Supreme Uprising Chapter 678 - The 3,000-Path Sword

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Chapter 678: The 3,000-Path Sword

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Yin Feihuan eyed Luo Yunyang. She was about to speak when Luo Yunyang said nonchalantly, "I will just stay here. You go ahead with whatever it is you are doing."

Luo Yunyang wasn't really interested in this gathering of talented individuals. The main reason he had come was to check out his possible compet.i.tion.

His Heavenly Venerate True Body had become a treasure that many people coveted. This meant that Luo Yunyang had to be more careful and make sure he didn't make any mistakes.

After all, this Heavenly Venerate True Body was really important to him.

Although Yin Feihuan wanted to insist, she ultimately still boarded the small boat that represented her status while Luo Yunyang shot her a look.

Even though the small boat appeared to leave the sh.o.r.e slowly, it was actually like a sharp arrow. Yin Feihuan and Mo Yunsheng, who were on board the small boat, were like a pair of immortal companions.

"Those two really seem like a perfect pair. Look at how good they are together!" Mo Yunying tossed aside all her warmth after Yin Feihuan left.

She looked at Luo Yunyang and said unceremoniously, "Some people might think that they are important, but they are actually nothing but ground beetles."

"Let me give you a word of advice since we are acquaintances. If you can't hope alone, don't hold on to these dreams. At least you will still save some face the next time everyone meets."

After saying this, Mo Yunying turned and headed over to where a bunch of ladies were gathered without paying any attention to Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang had been keeping a very low profile for the sake of the Heavenly Venerate True Body. However, Mo Yunying's words made him feel a little p.i.s.sed.

While watching the haughty and arrogant Mo Yunying, Luo Yunyang laughed and decided not to bother.

After all, holding a grudge against a lady was really beneath him.

Although they didn't enter the lake island, the treatment Luo Yunyang and the others received there was not bad. Atop white jade tables were heaps of precious fruits and divine brews.

Countless beautiful female attendants in white flowery dresses were serving the crowd whatever they requested.

Luo Yunyang observed that the majority of the people gathered there had already attained the peak Galaxy Grade. There was even a number of them who had already entered the Celestial Domain Grade.

Luo Yunyang also noticed a few people whose cultivation bases were at the peak Celestial Domain Grade.

"Where do you come from, brother?" A handsome man with thin lips standing beside Luo Yunyang greeted him with a smile.

Luo Yunyang was observing the people attending the banquet on the island. At any ordinary place, the unbridled way Luo Yunyang was looking at all these people would possibly have caused some trouble.

However, he had no qualms now, as countless gazes were fixed on the position of the island.

Naturally, this gathering of extraordinary powerhouses was plainly visible to all.

"The Donghua Ancient Sect!" Luo Yunyang replied casually as he measured this person's cultivation base.

"The Donghua Ancient Sect? Oh, never heard of it before." Then, as if suddenly remembering something, he blurted out, "Could it be the same Donghua Ancient Sect that Fairy Fei Yinhuan is from?"

"Yes." Luo Yunyang nodded.

The handsome man smiled. "Brother, when fortune comes, nothing can stop it."

The man now had a pleased look on his face. "I am a core disciple of the Lianhua Sky Sect. My Senior Brother is attending that island's gathering. Ha ha ha! Come to think of it, my Senior Brother and your sect master are a match made in heaven."

"39th on the Sky Celestial Combat List, and 39th on the Beauty List. He he… If this news became public, it would be a story that captured the imagination."

Luo Yunyang had heard the name of the Lianhua Sky Sect before, not because the Lianhua Sky Sect had a huge reputation, but because every disciple of the Lianhua Sky Sect was outstanding.

The emergence of each generation of Lianhua Sky Sect core disciples would create huge waves amongst all the small sects in the world.

This was because the disciples of the large sects simply didn't dare provoke the disciples of the Lianhua Sky Sect.

"Scram!" Luo Yunyang glared at that young man coldly.

Although this young man had been berated before as a Lianhua Sky Sect disciple, the people that had berated him were ent.i.ties that possessed great support.

Therefore, according to the Lianhua Sky Sect's survival rules, they couldn't go against ent.i.ties stronger than themselves.

However, the Donghua Ancient Sect that Luo Yunyang was from was simply a sect with no presence in the Mysterious Sky Great Land.

A hint of killing intent rippled across his face when he heard Luo Yunyang's rude words. However, he took a deep breath and suppressed it when he looked across the island, especially when he saw his Senior Brother clownishly pouring wine for a saint.

"Brat, I'm not done with you yet!"

Luo Yunyang's lips arched upwards. Although the Lianhua Sky Sect wasn't weak, their sect's Ancestral Master had always been in seclusion. Luo Yunyang didn't fear the other members of the Lianhua Sky Sect.

There was a total of seven people on that lake island that could attract Luo Yunyang's attention. The auras they exerted seemed to be primordial savage beast auras.

The imposing Shenzi from the Battle Palace was amongst those seven. However, he wasn't the most prominent of them.

Two individuals stood out the most: a man and a lady. The man had a large stature and was wearing black and red robes. The vibe he gave off was almost tyrannical.

Although he didn't use any cultivation techniques, each and every movement of his created a jet-black specter behind him.

He was the Innate Demon Sect's first Devil Son, who ranked 6th on the Sky Celestial Combat List! Although the lady was clad in a long men's robe, she seemed extraordinarily gorgeous.

Luo Yunyang had also discovered the lady's ident.i.ty by hearing everyone's discussions. She was a current generation disciple of the Black Heaven Earth Sect who was on the Sky Celestial Combat List as well as on the beauty charts.

Long Xinyue ranked third on the Sky Celestial Combat chart and second on the beauty list!

As night fell, the lake island's scenery became even more enchanted. Under the dazzling glow of resplendent pearls, the surroundings seemed to have a hazy charm.

"Xinyi is very grateful for everyone's attendance today. To provide everyone with some light entertainment, let's have a small exchange meet. Feel free to bring out treasures that you won't be able to use yourself."

The lady who spoke was like a fairy floating in the sky. Many people looked at her respectfully when she spoke.

The moment she was done speaking, people rallied fervently.

"I will definitely partic.i.p.ate. I like Fairy Luo's suggestion."

"Fairy Luo! It is Fairy Luo!"

Under the admiring and pa.s.sionate gazes of everyone, Luo Xinyi clapped her hands gently and took out a long sword.

The instant Luo Xinyi drew this sword, a boundless killing intent shrouded the sky. The sword Luo Xinyi wielded only cut the sky lightly, yet a 1,000-meter-long sword-light shot straight into the sky.

The sword-light split on its own and, in just an instant, it was separated into 3,000 sword gleams.

"This is the 3,000-Path Sword!" someone exclaimed in shock upon recognizing the sword.

Some people were staring at this sword covetously.

"Not bad. This is indeed the 3,000-Path Sword left behind by the fifth-level Heavenly Venerate years ago. Actually, Xinyi feels that this sword would be more aptly named Sacred Light Sword. Xinyi has already brought this sword out, so any interested parties can have an exchange with her."

A fifth-level Heavenly Venerate's Divine Weapon!

Luo Yunyang's heart shuddered as he looked at the 3,000-Path Sword. Although he wasn't that interested in this sword, quality-wise, it was the very best sword he had ever come across.

It was even more valuable than the Heavenly Venerate Purple Crane's Divine Sword back in the Tianyunshen Void.

"I have a drop of Sky Roc blood. I wonder if Fairy would be willing to trade," a man seated at the side of the lake island said softly.

His features couldn't be described as handsome or refined, as they were too beautiful.

He was beautiful indeed!

After mentioning the Sky Roc blood, the man seemed to realize that his item wasn't enough. Thus, he added, "I also have a Wanzai Wood Heart and a piece of Dry Origin Source Ore. As long as Fairy is willing, I could give her all this."

Many people felt like sighing when they heard this. After all, the items mentioned by this man were equally difficult to obtain.

However, the person who stared at that man most intently was Luo Yunyang. The two items mentioned last by this man were treasures the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast needed to evolve quickly.

Luo Yunyang had tried to extort the Divine Union, yet many people hadn't heard of these items. Now, two such items were present at this little exchange meet.

"See that, brat? That is my Senior Brother Ji Wuhua. My Senior Brother is currently speaking with Fairy Luo." The young disciple of the Lianhua Sky Sect that had been chided by Luo Yunyang had appeared by his side again, unable to conceal his delight.

Luo Yunyang had a thought. Fairy Luo didn't want to have an exchange with Ji Wuhua.

"Brother Wuhua's treasures exceed the value of the 3,000-Path Sword. However, I don't need them. My apologies…" Although her tone was placid, the loathing in her eyes couldn't be concealed.

"Your Senior Brother is actually Ji Wuhua. Then… Then could I request to meet your Senior Brother for a chat later on?" Luo Yunyang chuckled.

The young man snorted. "If it was not for Fairy Yin, who would waste any time on a person like you?"

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