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Chapter 99.3: Alive? Dead?

But….. the changes that had come over these two people, were as if they were two completely different people. If she was not looking at them straight in their faces, she might have thought that they were both imposters!

Qing Yu glanced at her looking rather amused. "If you don't do it the first time, you will then never be able to do it. You have to depend on yourself when you come out here and not anyone else. Look over there….."

Yan Xi Rou followed the direction of her gaze and she saw that Yan Xi Wu had already walked a distance away and was bent over to gather some twigs and branches. Her face immediately grew a little ashamed.

All of the others were doing something but here she was just waiting for food. It did not seem very nice and she did not even dare to raise up her eyes to look at Qing Yu but just went ahead to help Yan Xi Wu gather firewood. Compared to the unwilling reluctance the first time, she took the initiative on her own this time.

Qing Yu lowered her eyes and smiled to herself as she continued to prepare the rabbits she held in her hands. After she stuffed the spices inside the rabbits, she then poked sharp branches through them and placed them over the fire to roast after the rabbits were ready. All that was left to do was to wait for them to cook.

On the other side, Yan Xi Wu was carrying a pile of tree branches and was about to come back when something suddenly caught her foot which caused her to trip, almost making her fall.

She quickly steadied herself and looked down. But as the sky was just too dark she could not see clearly so she crouched down and felt about with her hand. It was something warm and soft to the touch and when she felt what seemed to be several long and slender fingers, her entire person froze.

Yan Xi Wu had always been steady and restrained from young and she was not as timid as most other girls. Hence, when she realized what she was touching was a hand, she did not scream out in fright.

Coincidentally at that moment, the clouds in the sky were blown further away from that area and Yan Xi Wu came to see the deathly pale face of a man under the moonlight. Her heart was greatly shook and she fell back a few steps before she said with a slightly trembling voice: "All….. All of you come over here quick!"

Yan Xi Rou was not too far away from her and when she came over, she went straight into a ear piercing scream. "EEEEK! A dead body! A dead body!"

Was it really that unusual to see a dead body in a place like this….. Should it be something for anyone to freak out at?

Qing Yu and Qing Bei went walking over when they heard the scream.

Because she possessed good night vision she saw it clearer than any of the others.

A better half of the man's body was buried in the ground and only his head and two hands were exposed outside. His face was terrifyingly white but his countenance was elegant and suave, refined and handsome looking.

Although he was buried in the ground, but why did the posture….. seem so unbelievably strange?

He was lying comfortably flat on his back, his arms seemingly widely spread out leisurely. His face did not seem to show any fear or pain, and if not for that ghastly looking pallor of his face, anyone would have thought that he was just moonbathing there.

A twitch tugged at the end of Qing Yu's brow. This was probably the only human they had encountered ever since they came here into Hades' Canyon. It just seemed so very strange. Why had this man suddenly appeared here?

She crouched down and stretched her hand out to check under the man's nose. When she reached her hand out and came to touch the man, her long upslanted phoenix like eyes flared wide. [He's still breathing? And flesh still warm? !]

Just as she was crouched there with her face in shock, the deathly pale man suddenly wiggled his nose slightly, and after Yan Xi Rou let out a terrified scream, he opened his eyes. "That smells good."

The good looking pair of ink jade like black eyes turned, and his body then rose up, leaping right out of the ground, to sprint straight in one direction…..

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