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Kill The Hero – Chapter 153 – Qualification Test (4)

Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

It was an era where there were numerous guilds, and new guilds were created and disbanded every day.

Yet, even in such an era, there were five guilds who remained from the beginning.

They had an invariably overwhelming presence and their influence was absolute.

At the top position of these five guilds was always occupied by the Messiah Guild.

Of course, this was because of Lee Se-jun.

The world willingly considered him to be their savior, who unflinchingly walked along a path that no one had threaded before in an effort to save the world. 

In other words, even if they were willing to sacrifice their lives to save the world, they would not be treated in such a special way if they did not walk a path that no one had walked before.

“On January 24th, we were going to target the C+ rank 7 Floor dungeon.”

Therefore, for the Messiah Guild, attacking the 7 Floor dungeon was a crucial decision that would determine the value of their existence.

“But now that plan has been postponed.”

But now Park s.h.i.+n-hye was announcing the fact that the Messiah Guild's biggest project, the 7 Floor dungeon, had been delayed in front of seven people who were sitting at a table in holographic form.

“G.o.d of Bows, this is because of you.”

After giving her announcement, she turned to look at the G.o.d of Bows, Noda Heijiro, who was represented by a green hologram.

Naturally, the other holograms all turned to look at the G.o.d of Bows as well.

However, even when faced with their questioning gazes, Noda Heijiro did not say anything.

He showed his stubbornness by sitting there with his eyes and mouth closed.

When Park s.h.i.+n-hye saw that, there was a flash in her beautiful eyes.

“I think you are mistaking my politeness to you for something else.”

Her eyes were fierce enough to overshadow her beautiful appearance.

As the leader of the world's largest conglomerate that served the savior, many people saw her as a fairy, but if they were to see her at that moment then it would make their hearts stop.

However, this was her true appearance?

She shared a long history with the Savior Lee Se-jun to the point that they would even die for each other. 

“So if you want to make any excuses, now is your chance.”

And as she spoke to the G.o.d of Bows before her, her voice was filled with a promise of violence that would make even the world's top players s.h.i.+ver.

Of course, the G.o.d of Bows was also no ordinary person.

He didn't even try to make any excuses when faced with Park s.h.i.+n-hye's threats.

“Three of my students have been killed. My pride will not allow me to let him live in this situation. And until that is resolved, we will not partic.i.p.ate in the 7 Floor dungeon attack.”

Instead, he insisted on making his own self a.s.sertion.

When she saw the att.i.tude displayed by the G.o.d of Bows, Park s.h.i.+n-hye grit her teeth.

“So does this mean that you are threatening our attack on the 7 Floor dungeon?”

It was a volatile situation.

No one in the meeting wanted to speak up in such a tense atmosphere.

It was then.

Tok tok!

The sound of a microphone being tapped was heard from the only seat that was not filled by a hologram, but instead had speakers placed in front of it.

As everyone's eyes turned to look at the speakers before the empty seat, a calm voice could be heard from them.

-We can put off the attack on the 7 Floor dungeon for a month. G.o.d of Bows, you will have to take your revenge during that time.

It was Lee Se-jun's.

Park s.h.i.+n-hye looked surprised at the words of the man referred to as the Savior of the World, while the G.o.d of Bows nodded.

-However, this is your last chance at revenge. If this fails, then the Yamato Federation, including you, G.o.d of Bows, will have to unconditionally cooperate with the Messiah Guild.

The G.o.d of Bows replied with a bitter smile.

“If I fail this time, then my life will be yours, Lee Se-jun, to use as you please.”

-Then this meeting is adjourned. We will attack the 7 Floor dungeon after a one month delay.

That ended the meeting and the holograms immediately began to disappear one after another.

“Lee Se-jun, thanks for your help.”

The moment the last hologram disappeared, Park s.h.i.+n-hye spoke to the direction of Lee Se-jun's seat.

“I made you do something you shouldn't have had to do.”

The Park s.h.i.+n-hye who was saying these words was completely different from the fierce Park s.h.i.+n-hye just a moment ago.

“I'm sure that the G.o.d of Bows will fail. Then naturally, he will become cooperative again. It would be better to draw a clear line this time. Even if he succeeds, we'll still have to be happy with it.”

She began speaking in a gentle and polite tone.

-If the G.o.d of Bows fails again, recruit him.


Park s.h.i.+n-hye was surprised at Lee Se-jun's sudden words.

-That Kim Woo-jin is no ordinary person. I especially like the fact that he uses poison. If we raise him well, I'm sure he'd become the perfect hunting dog.

In response to Lee Se-jun's words, Park s.h.i.+n-hye simply nodded without answering.

That was her relations.h.i.+p with Lee Se-jun.

They were not colleagues.

It was a relations.h.i.+p between a head and its limbs, and when one gave an order, the other followed it without question.

-What do you plan to do about Isaac Ivanov?

Only when a question was asked did Park s.h.i.+n-hye open her mouth to answer.

“It's not easy to personally get rid of Isaac Ivanov right now, the risk is too high. That's why I'm thinking about giving him a rival.”

-A rival?

“I found a good player in Europe.”

-It's been a long time since I heard you call someone good.

“Yes, he's pretty good. Most importantly, his main weapons are summoned monsters, just like Isaac Ivanov.”

-What's his name?

“Johann Georg. The signing is almost complete.”

-I have a good feeling.

“Results are more important than feelings. I'll definitely give you the results you like.”

-I look forward to it.

These words caused a smile to stretch across Park s.h.i.+n-hye's face.

Before returning to the past, Kim Woo-jin was one of the most loyal members of the Messiah Guild.

At that time, Kim Woo-jin had two roles in the Messiah Guild.

One, of course, was to play an active role as a hunting dog.

The other was to train new ones.

Of course, this wasn't just Kim Woo-jin's job.

Within the Messiah Guild, which preferred to carry out dungeon attacks with their internal personnel rather than collaborate with other guilds, it was naturally for skilled players to act as instructors.

Of course, the players who Kim Woo-jin were in charge of were different from the ordinary guild members.

The players who Kim Woo-jin were in charge of, were those who were considered the bad seeds in the Messiah Guild.

It was not an easy task.

The players in the Messiah Guild, who basically risked their lives to save the world, could be considered fanatics.

And even in the Messiah Guild, there were many of those who could be called bad seeds.

Most of them did not take it seriously when they were made to undergo his h.e.l.lish training.

When they met Kim Woo-jin, there were some who scoffed because they did not think it could be anything much, those who downright ignored it when Kim Woo-jin gave an order, and those who basically acted like he didn't exist.

However, after finis.h.i.+ng Kim Woo-jin's training, all of them had the same reaction the moment they exited the dungeons.


As soon as they left the dungeon and were relieved of the tension they had built up, they vomited all the contents of their stomachs.

“That f.u.c.king psychopath. I won't let that b.a.s.t.a.r.d get away with this…”

And they would stare at Kim Woo-jin as if they wanted nothing better than to skin him alive.

Of course, most of them lost that resolve the moment they made eye contact with Kim Woo-jin, but there were some special ones.

Those who did not become afraid, but instead acted however they liked after.

“I'll let you go this time because you bought beef. You are lucky.”

Of course, Lee Jin-ah was the latter which made Kim Woo-jin give him a light smile.

'He's a pretty amazing guy.'

Meanwhile, Oh Se-chan's men who had been waiting outside the dungeon began to move hurriedly to clean up.

“I want something to eat! Rice! Meat!”

Lee Jin-ah asked them for something to eat and Oh Se-chan's subordinates brought over food as though they'd expected it.

As all of this was happening, Kim Woo-jin took a look at his status window.

Kim Woo-jin

– Level: 78

– Halo: Emissary of the Underworld

– Stats: Health (236+490)

Stamina (2+209)

Magic Power (3+399)

– Achievements: 61

– Extra Points: 0

'Level 78.'

Kim Woo-jin's expression as he looked at the status window was not good.

What he was looking at was the harvest he'd gained from the dungeon, but he wasn't satisfied.

'I still couldn't figure out my limits.'

Even till the end, Kim Woo-jin had not been able to accomplish one of his goals, which was to find his limit.

'I need to attack more dungeons.'

This meant that he needed to test it again.


Oh Se-chan's subordinate approached Kim Woo-jin, who was planning which dungeon to attack next.

There was no need for a long conversation.

As soon as he received the feature phone from the subordinate, it began to ring.

-How was the dungeon?

“Not too good.”

-Really? Then Kim Woo-jin will be rejected?

Kim Woo-jin smiled at Oh Se-chan's words.

'He must have expected it.'

It seemed that Oh Se-chan had had a similar thought concerning Kim Woo-jin's addition to the team.

“So what's up?”

There was no special antic.i.p.ation in Kim Woo-jin's voice when he asked this.

'There's nothing special about this December.'

The current date was December 10, 2023.

'The real big event starts in January.'

The December that Kim Woo-jin remembered was like the calm before the storm that would take place in January.

-The Messiah Guild postponed their attack on the 7 Floor dungeon. They didn't announce the exact length, but the delay should only be a month or a month and a half.

However, the following information made Kim Woo-jin's expression change.

“They're going to act?”

Kim Woo-jin even asked for confirmation because he was so surprised by those words.

He asked again.

“Is that information reliable?”


When he heard this answer, Kim Woo-jin tapped his cheek with his finger instead of answering.

Unlike his usual appearance, he appeared slightly agitated.

'The Messiah Guild postponed their attack on the 7 Floor dungeon?'

This was how shocking Oh Se-chan's news was to him.

And the reason for that was simple.

For the Messiah Guild, attacking the 7 Floor dungeon was in essence, proving the necessity of their existence.

'Lee Se-jun made a move.'

Furthermore, it was based around Lee Se-jun who was called the Savior.

However, changing their schedule meant that there was a very big movement within the Messiah Guild.

'As far as I can remember, the core group who attacked the 7 Floor dungeon was made up of 9 players. Among those, who would make a move now…'

At that moment, a man's image appeared in Kim Woo-jin's mind.

'The G.o.d of Bows.'

The G.o.d of Bows, Noda Heijiro. 

Only after thinking this name did Kim Woo-jin put down his hand as he spoke.

“It's possible that the G.o.d of Bows revolted.”

-I had the same thought. The G.o.d of Bows would definitely find the things that happened recently unpleasant.

When he heard that, Oh Se-chan also shared his thoughts.

-And it's because of someone who can't even join Isaac Ivanov's party. Since it's a 7 Floor dungeon, it would be difficult for even the G.o.d of Bows to guarantee his safety during the attack. So he probably wants to handle all his issues before then. He probably has some misgivings about Kim Woo-jin's progress.

And Oh Se-chan had reached the same conclusion as Kim Woo-jin.

-Which means the G.o.d of Bows is…

“He'll send the best member that he can find to kill me. Or he will try to me himself in the real world.”

The G.o.d of Bows would definitely do all he can to kill Kim Woo-jin.

Kim Woo-jin and Oh Se-chan became silent for a moment as they had this thought.

-So what do you want to do?

After a short moment of silence, Oh Se-chan asked a question, to which Kim Woo-jin replied. 

“I'll do what I have to do step by step. I'll start by having a proper meal on my way home.”

-A Meal?

“The beef back then was delicious.”

At that moment, Lee Jin-ah, who was eating a Choco Pie, shouted.

“Did you just call me?”

Following which, Oh Se-chan also shouted.

-Take out the 10 servings in advance this time. No, just don't give any to that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, Lee Jin-ah.”

Kim Woo-jin laughed at his words.

-Ah, sorry. I just had a bad memory. So what's next?

To that question, Kim Woo-jin answered in a calm tone as though it was nothing special.

“I have to meet Park Yong-wan.”

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