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Chapter 279.1: Mother Has Gone Missing

Lou Jun Yao just stood there with an eyebrow arched up, watching the strange scene unfold before his eyes.

Moments later, Qing Yu slowly got up from the floor, and that wailing little toddler finally stopped rolling around, reduced to a sniffling and tearful little figure, a highly pitiful sight.

And when the eyes of the little figure came to see Lou Jun Yao again, the little figure could not help but to s.h.i.+ver slightly.

This person here, must not be touched. Never ever.

Upon seeing that the expression on the little toddler had now turned into fear, Qing Yu was still not intending to let him off so easily. With a flip of her palm, a plain and unadorned but exquisite looking black jade bottle appeared in her hand.

That action caused the shade of the little toddler's face to change. “Mistress, what are you going to do…..”

Qing Yu slowly removed the stopper on the bottle and then glanced at the little figure and said: “You've been really disobedient and you need to suffer some punishment as you remain here to reflect on yourself. I'll let you out after you've straightened out your thoughts.”

After she said that, Qing Yu's lips parted slightly and she chanted something in an inaudible voice. Immediately, before the little toddler could even say anything to beg for mercy, he turned into a red streak of light and was sucked right into the bottle.

Qing Yu then ignored the roiling upheaval happening inside the bottle and just kept it safely away.

“You really have so many strange little pets around you.” Lou Jun Yao then said teasingly.

Qing Yu raised an eyebrow. “Unfortunately they're all not very obedient.”

Lou Jun Yao curved up the ends of his lips. “That thing there….. was trying to attack me just now?”

Qing Yu sighed a little helplessly before she replied: “Because the blood that flows in your body is really just too tempting to him and he lost his mind for a moment to come rus.h.i.+ng out like that.”

“My blood?”

“Mm. My blood that is of the purest bloodline is already highly attractive to some creatures. As you have a unique body const.i.tution and the fact that you have my blood in your body as well, the combination creates an even bigger draw to them, almost irresistible to them.”

Lou Jun Yao understood what she was saying and he then smiled at her to say: “From what you're saying, wouldn't that mean that I am in very grave danger?”

“Yes, it's really very dangerous.” Qing Yu nodded and then stretched her hand out to hold his hand. “But, I will protect you.”

Upon hearing that, Lou Jun Yao could not help but recall how she had stood in front of him to s.h.i.+eld him just now. His brows immediately furrowed slightly as he looked down at her hand. There was not a single trace of any wound on her hand anymore but he had clearly seen her bleed earlier.

His grip on the young lady's hand tightened slightly and the tone of his voice was serious as he said: “You must not do that next time. Although you have self healing abilities, you must not risk your own self like that. As a woman, why must you make yourself take such a strong stance? Wouldn't that make me nothing but a frivolous decorative piece beside you?”

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