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Chapter 1114: The Dragon King of the East Sea

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Outside the large formation of fire smelting the Vast Universe stood an array of experts.

As they looked on at the formation that had shrunk thousands of miles in radius and disappeared into the crowd, as well as the scrolls that were left behind in the formation, people wore light-hearted smiles.

Except for Yang Dingtian, no one was reinforcing the formation. Su Mo and the others had stopped attacking, so there was no need to do so.

Under the superb control of Yang Dingtian, the large formation of the fire smelting Vast Universe kept shrinking and the strength of the large formation increased sharply.

As the formation shrank, the flaming force got denser and became stronger.

As time elapsed, the large formation of the fire smelting Vast Universe turned into a small one with a 33-meter radius.

Just then, the large formation stopped shrinking.

It dangled in the air like a giant fire ball.

The Heaven-sea City had totally disappeared, leaving a huge and deep hole there.

“Yang Dingtian, can you smelt that scroll?” The Second Demon Elder asked.

“Not sure yet!”

Yang Dingtian shook his head and said, “All of the s.p.a.cial Devices have high levels, so it is hard to smelt even those with the lowest level. However, even though it cannot be smelted, given time, we can still open the s.p.a.cial pa.s.sage of the scroll!”

“OK!” The Second Demon Elder nodded.

Then, Yang Dingtian pinched his fingers to make incantations, while the raging fire in the large formation surrounded the Divine Map incessantly.

The Flaming Force within the formation was so strong that even the Upper Royal Divine Weapons could be smelted into molten iron.

The Divine Map was surrounded by the turbulent Flaming Force and was calcined with a spitting sound.

In the Divine Map,

Countless martial artists ran around anxiously and looked very worried.

At that moment, Su Mo was in the cave.

The Dark Sky Spiritual Coffin lay deep within the cave, and Su Mo was cultivating by the Coffin with his legs crossed.

Time was quite limited for him, so he had to make full use of every minute to enhance his cultivation. It would be best if he could break through his cultivation.


Hai Mingjiang flew through the gateway of the cave. With a glance at Su Mo who was cultivating quietly, he could not help but feel speechless.

Even as the fire was about to singe Su Mo’s eyebrows, he still focused on cultivating.

Hai Mingjiang would have gone forward to convince Su Mo to get away but he stopped after taking a few steps in his direction.


Hai Mingjiang sighed inwardly and left as he shook his head.

He knew that it would be best to allow Su Mo to cultivate without any disturbance so that he could break through the cultivation if they wanted to get away.

After all, Su Mo’s talent was unrivaled and his cultivating speed was miraculously fast.

Su Mo tried to stabilize the Divine Map while he was cultivating and refining the power within his body.

With his current cultivation, his controlling force was far stronger than before. Thus, even if Yang Dingtian and the Second Demon Elder had powerful strength, they still would not be able to break the Divine Map easily.

So, Su Mo did not worry about it for the time being. Strengthening his cultivation was his top priority.

Outside the cave, the large formation of the fire smelting Vast Universe continued burning. Everything seemed to have reached an

The Divine Map remained the same after being smelted for several hours. It seemed that the large formation had posed no harm to the Divine Map.

“Okay, Yang Dingtian, stop smelting!”

The Second Demon Elder commanded.

“Second Demon Elder, what do you mean?” Yang Dingtian looked at the Second Demon Elder doubtfully.

“We don’t have to waste time now. I’ll seal this map and take it back to the Holy Clan, and then we’ll find ways to break into it!”

The Second Demon Elder said in a low voice, and added, “Then, you guys subdue and kill the other Humans as we have planned.”

“Okay!” Yang Dingtian nodded. They’d already had a detailed plan.

Su Mo was not the focus of their plan anymore. Instead, they had to wipe out other forces and dominate the Firmament World.

Yang Dingtian stopped reinforcing the large formation of the Vast Universe. The Second Demon Elder stepped forward, preparing to seal the Divine Map.

Right at that moment, a huge boom suddenly rose and the s.p.a.ce began to undulate violently.

“What?” All experts looked towards the source of the noise and seemed solemn all of a sudden.

A long spear appeared on the horizon and traveled towards them.

The long spear was extremely fast. At first glance, it was still ten thousand miles away. Before one could blink, it had reached the people.

Upon closer inspection, the crowd realised that it was not a long spear at all, but a huge water column.

The water column was about several thousand zhangs long and had a diameter of 100 feet. It was completely formed by condensation of sea water.

The water column possessed an earth-shaking strength and power.

The water column smashed everything in its path as it rushed directly towards Yang Dingtian, the Second Demon Elder and everyone else present.


“Who is this?”

“Back off!”

Upon realising what was about to befall upon them, the countenance of experts behind Yang Dingtian and the others had changed greatly, and they tried to back up as quickly as they could.

The impact of the water column’s attack could shatter them into a million pieces.


At this moment, the First demon Elder, who had kept silent all the way, made his move.

As the First Demon Elder placed one foot on the ground, the power spread thousands of miles away and gushed directly to the front of the water column. Then, he threw a punch at it.

The Corpse Qi billowed as he punched with the force needed to birth a dragon, demonstrating unparalleled strength.

The Corpse Qi was so powerful that even a middle-staged expert at the Martial Royal Realm would be killed.

In an instant, there was a strong collision between the punch and the huge water column.


Suddenly, the water column exploded with a deafening boom and then dissipated into water droplets that splattered in every direction.

The First Demon Elder, however, was thrown back thousands of miles by the force of the collision.

The crowd was startled by this. They did not expect that the First Demon Elder would be affected at all.

Amongst them was the Second Demon Elder, Shangguan Hao and experts of the Netherworld Devil Sect. They were the ones who experienced the most shock as they were the clearest about the exact amount of strength the First Demon Elder possessed. He represented the peak level of power amongst all the Emperors-to-be.

It was fair to say that the First Demon Elder’s strength was no worse than the sect master of the Netherworld Devil Sect.

But this only happened in the past. Now, the sect master of the Netherworld Devil Sect was of a level that almost reached the Martial Emperor realm.

However, the First Demon Elder had been thrown back violently, which indicated how powerful the strength was.


At this moment, a terrific howl arose. It sounded like the roar of a dragon or a tiger, or a roll of thunder, which damaged the eardrums of the disciples of the Yin-yang Palace.

They spotted a huge flood dragon in the sky, approaching at lightning speed.

The body of the flood dragon, which stretched for hundreds of miles, was bluish-purple. The strong dragon power that it emitted gave one a feeling that the Real Dragon was present.

There were two short dragon horns on the forehead of the flood dragon, which demonstrated that its bloodline was extremely powerful and that it was evolving into the Real Dragon.

Generally, common flood dragons had no horns. Only those with an ancestor-similarizing bloodline and evolved into a Real Dragon could grow horns.

“The Dragon King of the Eastern Sea!”

The Second Demon Elder, Yang Dingtian and other people were shocked and their faces quickly drained of colour.

The Dragon King of the Eastern Sea had a reputation. He was highly regarded as the strongest expert in the entire Firmament World.

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