The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 1128 - The Strongest Celestial Being In History

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara -

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Chapter 1128: The Strongest Celestial Being In History

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“You want me to guess?” flapping his wings and turning his eyes, Vertical Wing seemed excited by the opportunity to talk, so much so that his excitement overwhelmed his shock.

After a short moment of pondering, he started shooting his mouth off, “Look at you, you’ve been to the outside world for at least a few decades huh, and you’re giving this unfathomable feeling after just a few decades, looking more terrifying than those demonic kings and deities? What adventure did you have? What good stuff have you gotten?”

“Did you fall down the cliff and enter the secret realm at the back mountain of Shaolin? There is said to be the pure land of ancient arhat Ananda, and has the Buddha’s Palm hidden in it. Hey, which stances of the Buddha’s Palm have you learned? The Smile of Flower-Picking? The Best in the World? The World of Vanity?”

Vertical Wing talked endlessly as Meng Qi quietly listened while maintaining his smile but wanted very much to slap himself. Why did he give this fellow the chance to blabber on knowing how he was like, he really brought this on himself. If his socks and robe weren’t manifestations of his cultivation power, he would definitely take them off and stuff his mouth again!

Noisy sounds reverberated in the darkness where there was a spring with water gus.h.i.+ng out. Vertical Wing’s thoughts developed and made up a long story before finally going back to the topic, “You think I talk to just anyone? Back then in Shaolin, I talked to you because my discerning eyes could tell that you’re definitely extraordinary. Tsk tsk, I’ve been in the Demon King Palace for G.o.d knows how many years, so you definitely did not find here by following me. It must be those idiots who couldn’t enter the Demon King Palace without the Demon King’s token, hence went in and out carelessly and left a trail!”

“Don’t deny it, your eyes have said everything!”

Meng Qi took in a deep breath and decided to make up for his mistake. Grabbing the chance, he interrupted and said in a serious tone, “Yes, indeed. But I do get pushed to the limits sometimes and have to reveal myself.”

Before Vertical Wing could speak, he took a glance at him, “You have the Demon King’s token?”

“Haha.” Hearing which, Vertical Wing laughed out loud with his two short hands placed on his ball-like body, “I’m the only descendent of the Great Roc, do I still need the Demon King’s token? I can open the door just by a spit of my saliva.”

“But you can only open the door but not remove the restrictive spell, and you got thrown out many times…” Meng Qi added coldly.

Although the Demon King Palace and the Jade Mirage Palace were both residences of Nirvana characters, the were different in nature. The latter looked like it didn’t have an owner and was a place that could be explored while taking a risk. The Demon King Palace had been guarded by Jade Mirage Mountain’s demon Xiaoqiandong under the Demon King’s instruction for generations, and was a place with an owner. Barging into it was like barging into the Jade Mirage Palace when the Heavenly Lord Yuans.h.i.+ was out visiting friends back then, and one would imagine the level of danger.

Therefore, before he could figure out the specific situation inside, Meng Qi did not at all have the thinking about using transformation skills to get in. What if there was a great sage standing guard inside? Or there was the Demon King’s restrictive spell which could see through all transformation skills?

It was nice just talking and chatting with his old friend, Vertical Wing.

Vertical Wing wouldn’t let go of any chance to talk back, pointing at and cursing the Demon King Palace right away, “It’s all those jerks’ fault, not only did they take away the treasures having entered the Demon King Palace earlier, they even adjusted the restrictive spell. I must have been really unlucky, I’ve been here for so many years and have yet to get my ancestors’ inheritance…”

Speaking of which, he covered his mouth as though he had said something that he shouldn’t but quickly said casually, “Inside the Demon King Palace are the blood inheritance of various great sages, including my ancestor, the Demon Master Great Roc. It’s said that the inheritance was lost as a result of preventing the fall of the era…”

Meng Qi nodded slightly as his eyes looked toward the old and obscure Demon King Palace.

The Demon King was indeed an ancient Nirvana character who had lived over at least an era!

Vertical Wing was still blabbering on, “It’s useless for you to know, you’re not from the demonic race and can’t contain their inheritance to level up…”

Meng Qi sized him up and noticed that his body and demonic spirit now were many times stronger than when in Shaolin, and could even be considered outstanding among the demon lords. As such, he smiled and said, “Seems like you’re not without any gain from the Demon King Palace?”

“Of course, who am I? I’m the one and only Great Roc, a great demon full of wisdom and experience,” Vertical Wing laughed again, feeling pleased with himself. “There are countless good things in the Demon King Palace, they think I’ll have no way out just by them adjusting the restrictive spell? My ancestor was a proxy in charge of the Demon King Palace for many years!”

After a load of nonsense, he looked eagerly at Meng Qi, “You and I can be considered childhood friends.”

Give me a break… Meng Qi’s mouth twitched.

Vertical Wing said sincerely, “Your level of danger is higher than the demon deity we saw. If we join hands, we can definitely sneak in, bah, openly enter the core of the Demon King Palace and reap endless benefits.”

Seeing the extraordinary abilities of his old friend, he thought of working together.Read the next chapter on our

“Why should I enter the Demon King Palace?” Meng Qi asked smilingly.

Vertical Wing pointed at him in shock, “Why are you here if you don’t want to enter the Demon King Palace?”

“Just walking around,” Meng Qi answered with a serious expression.

Vertical Wing was stunned for a while before rattling, “Do you know how much treasure there is inside? There are heavenly weapons, elixirs, talismans, secret inheritances, everything. And every one of them are precious items…”

“I do not lack them.” Meng Qi stopped him from continuing, “There are layers of restrictive spells inside and it’s extremely dangerous. I do not need to take the risk.”

Vertical Wing said immediately, “What are you afraid of? You have me around! I’ve been here for many years, I’m still perfectly fine and have yet to be discovered by those jerks! Let me tell you, the Demon King Palace itself is not ordinary and is the most important thing to the Demon King. It houses time, void and spirit, and exists in the past, the present, the future and every place, going through everywhere throughout the ages. Think about this, you can go back to ancient times just by pus.h.i.+ng the door open…”

A Nirvana level supreme treasure? This is the Demon King’s hidden treasure? All the more Meng Qi felt lucky that he did not barge in.

“Also…” Vertical Wing suddenly lowered his voice, “According to the will of my ancestor, the biggest secret of the Demon King could be hidden deep inside the Demon King Palace.

With his glib tongue, he tried to trick Meng Qi to join hands.

The biggest secret of the Demon King? Prying the biggest secret of a Nirvana character with his current level? Is he tired of living? Meng Qi scoffed at the idea. Although he was curious, he wouldn’t take such a big risk.

Therefore, he did not make known his position but continued joking and talking to Vertical Wing, digging out many useful information such as the Demon King Palace had many doors, each leading to different places. Among them, the main door was situated in the World of G.o.ds. Also, there were always demonic race characters making use of the link between this place and the eye of Donghai to travel between the World of G.o.ds and the real world.

“Have the Peac.o.c.k Demonic King Taili and the young mistress of the fox clan appeared recently?” Meng Qi planned to contact these two first, especially the latter. As the successor of the Demonic Sage, she would be glad to see him weaken the Devil Buddha.

Vertical Wing shook his head, “The Little Fox was here a few times, but the Peac.o.c.k Demonic King hasn’t been seen for a long time. His arrogant face really deserves some bas.h.i.+ng, I feel like hitting him every time I see him…”

The proud and arrogant descendent of the Great Roc rattled on.

The sun set in Donghai, dyeing the horizon red, making it look both magnificent and desolate.

The sacred mountain was still standing but shaky. The caves here had collapsed, and a majestic figure stood at the edge of the mountain peak, looking at the distant sunset. His silhouette was clear and well-defined, his disdainful eyes was slightly emotional and showed less arrogance – it was the Tyrant.

The Fifth Generation Mysterious Fairy walked over from the back and said in an elegant voice, “The top of celestial level against the top of celestial level, supreme against supreme. Devil’s Nine-turn against Tyrant’s Six Decapitations, and Wu Daoming still lost and died. You can be called the strongest celestial being in history, my husband.”

The Tyrant looked at the Fifth Generation Mysterious Fairy with gentle eyes, “Yes, I have already experienced the limit of celestial level and there is nothing in this level for me to stay on. It’s time for me to go into retreat and break through to the Legendary realm.”

His act of slaying the Demonic Monarch just now with his blade was the best of his bladesmans.h.i.+p to date!

If he could achieve Legendary and Creation realms, he would be able to destroy those old fellows easily!

“Let’s go back then,” the Fifth Generation Mysterious Fairy smiled.

The Tyrant nodded slightly, “There’s still one small matter to settle. I’ll be back soon.”

“What is it?” the Fifth Generation Mysterious Fairy asked.

The Tyrant smiled, “When I first achieved Dharmakaya, I had gone after a demonic race character to the eye of Donghai and let him get away. I’ve always felt puzzled by it. Although I do not usually think about it, but I think I should settle it first before seeing I am who I am, and now we are right here at Donghai.”

“I’ll wait for you to come back then,” the Fifth Generation Mysterious Fairy smiled.

The Tyrant turned and took a step out, sinking to the bottom of the sea and straight to the sea’s eye.

After pa.s.sing through rolling waves and layers of black water, the Tyrant saw an old and obscure Demon King Palace.

“Demon King Palace?” Raising his eyebrows, he drew out his thunder blade, planning to check out the place.

Purple lightning shone. The Demon King Palace looked as though it was without any restrictive spell as its main door creaked open, showing darkness and depth inside.

“You’re a descendant of the Great Roc in any case, why do you have to get the inheritance so sneakily, why not discuss it with the Little Fox?” Meng Qi intentionally brought the topic to this area.

Vertical Wing’s black face was blus.h.i.+ng red as he showed a rare sight of him faltering.

At this moment, Meng Qi heard the heavy opening sound of the main door of the Demon King Palace that had already been closed, and the Invincible Blade inside his sleeve had suddenly disappeared!

He looked over in shock and saw a pair of arrogant and disdainful eyes.

He could never forget those eyes.

The Tyrant of the Middle Ages!

Whizz, the eyes met as purple thunder landed violently in the center.

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