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Chapter 266.1: Zhu Gou Xiong? What a Unique Name!

Completely different from the shocked Zhuge Xiong, Lou Jun Yao's glance merely pa.s.sed indifferently over the man, his eyes turning away as he went over to the other side to sit down on a chair.

His high and mighty demeanor made it seem like that man was completely beneath his notice, not worthy of even a second glance. That contemptuous att.i.tude caused Zhuge Xiong's hand that was placed on the table to clench up tightly, and a fiery rage to brew up inside.

Up on the raised pedestal, Qing Luo Yan watched the two men's reactions to each other. Her rouge painted fingers toyed with a lock of hair draped over her chest as an amused glint shone in her bright and dazzling almond shaped eyes.

She suddenly turned her eyes in Lou Jun Yao's direction and her voice was gentle as she said: “It's been a hundred years since we've last met and the Dark Overlord is still as charming and captivating as before. I really like this haughty att.i.tude of yours that views everything to be beneath you.”

Lou Jun Yao raised an eyebrow against those words laden with hidden meaning, but pretended to have not noticed anything as he opened his mouth to say indifferently: “The Temple Lord really knows how to tell a joke. With your position and flawless looks, people who want to be blessed with a single glance from you would fill Cloud Heaven to its brim. I have better not embarra.s.s myself trying to join in.”

“Haha, the Dark Overlord is really as cold and heartless as ever, always rejecting my affections straight out.”

Qing Luo Yan's eyes narrowed as she rested her chin in her palm. Looking at the man, she then asked in a soft voice: “For an ent.i.ty like the Dark Overlord, it makes me wonder what kind of a woman would be able to capture your attention.”

Lou Jun Yao smiled but did not say anything, intending to ignore that question.

As this woman would always try to tease him every time they met, he did not feel that it was anything strange.

Afterall, seeing that she was still alone on her own even at that age, the man she had in heart having never ever liked her back, that woman was just shooting her mouth off to make herself feel better. So he would naturally not hold it against such a sad and pathetic woman.

Moreover, she would not be smiling for that much longer.

“It's really hard seeking to even meet the two of you. It's such a great coincidence that we are gathered here today”

Qing Luo Yan lowered her head and covered her lips, sounding out a soft laugh. She then looked up at the two men with differing expressions on their faces and said: “In the past, the two of you were once master and subordinate, but are now both masters over great powerful powers in Cloud Heaven in their own right. It's been so long since the two of you last met, why are both of you being so distant?”

Zhuge Xiong pushed down the fiery rage brewing in his chest and surrept.i.tiously shot a glance at the man with a nonchalant expression on his face on the other side before he said: “It is only natural that we're distant, as someone looked down on me greatly in the past. Now that I have accomplished this much, he might be feeling that he had been wrong, and isn't feeling all that good in his heart.”

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