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Chapter 834: Terrifying Dreamland

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The more Su Mo thought about it, the more uneasy he became. However, he just couldn’t place his finger on what exactly was wrong with this place!

“Maybe I’m over-thinking this!” Su Mo sighed.

Now that had unified Firmament and Continent and was the ruler of all, he could relax and enjoy this newfound authority. There was no need to think too deeply into it.

He stood up to return to his bedroom. Xi’er was still waiting for him there!

Just then, something clicked in his mind.

“Wait, why was it all so easy?” Su Mo finally figured out what the issue was.

His road to defeating Shangguan Hao, taking Xi’er with him and even uniting the entire Firmament and Continent had fallen into place too easily!

Based on what he could recall, he had defeated Shangguan Hao in just a few moves and Di s.h.i.+, the Palace Master of Emperor Xuan Palace, did not even object to him taking Xi’er away.

This didn’t make sense at all!

Thereafter, everything had been very smooth-sailing for him. He did not face any trials and tribulations during his quest to advance to Martial Emperor Realm and also to unify the Firmament World.

As he probed deeper into his memories, he found many more details that did not make sense.


When he looked back at his memories, he found that everything after he left Waste Domain had come together like a dream.

He shut his eyes and unleashed his powerful Mind.

“Destroy!” Su Mo roared.

Then, he opened his eyes.


His surroundings changed and Su Mo found himself back in the ancient palace. He stood on the 27th step.


Su Mo breathed out a sigh of relief. This dreamland was truly terrifying since it could even plant fake memories in his head. He had almost been entrapped within.

This was also because he had been caught off-guard. Otherwise, he would never have fallen for such a ruse.

He took a deep breath and stepped up to the 28th step.

He lost consciousness again and when he came to, he found himself on a large, soft bed.

This was a luxurious boudoir and he was lying on a wide jade bed covered in red silk curtains. A delicate fragrance hung in the air.

More importantly, there were three beautiful women in bed with him.

Those three women were all half naked, revealing their soft b.r.e.a.s.t.s and fair skin. Their eyes were glazed over with l.u.s.t as they called out to him.

“Master, hurry!” one of the women said as she wrapped her arms around his shoulder.

“Master, allow me to undress you!” said the other two women as they reached for his clothes.

Su Mo looked on at them coldly.

Just when their hands were about to touch him, he immediately shouted, “Get lost!”

His voice reverberated everywhere and destroyed everything, including the beautiful women.

Su Mo successfully pa.s.sed through this round.

His resolve could not be shaken by those women alone!

He was faced with fathomless wealth on the 29th step, wealth that was enough to last him a hundred generations.

Anyone would be able to lead a life of comfort and luxury without having to worry about money for the rest of their lives.

Still, Su Mo managed to pa.s.s successfully through this round quickly. His resolve could not be shaken by wealth either.

As he stepped onto the 30th step, he was transported back to his younger days.

He sat facing his father, Su Hong, in the backyard of his family home.

“Mo’er, you have awakened a Rank 1 Human Cla.s.s Martial Soul and brought disgrace to my name!” Su Hong shouted angrily.

“You’re no longer fit to be part of the Sus. I hereby expel you from our family with my authority as your father. From now on, you’re on your own!”

Su Mo started to shake at Su Hong’s vicious words. He could not believe that his father would expel him from the family.

He could not understand why his father was suddenly so cruel, in sharp contrast to his usual kind and understanding demeanor.

“Why are you not leaving yet?” Su Hong’s expression turned cold when he saw that Su Mo was rooted to the spot.

Su Mo stood numbly where he was, unable to believe that his father could ruthlessly abandon him just like that.

“Since you refuse to leave, I’ll send you on your way!” Su Hong’s eyes filled with killing desire.

He lifted his palm and smacked hard at Su Mo’s head.

Su Mo’s heart twisted when he saw that his own father had moved to attack him. His father wanted him dead!

“No, this cannot be!” Su Mo roared.

His father had always showered him with love and concern, how could he want to kill him now just because of his low-level Martial Soul? This was simply impossible!

Something flashed past his mind then.


Su Mo immediately punched hard at Su Hong’s palm.


As he punched out, the image shattered and Su Mo found himself back on the stairs.

Cold sweat dripped down his back and his face was still one of shock.

This dreamland was truly terrifying. He wasn’t even sure if he would really be killed earlier if he had been hit by his father’s palm in dreamland.

Su Mo looked up and saw that there were only two steps left before he could sit on the Emperor’s Throne.

He was sure that the final two steps would be extremely challenging!

He took a deep breath and continued to move forward. He slowly climbed up to the 31st step.

Su Mo found himself in Emperor Xuan Palace, battling Shangguan Hao.


Su Mo crashed onto the ground with a loud thud and caused the ground beneath him to shatter.

“Redneck, you’re not fit to battle me. You never were and you never will be!” Shangguan Hao smirked as he looked down at Su Mo’s figure from up above.

Blood had drained from Su Mo’s face and blood flowed freely from his mouth as he looked disbelievingly at Shangguan Hao. Shangguan Hao’s strength was way beyond his expectations.

He had failed. All his efforts over the past five years had culminated in complete failure!


Xi’er clad entirely in red flew to stand by Shangguan Hao’s side.

“Xi’er, I’m sorry. I have failed you!” Su Mo said despondently.

“I have never expected you to win!” Xi’er said frostily, a clear look of scorn in her eyes.

“What?” Su Mo froze.

“Senior Brother Shangguan Hao was right. You’re just a redneck. You’re not worthy for me at all!” Xi’er said coldly.

Su Mo felt like his heart was being torn into shreds. Xi’er’s feelings for him had changed!

“Redneck, Shangguan Hao and I will be able to live happily ever after only if you die. You shall die here today!” Xi’er continued coldly.

Her slender white hands moved as she slashed out at Su Mo.

Xi’er was extremely powerful, almost comparable to Shangguan Hao. This attack from her was immensely powerful.

The mighty sword power rocked the heavens as piercing sword radiance imbued with killing desire locked in on Su Mo.

“How can you?” Su Mo cried out in disbelief.

Not only had Xi’er’s feeling for him changed, now she even wanted him dead!

Su Mo struggled with himself as he saw her sword radiance rapidly approach.

If he did not attack, he would perish by her attack. However, he could not bear to attack her.

After all, she was the woman he loved!

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