Warrior's Promise Chapter 967 - Jade Cloud Lake in Central Continent, I’m waiting for you!

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Chapter 967: Jade Cloud Lake in Central Continent, I’m waiting for you!

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Zhan Luan suddenly swung a heavy fist toward Su Mo, carrying nothing but pure physical strength.

This was a simple punch without bells and whistles, but its power made the earth tremble as it rushed toward Su Mo’s head.

Su Mo had not expected this attack, so he could only raise his arms to block his forehead hastily.


Zhan Luan’s iron rist crashed down heavily, shattering all the Dark Force in Su Mo’s arms.


Su Mo felt like he had been hit by a giant mountain and flew back for hundreds of kilometers like a cannonball.

“You’re looking to die!”

Su Mo’s face darkened, and his arms trembled violently. They were on the brink of being shattered!

If not for his opponent’s sudden attack, he would not have suffered this much!

Su Mo’s killing desire exploded in an instant.

Everyone was secretly shocked by this scene. Zhan Luan’s menacing power truly lived up to his t.i.tle of Number One on the List of 10,000 Talents.

Faced with such pressure from Zhan Luan, Su Mo had no choice but to fight back!

Many onlookers were excitedly guessing who would win this battle.

Although Su Mo was at an obvious disadvantage in the first move, this was also because he had not been prepared.

However, if the two of them really fought to the death, everyone thought that Zhan Luan had a better chance of winning.

Although Su Mo was very talented, his cultivation was too low to topple Zhan Luan.

Fighting Zhan Luan was not the same as fighting Shangguan Hao!

“Su Mo, fight me after Fighting Spirits’ Plane!” Zhan Luan said with a smile, his face proud, “If you’re too afraid to fight me, you don’t deserve to be a descendant of Archean Dragonesque Elephant Skill!”

Zhan Luan was not worried that Su Mo would not accept, because he did not have a choice.

“Since you’re courting death, I’ll grant your wis.h.!.+”

Su Mo’s eyes flashed coldly. He could not stand being pushed around like this!

So what if he was Number One on the List of 10,000 Talents?

He believed that in time, he could defeat any genius he wanted to.


Zhan Luan smiled lightly, sighed, and said, “Two months, Jade Cloud Lake in Central Continent, I’m waiting for you!”

Zhan Luan set this time because he would spend around a month in Fighting Spirits’ Plane.

On top of that, it took a month to return to Central Continent.

This meant that they would have to fight as soon as they were done in Fighting Spirits’ Plane.

“I’ll see you there!” Su Mo nodded.

Then, Zhan Luan returned to Warlord Hall’s camp, and Su Mo left as well.

Many people were very interested in Su Mo’s and Zhan Luan’s fight.

One of them was Number One on the List, and the other was a rare genius, so there was no telling who was stronger.

Although they all thought that Zhan Luan was stronger, no one underestimated Su Mo.

It was rumored that Su Mo was only at Lv 3 Martial King Realm when he beat Shangguan Hao, and he was now at Lv 5.

How powerful would that make him now?

Perhaps Su Mo was not as strong as Zhan Luan, but he was probably at least close.

“You won’t live past two months!” Shuangguan Hao thought to himself gleefully as he glanced at Su Mo.

He would have many opportunities to kill Su Mo in Fighting Spirits’ Plane.

Su Mo returned to the island with a gloomy expression. He had not been looking for trouble, but trouble found him.

“Su Mo, this person is too powerful. Won’t it be dangerous to fight him?” Wenren Tiandu asked seriously.

To him, Zhan Luan seemed more like a Archean Fierce Beast than a martial artist.

“Not at all!” Su Mo shook his head. Even the top talent among his generation was no match for him!

“Brother Su Mo, I think you can beat him!” Xi’er pursed her lips and said confidently.

“Of course I will!” Su Mo nodded.

Many onlookers were shocked by Su Mo’s words. How could he be so sure in the face of the top genius on the List?

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

Suddenly, a black blur appeared in the horizon.

As it neared, it became a group of men in black.

The martial artists from Netherworld Devil Sect had arrived!

Soon, the group landed swiftly on the island.

Su Mo immediately began scanning the group, and his eyes landed on Wu Shan.

Wu Shan was wearing a tight black suit, and their eyes locked visciously.

The air exploded with waves of sparks.

Su Mo’s eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with killing desire and could not wait to attack Wu Shan.

However, he quelled his anger. There were too many experts and elders in the team, so this was not the time to strike.

Wu Shan only glanced at Su Mo, chuckled, and turned away. He knew that Su Mo harbored anger toward him, but he did not care. He could deal with Su Mo in Fighting Spirits’ Plane.

Then, he turned around and locked his eyes on Zhan Luan.

“Zhan Luan, I hope you won’t get in my way in Fighting Spirits’ Plane!” Wu Shan said deeply.

There were not going to be many obstacles for Wu Shan in Fighting Spirits’ Plane, but Zhan Luan was one of them.

Everyone was stunned by Wu Shan’s words, because Wu Shan had changed into his unrecognizable human form.

However, those who knew who he was were shocked that Wu Shan thought he was on Zhan Luan’s level.

“Wu Shan, I see you’ve changed disguises this year!” Zhan Luan sized him up and recognized Wu Shan’s aura.

He had also heard that Wu Shan’s human form had been destroyed by the East Sea Flood Dragon Crown Prince, but he survived with Netherworld Devil Sect’s witchcraft.

Zhan Luan sighed and said, “Fighting Spirits’ Plane is decided by strength, so don’t test me!”

His voice was calm. As long as Wu Shan did not try to take his Ultimacies, he would not provoke him.

Although Wu Shan was weaker than he was, he had all kinds of devilish tricks that might affect his formation of Fighting Soul Seeds.

Wu Shan nodded. He was only giving Zhan Luan an early notice.

There were countless Ultimacies in Fighting Spirits’ Plane, and he and Zhan Luan had different targets. They would each take what they needed without disturbing the other.

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