Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please Chapter 146 Part3

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Chapter 146.3: Desire to Win Over

[How is that possible? How can things possibly turn out like this?]

[It could just be a coincidence that Yan Xi Wu happened to pa.s.s the a.s.sessment in the beginning, but Qing Bei's performance that she saw would not allow her to continue to lie to herself anymore.]

[Just what kind of a fortuitous encounter did they have in this period that caused their cultivation to improve by so much? If the two of them have already achieved so much, then to what level would Qing Yu whom she had never been able to read have possibly attained…..

Yan Xi Wu could not help herself but to think of the young lady's devilishly beautiful countenance that was in no way inferior to her own and to remember the unabashed light tenderness in Qing Ye Li's eyes when he looked at her. Her heart immediately became so heavy and suffocating that she could not breathe, and the vicious glint on her face gradually showed, impossible to hide it any longer.

"Is Ning Luo not feeling well? The pallor of your face isn't looking too good." Elder Yan's concerned voice sounded beside her.

Yan Ning Luo forcibly suppressed the insidious darkness within and expelled the bad air inside by blowing out a long breath before she revealed a weak smile at the corners of her lips. "Thank you for the Elder's concern. Maybe I did not get enough rest in the past few days."  

"So I see" Elder Yan did not suspect anything and smiled at her as he continued to say: "It will not be so tiring once these recruitment trials are finished, and you'd be able to get some good rest."

"Mm." Yan Ning Luo nodded, and her face then became her normal self.

This batch of partic.i.p.ants had probably come back out the fastest, and it seemed like almost all of them were in dejected despair.

Except for Qing Bei trailing at the back calm and unhurried, his expressionless gaze brightening with smiles only when he saw the young lady in front. "Qing Yu, I made it through."

As if he was seeking to let her know that he was capable, he then added: "I was the only one to pa.s.s."

Qing Yu's eyes beamed, curling up into crescents as she looked at the youth who was already half a head taller than him. Her hand then reached out very naturally to ruffle his soft hair. "Little Bei is really great."

Qing Bei didn't know whether to laugh or to cry as he pulled her hand down. "Are you treating me as Meatball?"

Her tone of voice was exactly like the way one would use to humour a little child.

Qing Yu laughed and was about to say something when her eyes suddenly stared in another direction, but she did not see anything there.

[That's strange. Why did she feel like someone was staring at her just now? Had she been mistaken?]

Along a long stone carved corridor within the Faint Mist Sect where misty fog perpetually swirled like the realm of the G.o.ds, a tall well built figure in white was walking slowly, while a youth with a good looking countenance followed behind in his footsteps.

The youth had his handsome brows creased up, seemingly not understanding something. It was after a good while before he said hesitatingly in a soft voice: "Chief, what were you looking at just now?"

[He had stared for so long, like he had been frozen in his spot.[

The man's footsteps halted. "Hm?"

The clear light voice rose slightly in pitch, that plucked at one's heartstrings enchantingly. Hearing that voice was somehow so exceptionally enjoyable.

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