjects. I guess Lin Hao has almost used that dead body up,” Yuan Tianxing nodded in agreement with Lin Feng.

After the battle that happened last night, those underground creatures dragged all the dead bodies back to their nest, without leaving even one for the enemies. Lin Feng and Yuan Tianxing heard that their Chief had brought about ten level-seven ones into her s.p.a.ce. So, they supposed that they would have enough test subjects.

Little did they know that those ten level-seven underground creatures had been devoured into nothingness by Lin Qiao.

In Sea City Base, Lin Qiao was sitting on Wu Chengyue’s couch and looking at Teng, who was crawling everywhere. She said to the baby helplessly, “You are only a month old, yet you’re already crawling all over the house. How will the other babies at your age think? Can you please sit quietly for a while?”

The boy was almost like he was suffering from ADHD. Other than the sleeping times, he only sat tight while drinking milk. For the rest of his days, he would crawl all over the bed or couch. Thankfully, he didn’t like crawling on the floor…

“I am strengthening my bones! Am I an ordinary baby? I am not! I am Teng!” Teng, who had his little legs curled and his tiny b.u.t.t raised, propped his body with his pair of short arms and proudly raised his chin, narrowing his eyes and snorting.

Wu Yueling and the other two kids were quietly sitting by the side, looking at him.

“Baby, you haven’t even turned a month old yet,” said Lin Qiao, “Can we grow like a normal baby?”

She was so exhausted watching the little guy crawling all over the house every day, squeezing into every corner like a curious cat. The boy was curious about everything in the world. He touched everything and looked at everything. Ever since he grew the strength to crawl, he could not sit for a single second.

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