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Chapter 274.2: Death Stare from the Future Father In Law

“That's great.” Qing Lan Fei said with a comforted smile.

“But I really want to see our little la.s.s you know? Although I know what she looks like, but I just can't help but miss her.” Mo Jing Yu's voice seemed to carry a tinge of wistfulness.

Qing Lan Fei just could not help herself but to say teasingly: “Looks like it's really true when they say that daughters are their father's lover from their past lives.”

As Qing Lan Fei said that, the sounds of footsteps suddenly reached their ears.

Mo Jing Yu subconsciously raised his eyes up to look, and he saw two tall figures slowly approach. A man dressed in white robes was walking in front, and he came to a halt right before the door. He then lowered his head slightly to the man behind him, and took up guard outside, not coming inside.

Mo Jing Yu's long upslanted eyes narrowed slightly, as he watched the man dressed in a suit of luxurious and n.o.ble robes make his way slowly in, and Mo Jing Yu could tell with just one glance that he was not a simple man.

The exquisite features on his face were dazzling, carrying an air of nonchalance indifference and seemingly harmless on the surface, but was actually hiding danger and a sharp killer instinct.

And that highly unique pair of violet eyes of his were so entrancing they looked like they would drag people right into a mesmerizing spiral staring right into them, unable to pull themselves out from their depths.

Mo Jing Yu had looked into those eyes, but he had quickly averted his gaze when he felt a sudden surge rise up in his heart.

Those eyes. Why do they give him such a familiar feeling inside?

Where did he see them before…..

When Qing Lan Fei saw the man slowly making his way in, the expression on her face turned to look a little fl.u.s.tered for a very brief instant.

In her memories, Lou Jun Yao was a youth who was still a little puerile, untamable and was highly guarded against everyone, a person that she was able to easily read just by looking at the expression on his face.

Here today, that juvenile youth who was a little thin had now become tall and muscular, his facial features blossomed out which made him look even more handsome and captivating. The lazy and easy nonchalance expression on his face was not hard to see through, impossible to read his thoughts

He's changed a lot, no matter in terms of his looks or temperament, and it wasn't really a bad thing.

“Jun Er.” Qing Lan Fei's voice was just as gentle as before, as she called out to him.

Lou Jun Yao's footsteps came to a stop right in front of the woman, and seeing that familiar face standing well and alive before him, his eyes sparkled and his heart could not help but rose slightly. His lips then parted slightly as he said: “Aunt Lan, you look just like you were. I have longed for the day that I will be able to see you again for such a long long time.”

Qing Lan Fei could not help but feel a twinge in her heart when she heard that. She stretched a hand out and placed it gently on the man's cheek. “Jun Er, you must have suffered so much over the years!”

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