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Chapter 1152: What Business Is It Of Yours

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In the vast universe, even light needed hundreds of millions of years to complete a journey. In comparison, a human’s life was short and insignificant, but it was this short and insignificant life that relied on generations of civilization and nonstop exploration to slowly understand the secrets of the universe and hear its voice.

On one of the blue and green planet where they were located, inside a research center with high security, the Super Light Brains were combined together and operating mathematically at a high speed, emitting light rays that looked science fictional.

Researchers looked nervously at this scene, subconsciously relaxing their breathing so as not to disrupt the Super Light Brain.

This was a very important mathematical operation, involving human beings’ efforts in developing towards high-level life, and bidding farewell to short and insignificant life.

They discovered some strange objects that were beyond their own understanding of civilization on a deserted planet in the ninth stellar system on the left of the one thousand five hundred and ninety-sixth galaxy of the Seventh Supercl.u.s.ter, and suspected to be the remains of an alien civilization in ancient times hundreds of millions of years ago.

These objects were humanoid stone statues that complemented the deserted environment. They looked different but yet seemed to have inextricable links, like the different faces of the same existence. They produced all kinds of specificities that were both incredible and terrifying, and almost made the members of the expedition team who had been immersed in civilization suspect if they had really met a ghost or were being watched by G.o.ds.

After a period of research, they were pleasantly surprised to find that all the specificities came from a high level of life, which was the field that many scientists were currently exploring tirelessly. For some unknown reason, the ancient alien civilization hundreds of millions of years ago came into contact with high-level life and wors.h.i.+pped it as a G.o.d. The humanoid stone statues were the manifestations of high-level life in different situations and different places. They contained its essential characteristics and had an invaluable effect on current research.

This was like human beings initially having only a preliminary understanding of the high-level state of life, like having a fuzzy formula. And the humanoid stone statues were like equations, once unraveled, the formula would be restored and the high-level state of life would be described clearly. As such, mathematical operations began. With the increase in the number of stone statues discovered, the possibility of the mathematical operation having results increased greatly. After a long time, it seemed to have reached the edge of success today.

Operating at high speed with flas.h.i.+ng lights, the faces of the researchers alternated between bright and dark and their eyes were filled with antic.i.p.ation.

Gradually, the Super Light Brain emitted a buzzing sound, the display screen turned blazing white.

“Are the results coming out?” the researchers held their breaths as they waited for the epoch-making sign in the history of civilization to appear. But right at this moment, there were a series of banging sounds and the Super Light Brain shook violently and collapsed.

The researchers were dumbstruck when they saw this scene, their eyes dull and lifeless like the stone statues. They had thought of not getting a conclusion, but totally didn’t expect the super light brain to self-destruct because of exceeding the limit!

All the efforts put into this mathematical operation had gone down the drain.

“Even the most advanced Super Light Brain can’t handle this operation?” the researchers were all shocked and felt helpless.

“It may be that the conditions are not sufficient and the key points are missing,” someone frowned and pondered.

It looked like this study had to come to an end.

Inside Kunlun Mountain Jade Mirage Palace, Meng Qi also let out a long sigh, feeling regretful. His attempt to open the door to the Legendary realm through scientific methods had failed, so he still had to break through I am who I am with conscientious efforts.

When spiritually-traveling the various worlds, he had discovered this universe with considerably developed civilization. The people already had a vague understanding of the high-level state of life, that is, the Legendary realm. As such, he created the fake remains, leaving behind the stone statues that corresponded to different characteristics of his additional self image so as to research in this civilization. With the increase in the number of additional self images created and the number of Yuans.h.i.+ projections devoured, the number of stone statues also increased, until their reach nine hundred and ninety-nine.

Meng Qi had hope that this civilization could adopt the Simultaneous Additional Self Equation and combine the researched theories to unravel the secret of the Legendary realm, so that he could directly get the detailed situation of himself after achieving the Legendary realm, thereby bypa.s.sing the barrier of I am who I am and directly get to Legendary status.

Unfortunately, probably because the civilization of this universe wasn’t developed enough, his efforts had gone down the drain.

“If the essence of the Legendary realm could be grasped so easily, it would have been ma.s.s produced long ago…” Meng Qi shook his head and mumbled. Flicking his clothes, he got up from the low bed, dressed in a green Taoist robe and a wooden hairpin on his head.

He planned to use the Haotian Mirror Fragment to look for more advanced research civilization while traveling the world to look for opportunities to break through I am who I am.

The Invincible Blade’s presence filled the surroundings, turning into rays of purple lights that merged into Meng Qi’s palm, covering his breathing and the mysteries of heaven.

Taking a step out, Meng Qi quietly left Kunlun Mountain Jade Mirage Palace and arrived at Huamei Heights.

This was the first step of his travels – have a face-to-face exchange with Mister Lu Da on the issues of I am who I am!

Meng Qi had considered self-sealing his memory and strength, and go through another life in the mortal world, using this to find the reason behind I am who I am. This was similar to the Night Emperor’s Thousand Faces Thousand Years Trial Method, but more extreme, not seeking the help of others but merely finding I am who I am through experiences.

Who am I, I am Who – this was the question the Qing Emperor had been asking after forgetting himself, and also the question he hoped to understand after self-sealing his memory and strength.

Who knows in the future there might just be a crazy priest who asks everyone he sees Who am I, I am Who.

This method was very dangerous and time-consuming, and hence the last choice for him who wished to break through in the next few years. Therefore, he first looked for Mister Lu Da who had chosen the toughest and purest path to communicate with.

At his current level, conversations that relied on the Myriad World Talisman sometimes couldn’t cover all meanings. There’s an end to the words but not to their meanings. The Buddha holding a flower, Maha Kasyapa smiling, when did any of these had conversations?

The implications of the internal energies, the charm of every move, and the feeling from various factors were all from face-to-face conversations.

At a thatched cottage at the back of Huamei Heights, the injured Mister Lu Da was wearing a gray robe and meticulously watering the exotic flowers and plants. The Ice Fairy Ye Yuqi wasn’t at his side as she had found an opportunity during reincarnation and had entered the Dreams Universe. She was now reenacting her life in order to complete her soul and achieve Dharmakaya.

Mister Lu Da’s had yet to stabilize, hence only a portion of his Legendary power was evident. After noticing Meng Qi, he still insisted on finis.h.i.+ng the watering action before raising his head, nodding slightly as he spoke, “You want to ask me about I am who I am?”

“Senior, you are truly observant.” Meng Qi smiled as he cupped hands as a form of greeting, “I have three questions.”

“First question is the Universal Fragment. When there is a split in time, different worlds are formed due to different future possibilities and people who had yet to achieve the Legendary realm would differentiate along with that, resulting in the appearance of new additional selves. Without knowing which side is the real world and which side is lacking the Legendary realm, how do you differentiate Who am I since their characters, experiences, hobbies, and feelings are exactly the same because of having the same past?”

The additional self inside the Universal Fragments was like a replica that was difficult to differentiate. This swayed his acknowledgement of being one and only, since I could be I, and he could also be I.

Mister Lu Da put down his watering items and sat cross-legged inside the thatched cottage. After looking at his wife’s tomb at the side, he pondered for a while and said, “His I isn’t your I, just like the established self that you acknowledge isn’t the Devil Buddha’s established self.”

“Once there is a split, because of the reduction in nature of the Universal Fragment, it’s link with Dao will also change and the nature of the additional self that appeared would naturally have some slight differences with your nature. You just have to wait and see, five or ten years later, their differences would slowly appear.”

“Having a past that is one and only is an important factor for you being who you are, but it is not the only factor. It’s like a root or a branch that can have two different leaves growing from it.”

Meng Qi nodded, looking pensive. The Universal Fragment would be different from the real world, not to mention his involvement beyond Legendary realm made it impossible to split additional self. Even if there was a split, there would also be differences due to the differences in environment, and his recognition of being one and only wouldn’t be shaken.

His right hand knocked lightly on the back of his left hand as he spoke again, “Second question, if a powerful character replicates your soul and creates a world that is completely the same as the environment you are in, and gives him experiences that are entirely the same, how do you adhere to being one and only?”

The conditions for doing this were very demanding, almost close to a fantasy. But in the world there were Nirvana characters who were powerful existences which were almost against logic. They were totally capable of doing something similar, just like Meng Xiaoqi on earth.

If he couldn’t see through this, he would definitely lose himself when achieving the Legendary realm and see himself fail.

Because Mister Lu Da wanted to go on the unique path of not using the additional self, he had thought about similar problems. Without any pauses or thinking, he smiled and slowly said, “This is the difference of one thought.”

“Buddhism’s original intention and Taoism’s nature are both referring to the same thing. An innate character that is not contaminated by acquired factors, unaffected by experience, and not restricted by skills is close to Dao and also one and only. No powerful character can truly replicate this nature, otherwise there wouldn’t be the barrier of I am who I am.”

“Even if the past is the same, the soul is identical and all antecedents match, there would still be a difference of one thought when dealing with some matters in the future because of the slight difference in nature, thus creating a difference.”

“This is just my humble opinion and may not be accurate, you have to use your own discretion.”

At this point, Mister Lu Da paused for a while before saying, “Actually, you are already the one and only. You have cut away the past, have no additional self and also have no next life. If this isn’t one and only, then what is?”

“Even if there was another you, one that is exactly the same, what has it got to do with you? What business is it of yours? Is it your additional self? Is it your past? Or your future?”

Meng Qi was stunned at once, his right hand that was lightly hitting the back of his left hand suddenly stopped, looking like he had just been enlightened.

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