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Chapter 573: Rank 9 Earth Cla.s.s

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The endless sea of blood that was mixed with Genuine Qi, Genuine Vitality, Vital Spirit, and Martial Souls went rus.h.i.+ng toward Su Mo in an overwhelming manner.

The scene was extremely b.l.o.o.d.y and shocking!

In the blink of an eye, Su Mo, Lil Eight, and Li Feng were completely shrouded by the sea of blood.

Su Mo had controlled the intensity of his devouring power so that his companions were not affected by it.

The fact that Li Feng had no cultivation, plus his potent physical strength and highly condensed Qi and blood, protected him from the devouring power.

He finally knew why Su Mo told him to prepare for cultivating!

The Blood Qi, Genuine Vitality, and Vital Spirit contained in this sea of blood were so ma.s.sive that it made it perfect for cultivation.

Those things might have been useless to other martial artists, but not for those who cultivated the Archean Dragonesque Elephant Skill.

Li Feng did not hesitate to cultivate as numerous Archean Dragonesque Elephant phantoms continually flashed on his body.

Likewise, Lil Eight did so aggressively. It opened its mouth and directly let the blood crazily rush into its body.

Su Mo also began cultivating. He had already reached Peak Lv 7 Enlightenment Realm a long time ago and now decided to break through to Lv 8 Enlightenment Realm.

Although the low-level enemies did not contain much Blood Qi, there were so many of them.

The entire Red Blood Branch members, about 6,000 of them, were all killed in two seconds by his overwhelming devouring power.

Even some Lv 5 Enlightenment Realm martial artists were sucked dry and became mummified without being able to fight back.

The valley fell dead silent again. There was a huge ball of blood, 100 meters in diameter, quietly hanging in the air.

Su Mo, Li Feng, and Lil Eight were growing stronger as time pa.s.sed.

However, Su Mo’s Martial Soul upgraded before his cultivation did.

With a dazzling purple light, a ninth purple halo appeared on his Martial Soul.

After devouring nearly 6,000 Martial Souls, his Devouring Martial Soul finally upgraded.

“Rank 9 Earth Cla.s.s! It’s so close to the Heaven Cla.s.s!” Su Mo was so thrilled.

When his Devouring Martial Soul had upgraded from the Human Cla.s.s to the Earth Cla.s.s, it became able to devour Spiritual Stones as well as others’ cultivation. “What are the new abilities in the Heaven Cla.s.s?” ( Boxno vel. co m )

Su Mo began imagining what improvements there would be.

As time went by, the huge ball of blood gradually shrunk.

Su Mo frowned slightly because his cultivation had not broken through to Lv 8. Although the sea of blood was immense, it did not have as much Blood Qi as it appeared to have.

Moreover, Lil Eight had taken almost half of it.

“Come on!”

He waved out a pile of Medium Spiritual Stones, which then exploded immediately, releasing endless Spiritual Qi.

The dense Spiritual Qi formed into a mist that shrouded Su Mo, Li Feng, and Lil Eight.


The nine Spiritual Spirals in Su Mo’s body continuously trembled.

Before long, the bottleneck of his cultivation loosened under the impact of the tremendous amount of Spiritual Qi.

A few moments later, an imposing aura permeated out from him—he finally reached Lv 8 Enlightenment Realm.

After a short while, Su Mo reached Middle Lv 8 Enlightenment Realm when he had absorbed all of the Spiritual Qi and Blood Qi.


Su Mo exhaled a mouthful of murky Qi and smiled. He did not continue to cultivate since he was expecting there would be more Blood Qi when he went to kill the Cold-blood Hall members in the Hong Domain.

When he turned his head and looked at his two companions, he gave a bitter smile.

Compared to them, he had cultivated very slowly.

Lil Eight had become a Cla.s.s 9 Lv 4 Demonic Beast. And judging by its profound aura, its strength was close to that of a Lv 5 Demonic Beast.

Li Feng’s achievement was even more striking. The glittering golden light on his body indicated that his physical strength could match that of a Lv 8 Enlightenment Realm martial artist.


Su Mo sighed spontaneously. His nine Spiritual Spirals considerably slowed his cultivating progress.

Later on, Su Mo and Li Feng landed in the valley and then spent a long time searching for the treasury, but they failed. Maybe the Red Blood Branch had no treasury at all.

Regardless, Su Mo collected the storage rings from the dead experts.

He kept the leader’s and the two deputies’ storage rings and gave the other rings to Li Feng.

Subsequently, they left the valley and headed for the Great Hong Empire.

The headquarters of the Cold-blood Hall in the Hong Domain was located in the Blood-refining Gorge of the Great Hong Empire.

The gorge stood on a barren mountain in the eastern Great Hong Empire, more than 100,000 kilometers away from Wuning Country.

It would take them only one day to get to the gorge with Lil Eight’s flying speed.

In the meantime, a stony-faced youth in a python-patterned robe was hurtling through the sky at lightning speed. He was getting close to the Hong Domain.

“Why does Su Mo come to this G.o.d-forsaken place?

“He’s from the Hong Domain!” the young man muttered, frowning tightly.

He looked quite annoyed because he had followed Su Mo all the way from the Dark Domain. It had been quite a journey to have crossed dozens of domains.

He also had spent the few remaining Upper Spiritual Stones he had left on the Transporting Formations.

Moreover, he even flew over two small domains to conserve his Spiritual Stones.

If he was not highly talented, powerful, or well-known in the East Continent, the great powers in other domains would have never let him use their Transporting Formations.

The other martial artists at his level would never follow someone from the Dark Domain to the Hong Domain.

“d.a.m.n it! This has cost me so much!”

The stony-faced young man clenched his fists tightly, but his expression improved at the thought of Su Mo’s treasures.

“No one can save you this time. I will not only take all your treasures, but also your life!” he said coldly.

Su Mo was a Towering Sky Peak disciple, which was a lofty status. He would either not do anything to Su Mo, or kill him once and for all to save him future trouble.

He had forborne for a very long time for an opportunity like this. He had to kill Su Mo this time.

A few moments later, the stony-faced young man entered the Hong Domain.

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