Warrior's Promise Chapter 1136 - Immortality for the Imperishable Fighting Soul

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Chapter 1136: Immortality for the Imperishable Fighting Soul

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While countless people were struck dumb with amazement, Su Mo’s final strike was approaching Wu Sen rapidly.

Wu Sen became enveloped with a formidable sword power and an intense killing desire. He felt very cold as his Qi and blood condensed. Suddenly, he came to his senses.

Wu Sen felt ill at ease. Even though he was a Martial Emperor Realm expert and a legendary figure in the Firmament World, he was horrified as if a great storm had broken out.

The strength and talent that Su Mo had displayed were beyond his understanding.

However, Wu Sen had no time to think about that because the final hit had arrived.


Wu Sen abruptly roared and howled fiercely.

His huge body immediately became as thin as a lath.

As he became thin, his aura rose sharply.

However, Wu Sen had no time to improve his strength because the final hit had already arrived.


Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

Like a series of falling stars, the Star Fall sword Qi divided the void and hit Wu Sen with its destructive power.

Like 20 streaks of lightning pa.s.sing through the void, 24 Natal Spiritual Swords. .h.i.t Wu Sen’s critical parts while carrying a strong killing desire.

“Break!” Wu Sen roared and reached out his claws. The two claw shadows. .h.i.t the Star Fall sword Qi.

Meanwhile, endless Dark Force gushed from Wu Sen and formed an illusory cauldron that enveloped him.

Wu Sen wanted to defend against the attack from the Natal Spiritual Swords using the illusory cauldron while he withstood Su Mo’s sword Qi with all his strength.

However, Su Mo’s strength had now gone far beyond its limit. It was so incredibly powerful that n.o.body could stop him.


With an explosion, the Star Fall sword Qi collided with the two claw shadows.

The terrifying sword Qi tore the claw shadows apart and slashed at Wu Sen’s forehead ferociously.

With an intense killing desire, the 24 Natal Spiritual Swords pierced the illusory cauldron.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of m.u.f.fled sounds came out. The illusory cauldron was. .h.i.t by the Natal Spiritual Swords. It could not bear the heavy load, shook violently, and then exploded with a loud crash.

Right now, Su Mo’s strength had reached the peak of perfection. Even if Wu Sen used some hidden card, he would not be able to block him.


In an instant, Wu Sen was attacked by the Star Fall and the 24 Natal Spiritual Swords.

Wu Sen’s Body-protection Dark Force could do nothing to defend against Su Mo’s final hit. It was immediately ripped open.

Later on.


Under the violent attack, Wu Sen’s tall body exploded and turned into ashes, filling the air.

His body was completely ruined by the raging attacks before he could even scream.

All the spectators were astonished. Billows of shock surged in their minds.

“Wu Sen lost!”

“It’s a complete failure!”

A superb Martial Emperor Realm expert, a legendary figure in the Firmament and Continent who had gotten promoted to the Martial Emperor Realm less than half a month ago, was completely defeated and torn into pieces.

“Su Mo is invincible in the Firmament World!”

“The world is bound to change soon!”

Countless people were panic-stricken. They were sad for Wu Sen and shocked by Su Mo’s strength. Besides, they were anxious about the pattern of the Firmament World in the future.

The people from the Netherworld Devil Sect were shocked because their invincible sect master had been defeated.

They dared not believe it.

They had thought that their Netherworld Holy Sect would easily control the Firmament World after their sect master broke through to the Martial Emperor Realm, but now, the sect master had suffered a crus.h.i.+ng defeat.

Although Su Mo behaved aggressively, they had not worried too much because they were confident in their sect master.

Now, however, the Martial Emperor Realm expert and the legendary figure had gotten torn to pieces.

“How could this… happen?”

“How could this be?”

“No! It’s impossible!”

The people from the Netherworld Devil Sect, including Huangfu Qing, Wu Shan, Yin Zong, and Yan Tai, greatly changed their facial expression. They looked pale.

All the experts from the sect had come out in order to suppress the superpowers after their sect master killed Su Mo.

They wanted had all the forces to submit to the Holy Clan and unify the world, sweeping all over the Vast Universe.

However, their sect master had been defeated. Everything went up in smoke.

No one had thought of this. They never thought their sect master would lose so tragically.


Just then, an earthshaking howl was heard. A large Demonic Wolf moved swiftly from Wu Sen’s exploded body and went across the void, hurtling toward the distance.

The Demonic Wolf was the Three-headed Wolf of h.e.l.l Fighting Soul.

Although Wu Sen’s physical body had been destroyed, his Fighting Soul had not vanished. It escaped rapidly.

“Su Mo, don’t let it get away!”

“Kill it!”

Di s.h.i.+ and Hai Mingjiang cried out and reminded Su Mo to kill the Fighting Soul.

There was a rumor that as long as the Fighting Soul was intact, the man would be immortal.

Therefore, if he did not kill the Fighting Soul today, it would bring disasters in the future.

Su Mo was stupefied upon hearing this. He had not thought that Wu Sen’s Fighting Soul could still be alive after being dealt such a heavy blow.

He immediately came to his senses and flew on a sword to chase the wolf.

He had defeated Wu Sen and destroyed his physical body, but if he let the Fighting Soul escape today, the battle could not be considered a victory.

Moreover, Hong Qingxuan was still in Wu Sen’s hands. If he did not kill Wu Sen, Su Mo would not be able to save Hong Qingxuan.


The wolf was as swift as a bolt of black lightning coming out of the sky and rapidly fleeing.

It ran toward the location of the Netherworld Devil Sect experts.

In an instant, the wolf was close to the Netherworld Devil Sect experts.

Suddenly, the thousands of Netherworld Devil Sect people disappeared. It seemed, they had entered some kind of Spatial Device.


The wolf did not slow down. In a flash, it had reached the horizon at an incredible speed.

Both Di s.h.i.+ and Hai Mingjiang intended to stop it but were too late.


As a harsh explosion rang out, Su Mo flashed across.

He was not slow. He urged the Natal Spiritual Sword under his feet to the extreme. His body was like a sharp void-breaking sword, chasing after the wolf.

Between breaths, the Three-headed Wolf of h.e.l.l and Su Mo disappeared from the public’s eyes.

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