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Chapter 969: Searching

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Flood-dragon tribe’s arrival caused many people’s faces to fall serious.

Their combat strength was the absolute strongest among their level.

Of course, their strength was only relative, as the combat strength of Human peerless geniuses exceeded the bounds of cultivation.

Su Mo knew he had to be wary in Fighting Spirits’ Plane.

Soon after the Flood-dragon tribe arrived, a few other Demon tribes arrived as well.

There were five dominating Demon tribes in Firmament World. Besides the flood dragons of the East Sea, there were the Burning Clouds Island of the South Sea, Raging Sharks of the West Sea, Demons Mountain, and Sky Lake Palace.

Many experts of these four tribes arrived, appearing no weaker than the nine great Human sects.

The Raging Sharks of the West Sea were even rumored to be on par with the flood dragons, making them very powerful.

Everyone was waiting.

Human and Demon experts were constantly arriving, even including people from Sky-sea Pavilion. However, they did not know who Su Mo was.

As time trickled by, the Fighting Spirits’ Plane was going to open soon.

It opened every ten years, but the specific time always varied slightly.

Su Mo had waited for four whole days before the plane finally opened.

On this day, Su Mo was cultivating with his eyes closed when a dull thunderous sound emerged from the southern part of the island.

Then, air waves began spreading out from the southern tip and causing the area to distort.

“Fighting Spirits’ Plane is about to open!”

Everyone was instantly energized and staring at the distorted area.

Su Mo immediately stopped cultivating and stood up to also stare at the distorted area.


The dull sound became more and more intense, and the distorted area began twisting violently into a giant vortex.

Then, the vortex collapsed onto itself, forming a tunnel.

The tunnel gave off a faint white light, making the ocean below it look dreamy and transparent.

It was thousands of meters wide, gaping into the unknown.

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

Without any notice, as soon as the tunnel formed, countless figures on the island rushed up to the sky and into the tunnel.

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

Then, they all disappeared in the tunnel without a trace.

Zhan Luan, Wu Shan, Flood Dragon Crown Prince, Dugu Sheng, Jiang Fengran, and other Supreme Talents all led the rush into the tunnel.

In an instant, more than half of the 3000 or so people on the island had entered the plane.

“Follow me closely!” Su Mo said to Sikong Yan and Xi’er. He flew towards the tunnel and dove straight in.

Shangguan Hao and the others waited for Su Mo to enter before heading in with a cold smile.

Everyone was an expert, so they were all able to rush into the giant entrance very quickly.

Only some older experts were left on the island.

Inside, Su Mo felt like he was isolated from everyone else and could only see an endless illusory tunnel.

He sighed helplessly. It seemed he had been separated from Xi’er before entering Fighting Spirits’ Plane.

If he had known, he would have hidden Xi’er and Sikong Yan in the Divine Map so they could all be together.

After a while, he shook his head and walked along the illusory hallway.

The hallway was extremely long and felt like a thousand miles. It took quite a while for Su Mo to reach the end.


He walked out and saw an expansive illusory world filled with dense mist.

However, there was no ground in the world, only an icy and pitch black void.

Short but countless mountains floated in the void, extending into the horizon.

Each peak had a different appearance.

Some were covered in a sea of mist, some thundering with flas.h.i.+ng lightning, and some shooting out flames.

Of course, all these spectacles were only illusions.


They were manifestations of Ultimacies!

Su Mo felt the intense strength of each Ultimacy on the peaks.

Each peak held a different Ultimacy.

Staring at the endless mountains, Su Mo wondered at how many options there were!

His ancient ancestors were truly incredible to have created such a treasure trove, blessing the Firmament World for eternity.

Su Mo saw that a few martial artists were heading onto the peaks to understand the Ultimacies.

If he could only see a few scattered figures, then the plane had to be quite large.

Su Mo flitted forward, not to seek Ultimacies, but to locate Wu Shan.

He was in no rush to learn, but needed to get to Wu Shan as soon as possible to save Hong Qingxuan.

Of course, he was still paying attention to some of the surrounding peaks.

If he ran into a suitable Ultimacy, he would definitely go to it.

Su Mo dashed like lightning through the mountains, sensing each kind of Ultimacy he pa.s.sed.

Some peaks had already been taken, and the martial artists on it tensed up in caution when they saw Su Mo, only breathing a sigh of relief when he pa.s.sed.

Su Mo’s threatening reputation was widespread and forced anyone who saw him to be extremely guarded.

Su Mo flew over countless mountains and martial artists, but he still had not found Wu Shan or even anyone from Netherworld Devil Sect.

“This place is huge!” he thought to himself.

He had searched an area the size of Hong Domain’s South of Yan River, but he still had not reached a border.

Also, he had only encountered over 100 martial artists in such a large region.

That meant that Fighting Spirits’ Plane was at least dozens of times larger than the area he had just searched.

“Ghostly Magic Sight!”

Su Mo stopped flying and used his Ghostly Magic Sight Martial Soul to scan the distance.

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