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Chapter 1330: True Sacred Lord

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“If everyone depended on his own power, then only a few people would be able to face you since you are ranked at the top of the list. But you mustn’t forget that we can now use external power.” As Wu Changqing spoke, something grew out of his back and made his clothes burst open. It was a pair of giant black wings, and their black feathers had a metallic l.u.s.ter, while their edges seemed quite sharp. When the wings were unfolded completely, a mystical power emanated from the feathers and engulfed Wu Changqing’s body. In the next second, Wu Changqing disappeared and shuttled through the void.

“Be careful! They are the Heavenly Roc Divine Wings!” Someone next to Xiao Yuan warned him, while Xiao Yuan’s expression became grave, and the blade between his fingers shone brightly.

Just after this, the battle started, and every time they exchanged blows, they would end up at a different alt.i.tude, and in the end, they reached a height of 10,000 yards in the sky, and they seemed like black dots to the people on the ground.

“He’s evenly matched with Wu Changqing and the Heavenly Roc Divine Wings. Xiao Yuan is really terrifying.”

“That’s still the case even though Xiao Yuan doesn’t use any external power.”

While the crowd was discussing this matter, Ao Yue and the others faced a new batch of enemies, while a heatwave emanated from all directions and raised the temperature of the third area. The fire dragon soared into the sky and flew in front of Ao Yue. The fire dragon’s body size had changed greatly since their last meeting in the fourth area, and he had become more robust, while his scales shone brightly.

“Your highness, the princess,” the fire dragon spoke in a human language and stared at Ao Yue, “I want to experience the Golden Dragon Clan’s draconic punch.”

Ao Yue’s eyes shone with a golden light, and a wave of draconic pressure emanated from her. Even though she was a woman, no one dared to underestimate her due to the aura emanating from her. “Even though you have the fire dragon’s main source, you are still just an inferior low-grade fire dragon,” Ao Yue said.

Upon hearing this, the fire dragon waved its body, and flames surged ceaselessly out of it.

“When someone was fighting to save people, you sneak-attacked him, and you have disgraced the Dragon Clan wholly.” Ao Yue wasn’t afraid of the fire dragon, and she strode toward it. As Ao Yue moved forward, her seemingly immeasurable power became stronger, and the fire dragon couldn’t help but move back. When the fire dragon realized what he had just done, draconic flames surged out of its nostrils, and it was at such a moment that Ao Yue waved her fists. The fire dragon wanted to dodge such a strike. But anything he did was useless, and its giant body was struck by the fist and sent flying for 100 yards, and he ended up rolling in the air intensely.

“She’s so strong!” As they looked at Ao Yue’s tall and thin body, everyone was stunned greatly.

“Ha, ha, ha!” The fire dragon, who had suffered such a punch, was unexpectedly laughing heartily, and he waved his body crazily, before he took a human form.

“Absorbing the fiery dragon’s main source is more difficult than I had imagined. Princess, I must thank you for such a punch.” The fire dragon walked around as if he hadn’t suffered any harm, and his aura wasn’t any weaker than Ao Yue’s. It turned out that the fire dragon needed an external force’s stimulation.

“You are just trying to mystify yourself,” Ao Yue snorted coldly and attacked proactively. She rained her draconic punches upon her opponent.The fire dragon didn’t dare to face them head-on, and he controlled raging flames to face his enemy. He was the Flame Emperor’s human inheritor. No, that wasn’t right, he was his draconic inheritor, and he also possessed the Solar Golden Flame. The fire dragon wasn’t like Jiang Chen, who had to divert his attention to both the Void Divine Wind and Du Tian Divine Lightning, and he concentrated more on the fire aspect.

According to Jiang Chen’s division of such a power to nine levels, it could be considered that the fire dragon’s Solar Golden Flame had already reached the fourth level, and this was why even though Ao Yue’s punches possessed tremendous power, the fire dragon still didn’t end up in a disadvantageous position.

The people who came here along with Ao Yue and Xiao Yuan also started fighting with the people in the safe zone, and the whole safe zone descended into chaos, while its sky was engulfed by clouds. Divine techniques, magical techniques, Holy Skills, and demonic techniques collided here ceaselessly.

Since Xiao Yuan and Ao Yue had planned to save the people, they had obviously come up with a thorough plan, and Xiao Yuan, who was at an alt.i.tude of 10,000 yards, managed to get an overwhelming advantage, while Wu Changqing’s feathers fell ceaselessly as he faced Xiao Yuan’s sword.

“This shouldn’t be the case, this shouldn’t be the case. You aren’t using external power. So, why are you still so strong?” Wu Changqing shouted resentfully. While using the Heavenly Roc Divine Wings, Wu Changqing’s power was comparable to a Martial Saint, who wasn’t using any external power. Yet he still wasn’t a match for Xiao Yuan, who was just at the late-stage of the Martial Emperor Realm.

“This is the reason why you weren’t chosen to become a Sacred Lord,” Xiao Yuan spoke, while his sword power became sharp, and his sword shone brightly. He left Wu Changqing no room for escape!

“Indiscernible Sword Move!” The sword streaked across the air, Wu Changqing couldn’t escape it even though his body was in the void. Wu Changqing emerged out of the void with a b.l.o.o.d.y hole in his heart region, and fresh blood was flowing ceaselessly out of the hole. Xiao Yuan didn’t spare the corpse a single glance, and he flew back to a low alt.i.tude. He took a look at the fight between Ao Yue and the fire dragon, before he went to the safe zone.

“Give up on resisting. You don’t have any hope left while facing my sword,” Xiao Yuan said.

The great fame of the person at the top of the list, as well as Xiao Yuan’s previous performance, put great pressure on the shoulders of everyone in the safe zone, and even the pretty woman with a fair face didn’t dare to fight against him.

“Did you a.s.sume that we have the gall to fight just by depending upon this alone?” The women raised a question suddenly.

Xiao Yuan frowned because he didn’t understand what she meant. But his expression quickly changed, and it was the case for everyone. An aura emanated from the third area. It didn’t really matter how vigorous it was—what was important was what it represented. “A saint, a saint’s aura!”

The confident Xiao Yuan realized that the turn of events was terrible. He could defeat Wu Changqing, who was on a par with a Martial Saint. But the Martial Saint Realm possessed other special traits. Moreover, no one could ascertain whether the Martial Saint also had techniques similar to Wu Changqing’s, and if he used external power in addition to his Martial Saint Realm’s power. What kind of terrifying degree could his power reach?

“It is commonly said that a Martial Saint was training in the fifth area, but I didn’t expect that it was true.” Both sides’ people all stared attentively to see the appearance of the Martial Saint. The Martial Saint quickly appeared in the air, and the crowd was disappointed to discover that his age was already nearly 50 years old. Even though he could still be considered young among Martial Saints, he couldn’t be called a genius Martial Saint. However, no one dared to let their disappointment show on their faces.

The Martial Saint was a man, and he had long gray hair, a thick beard, and thick brows, which made his eyes seem more dignified. He also had a pointed nose, which made his face seem more awe-inspiring.

“It’s your bunch who doesn’t have any hope left,” the Martial Saint said coldly.

“Elder,” Xiao Yuan curbed his arrogance and said, “we won’t need to worry about dealing with the Evil Blood Emperor with you here, and you don’t need to take such actions.”

“I have already fought against the Evil Blood Emperor,” the Martial Saint unexpectedly stated these shocking words. No one really knew anything about the Evil Blood Emperor. Yet, the Martial Saint had already fought against him.

“It’s hopeless, and even if we combine everyone’s power, it will still be hopeless. If the Evil Blood Emperor wasn’t trapped there, I would have died long ago,” the Martial Saint shook his head and stated words, which made everyone descend into despair. Even Xiao Yuan was slightly swayed.


“Is this why you have chosen to become his Blood Slave?”

It was at this moment that a voice echoed from a distant place. It was quite frivolous, and everyone found it familiar-sounding.

“It’s Jiang Chen!”

Everyone managed to realize who it was at the same time. Jiang Chen’s name was already renowned in the whole b.l.o.o.d.y Sea Realm.

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