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Chapter 968: Flood-dragon Tribe

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As time trickled by, experts were constantly landing on the island.

All nine of the great Human powers in the Firmament and Continent had arrived.

They were: Netherworld Devil Sect , Emperor Xuan Palace, Xuan Sect, Icy Palace of North Sea, Warlord Hall, Perdition Swordplay Sect, the Dugus, the Beitangs, and the Yins.

Each sect was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with talent. Perdition Swordplay Sect had Linghu Xingchen, who was fourth on the List. His eyes were as mysterious as constellations and as keen as swords. He could even kill a Advanced Martial King with only the sword will from his eyes.

Icy Palace of North Sea was also quite powerful, but its main gate was not in the Firmament and Continent but in the faraway North Sea.

Everyone in this sect cultivated ice skills, so even when concealing their aura, their presence chilled the surrounding air.

There was a young woman in a blue gown from Icy Palace of North Sea who was extremely beautiful, almost as much as Hong Qingxuan.

She was the Number Two Supreme Talent on the List, Mu Bingxue.

She was the woman in countless men’s dreams, not only because of her looks, but more so because of her talent.

There were few women on this entire continent who were both so gorgeous and insanely talented!

However, she was extremely cold and denied even Zhan Luan’s advances, let alone anyone else.

The Beitangs and the Yins each also had a genius in the top ten, Beitang Lin and Yin Zhou.

Su Mo sat cross-legged and ignored all the large powers. Instead, he closed his eyes and waited for Fighting Spirits’ Plane to open while he sat calmly in meditation.

He occasionally felt people’s gaze fall on him. Whether it was regular geniuses or talents on the List, many martial artists were sizing him up.

Everyone felt curious toward Su Mo because of the shocking recent news about Emperor Xuan Palace.

Mu Bingxue, Linghu Xingchen, Yin Zong and other top ten talents were observing Su Mo’s strength secretly.

In their eyes, although Su Mo’s aura was quite strong, and his Dark Force was exceptional, he still was not as powerful as the rumors suggested.

However, they knew that Su Mo had a Spiritual Sword, so they all marked him as a potential enemy.

In Fighting Spirits’ Plane, anyone could become an enemy.

Su Mo was trying hard to refined his Dark Force and strengthen his foundation.

After some time, a gust of wind suddenly swept up on the sea.

The water formed hundred-meter-tall waves.

“Look, what’s that?” someone shouted.

Everyone looked over and saw around two dozen giant black figures swimming through the sea.

Their swimming motions stirred up the giant waves.

After a while, the figures approached the island and became clearer to the eye.

Hiss! Hiss!

Many young martial artists immediately gasped.

They were… flood dragons!

Su Mo opened his eyes and gazed into the distance.

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

The black figures shot out of the water and revealed their giant bodies.

Su Mo could not help but widen his eyes at this terrifying sight. The flood dragons all had sharp teeth and claws and overbearing aura.

They were all different colors, including yellow, blue, and gold.

Their towering forms ranged from 3000 meters long to 15000 meters long.

Growl! Growl!

The dragons let out a earth-shattering sound and flew swiftly towards the island, circling it and covering it with dragon power. This caused many weaker martial artists to pale in fear.

Even Wenren Tiandu and Sikong Yan were shocked by the aura of these flood dragons.

Su Mo narrowed his eyes. This was his first time seeing flood dragons, and he could not help but feel stunned.

No wonder Di s.h.i.+ warned him about the East Sea Dragon Crown Prince. The Flood-dragon tribe was indeed powerful.

At the same time, Su Mo was secretly excited, and his blood boiled in response to the strong dragon power.

These dragons’ bodies definitely contained Real Dragon bloodlines, which was more that 1000 times more powerful than Dragon Blood Herb.

If he could devour a few flood dragons, his physical strength would surely skyrocket.

This ostentatious display of the dragons was clearly and effort to indimidate the Humans upon arrival, but they were not expecting that one of the Humans was plotting to devour them.

Growl! Growl!

After flying around the island for a while, the flood dragons’ bodies changed into human form in a flash.

Besides a leading middle-aged man, the other flood dragons had young appearances.

“Huntian Dragon Emperor, I hope you had a safe journey!”

“Greetings, Huntian Dragon Emperor!”

“Huntian Dragon Emperor!”

All the experts of the great powers clasped their fists in greeting the Flood-dragon tribe leader.

The middle-aged man was stocky with a solemn face and perceptive eyes that seemed to see all.

Huntian Dragon Emperor scanned the crowd and said, waving his hands casually, “You’re all too polite!”

Then, he led the flood dragon geniuses to land on an empty spot on the island.

Su Mo carefully sized up the flood dragons and found that all of them were Lv 7 demonic beasts, equivalent to Martial Royal Realm experts.

Although there were not many of them, Su Mo was worried because they were all very powerful.

Finally, his gaze landed on a handsome young man with a cold face who was looking around apathetically, as if he did not care about his surroundings at all.

He wore attention-grabbing golden armor and looked very mighty.

Su Mo saw that Wu Shan was also looking at the person, and with clenched fists and eyes filled with killing desire.

This man had to be the East Sea Flood-dragon tribe’s Crown Prince.

Wu Shan hated the Prince so much because he had destroyed Wu Shan’s past physical form.

Su Mo sighed inwardly. He had underestimated the dangers that would occur within the Fighting Spirits’ Plane.

The flood dragon Crown Prince was probably even stronger than Zhan Luan.

If so many experts entered the same plane, there would undoubtedly be lots of violence.

Also, many of the large powers had the advantage of numbers, while he was alone.

Although there were many people from Emperor Xuan Palace, they were all under Shangguan Hao, and Su Mo was lucky if they did not attack him, let alone help him!

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