The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 1067 - The Myriad World Knowledge Ball

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara -

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Chapter 1067: The Myriad World Knowledge Ball

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The ancient Fusang tree was bathed in golden sunlight, as though it would rise up to the sun at any moment, beautiful and gorgeous. Fang Huayin was standing at the highest peak of Tianyi Island, overlooking the ancient miracles that he no longer could get close to.

“Lazy Fang, all of the items have been completely refined,” Fan Lishuang stood at the side, smiling as he said this.

The Golden Crow Sect’s refining craftsmans.h.i.+p was extraordinary. There were still a lot of material left, which made them earn a pot full of money. Their faces were full of smiles, as it was hard to suppress how they felt, and more importantly, through this cooperation, they have successfully climbed the Kunlun Mountain of the Jade Palace. Su Meng, the Primitive Emperor, was officially the current strongest supreme, this was such good news that cannot be bought by money!

Fang Huayin caressed her White Mustard Ring a few times, then turned around and cupped her hands together, saying, “Thank you sect leader.”

She already made judgements in her heart, as she intended to directly move the master’s stamp from the Trailokyavijaya Wheel, causing him to make his move from a distance as she pulled herself back to Kunlun Mountain of the Jade Palace. After all, what has been told has been done. In order to avoid delaying master’s affairs, it is best to consult him first. If the master did not make a move, then it would prove that he did not care about the refined items and wanted to hone his skills more.

Fan Lishuang was waiting for his turn to speak when he suddenly felt a vast, majestic and sacred aura descending from the void, pervading the surroundings, sending s.h.i.+vers down the spine, and making him feel like he was facing the master of this world, a Great Medium overlooking the River of Time that was flowing quietly.

Su Meng, the Primitive Emperor?

His mind seemed to have gone blank. As a light flashed in the darkness, Fang Huayin disappeared without a trace, and the aura dispersed right after that, leaving no residue behind. Everything was as if it was a dream.

Attacking from a distance?

Not only did he lower his strength with the aid of artifacts, but he also pulled people back to the ends of the earth like legends!

The Golden Crow Sect was an ancient sect, but the decline in it did not damage the ancient books and records. Fan Lishuang’s knowledge was quite good, but the more he improved, the more speechless it left people.

In the clouds high in the skies above the Golden Crow Sect, a girl in a white dress stared deeply at the changes and finally spoke to the Palm Lamp G.o.d, “The skilled Primitive Emperor is really unstoppable.”

She smiled somewhat helplessly. She was the holy maiden of Daluo who immediately came forth and intercepted when she had received the news of Dharmaraja.

The advent of air was a characteristic that a person of the Legendary Realm had, it was worthy of the Principles of Karma. The Palm Lamp G.o.d did not waste more time, now he has been promoted to a Great Guru by a guru, he let out a sigh, “Now the righteous are quite strong, Su Meng’s strength has skyrocketed, as for the depressing heresy, excluding the Devil Master, it had become worse than before. If we were in the layout of a real world, we would have already lost our chance.”

The current holy maiden of Daluo smiled, took a glance at the Palm Lamp G.o.d and replied, “The Luo Sect of mine has never admitted to being a Heretic Evil Demon, so what have they got to do with us? Like others, we can also unite parts of the righteous. As long as there are enough benefits, there will be no eternal enemies in this world.”

“Also, in another ten years, the true G.o.ds who followed their mothers will wake up one after another and come to this world.”

“They will wake up one after the other? Are they not afraid of getting washed away by the River of Time?” the Palm Lamp G.o.d asked in shock.

The art of the Luo Sect had always been peculiar, as it was born out of both infinity and void, but combined with the power of the incense after two days. So while practicing the martial arts, it can rely on the power of the corresponding G.o.ds and a lot of supernatural powers, especially the tyrannical ones, such as the Twelve Oracles. At the beginning when practicing the art of the Luo Sect, there was no way of knowing whether one could become a G.o.d in the future and gain the t.i.tle of G.o.d. So, apart from the holy maiden that was specially cultivated, everyone else had to practice according to the ancient books and recordings, forming different forms. One should have no regrets when signing up, and when one gets the t.i.tle of G.o.d, it will be infused with a little Divine Power, and the form would change in correspondent with the G.o.d. When one becomes a hierarchy, one can use the Divine Power of the Immortal Woman to change the form of the body, no longer bound by the power of the G.o.ds before that.

Thus, the Palm Lamp G.o.d had a certain understanding of the true Palm Lamp G.o.d who followed his mother. He understood the horror of his power, and was shocked to hear that it would be awakened in another ten years.

Is the big robbery going to enter the fierce phase already?

The contemporary holy maiden of Daluo shook her head and said, “Of course they are afraid that even after ten years, they have yet to find the correct node that returns them back. They will be washed away by time and will not be able to maintain their best form, but there is no need for a G.o.d to do so.”

“Then why don’t they return right now?” the Palm Lamp G.o.d asked curiously.

“It has already begun, but they are not on the other side. Although they have the blessing of the Immortal Woman when they are hibernating in the middle of chaos, some are still infected. The awakening is a rather slow process, it will take at most ten years before they can come to our world,” said the contemporary holy maiden of Daluo.

The Palm Lamp G.o.d inhaled lightly and sincerely said, “Pity me, for the world is collapsing, and I have no mother to go back to, no place to call home.”

Darkness engulfed Fang Huayin, it was so deep that it was as if she was travelling through a time portal. As she saw the different images of the past life, a black and white light flashed, s.h.i.+ning through the darkness, collapsing the depth of it.

She felt light-headed, her vision was clouded by black and white Yin Yang fish, which wrapped itself around the tail, forming a round ball. Then it condensed into a dot, releasing a bright black and white light, and every thread of light was again differentiated into small rays of light. The changes in black and white were indefinite as it spread infinitely, forever growing.

Right after that, Fang Huayin felt the refined items fly out one after another from her White Mustard Ring and into a clump of black and white light, which looked like a dot or a round ball. It slowly eased up and had a bit of texture, as if it managed to connect both the illusory and the real world. It was a deep and not only confined to the gap between the bridge. Upon seeing it, she felt as if she saw the karma world, the spiritual heaven and earth, the spiritual Secret Realm, and the s.p.a.ce of Dream. She also saw the Real World and the epitome of all living ent.i.ties in the sea of stars and the vast universe.


Fang Huayin felt the wrath of the heavens as her whole body shook. Then, she sensed that she was falling into chaos, vaguely seeing the Heaven’s Punishment coming. She saw lightning and sparks everywhere as the clump of black and white light condensed into a round ball with both reality and illusion.

Everything calmed down, leaving only the last image in front of her eyes: a ball of black and white light the size of a skull floating in the middle of the quiet room. It was the symbiosis of deficiency and reality. It shone with trillions of tiny lights and the black and white light interchanged as it flowed into the void. Her master was sitting on the Cloud Bed and beside him was a stack of green robes. His face was pale, his temples throbbed and he looked like he was exhausted, but his eyes were gleaming with joy.

Fu Huayin felt as if good fortune had come and her mind was clear. She greeted hurriedly,

“Congratulations master, congratulations!”

The beautiful and gorgeous s.h.i.+p with decks of the Night Emperor slowly glided in the Cloud Realm of No Thoughts, and in it was quiet and peaceful.

Yunyue, Liushang, and the concubine had a shock as they watched the Night Emperor fiddle with the piece of artifact sent by the Golden Crow Sect.

It was a metal sheet the size of a palm, full of texture and it had a kind of smooth and dreamy beauty. It was covered in strange patterns, inlaid with different numbers and strange b.u.t.tons, which was quite peculiar. The eyes of the Night Emperor were full of enthusiasm as he looked at it with great interest. Then, he smiled and said, “The item that Su Meng allowed the Golden Crow Sect to refine was this thing?”

“This is one of the most simplest items, the others had to be refined together, so it was impossible to record all the details.” Yunyue blinked as she tried to guess the role of this little decoration, “Prince, what can it do?”

“Simple effects such as light screen images, um, it seems to be connected to infinity…” Huo Lishang was in high spirits to find out his spiritual knowledge. He attentively examined the object in hand, then carefully mustered it.


A strange sound appeared and a wave of light washed by, condensing into a curtain of water. Then an impa.s.sive voice appeared,

“This is the Myriad World Knowledge Testing Center.”

“Your suggestions will be saved, and as appropriate changes are made, please note: you only have the right to give suggestions, you are not allowed to nag. If you have any dissatisfaction, please choose exit directly.”

“Beep! Warning, warning, illegal connection, uncertified artifact!”

“Initiate countdown from three. Three, two, one…”


The metal sheet in the Night Emperor’s hand suddenly blasted open, causing a mushroom cloud to rise into the air. It stimulated the Restrictive Spell of the s.h.i.+p, causing havoc in all the rooms as broken pieces and scorch marks could be seen everywhere.

Although Huo Lishang had managed to operate the Brahman Night in time, protecting himself and the concubine, but the ashes painted his face black, causing a mess.

He and another four concubines were in a daze, staring blankly at their pitch-black palms as a thought reverberated in their minds: What on earth is this stuff?

Huamei Heights, in the gra.s.sland behind the mountains.

“This was the Myriad World Talisman that was sent by Su Meng,” Ye Yuqi handed the brocade box to Mister Luda. Though she was a cold and restrained woman, she still showed some curiosity. Maybe it was because Meng Qi had mentioned it so many times, and now she finally got to see the real thing.

Mister Luda opened the brocade box first, and a silvery-white metal sheet greeted him. There was a strange beauty in its pattern, b.u.t.tons and preparations, which was different from this world. A letter regarding the method of use was attached to the side.

Mister Luda concentrated on reading the letter. Then he pressed down on a b.u.t.ton, and in front of him appeared a light screen, revealing the image of Meng Qi.

“Senior Lu, will you get used to this?” Meng Qi smiled and asked.

“Getting there,” sighed Mister Luda.

The two were separated by thousands of miles, but they seemed as if they were right next to each other as the conversations just kept on going. The eyes of the Ice Fairy who was watching them twinkled.

“Senior, please hold on for a moment,” Meng Qi pointed his finger and the light screen floated up. In a blink of an eye, it split in half. On the right was the image of the speaker, and on the left was a virtual temple, inside of it were tons of shrunken figures, while on top of it floated a book with the words ‘the right path for humans is the vicissitudes of life.’

“This was the order of the group of righteous Dharmakayas. Hey, the order is just right there. As long as they don’t get themselves involved with the people who are Legendary and above, then they can all talk freely here. Even when they are in a strange place, as long as it was not places like the celestial world and the Nine Levels of Underground, then they can be contacted by this and not worry about being spied on,” Meng Qi’s image flashed on the right as he proudly explained.

Mister Luda looked around and saw that each figure had a name on top of their heads, such as the Unknown Heavenly Sword, the Sword Maniac He Qi, Demon Emperor Qi Zhengyan… hey, it’s the Demon Emperor…

As he was lost in thought, he saw that Qi Zhengyan’s figure had vanished. Meng Qi saw this and laughed lightly, “It is still in the testing stage, so there will be some false illusions.”

Mister Luda smiled and shook his head, not exposing himself. Then, he saw a pair of quiet looking eyes filled with the spirit to fight, and on top of his head wrote ‘Emperor of the Present World, but not Mad Emperor.’

Meng Qi coughed to attract his attention, “And if a party was in a difficult situation, we could use the Myriad World Talisman. I will then send out reinforcements, focusing on eliminating the enemy.”

It was just like seeking for Wu Zhuang Guan, if one encountered a strong demon fairy and was helpless against it at that moment, they could immediately contact the righteous Dharmakayas to ask who was available, then let them advent from the air and join hands, eliminating any disadvantages at hand.

Refining the Myriad World Knowledge Ball on his own was no fun, but it was also the future to leave Legendaries in the world of heaven and earth, which would also bring him closer to the goal. It was also important to increase the benefits of the Principles of Karma to the current limit.

“With this, we will no longer worry about the righteous being separated, we can easily identify each individual,” He Qi and Yunhe’s figures flashed, both feeling the same content at that moment.

Meng Qi continued, “This is the completed Myriad World Talisman. There are still some simplified stuff for the disciples to use. For the time being, they could only contact each other one-to-one, a number corresponding to each other that links to their atmosphere, forming a special stamp. By exchanging stamps or using numbers to contact each other, there is no need to worry about them walking by rivers in the future.”

In the virtual ‘right path for humans is the vicissitudes of life’ temple, he had brought together the basic application of the Myriad World Knowledge Ball.

In Huamei Heights, Yang Feiye fiddled with the Myriad World Talisman excitedly. He pulled out the light screen and chose the stamp that he had exchanged before.

A figure appeared as Yang Feiye said in a low voice, “Senior brother, it really is you!”

This was his own brother, Wan Ning.

Wan Ning smiled and said, “That’s right, this stuff is really something. Now I can talk to you anytime in the future.”

The two chatted for a while before hanging up. Yang Feiye continued to fiddle with the Myriad World Talisman. Then he suddenly thought, isn’t it possible to call by number? Then does that mean I can reach anyone by just randomly inserting numbers?”

He suddenly got really excited. He thought about ten numbers and then dialed.

“Sorry, the number you have dialed is still vacant,” a pa.s.sionless voice came from the light screen.

“A vacant number… was it because the number was too big?” Yang Feiye frowned and thought for a moment. Then, he changed the number and after several failures, he finally heard a familiar beeping, which proved that this number was in use!

Because the two sides have yet to exchange stamps, the figure was unable to form on the light screen, and after a few breaths, a voice appeared, “h.e.l.lo, which friend is this?”

The voice was sweet and clean, causing Yang Feiye to jolt upright, then he nervously yet excitedly said, “h.e.l.lo friend, I am Yang Feiye from Huamei Heights. I was quite curious after receiving the Myriad World Talisman, so I messed around with it for a while, and thought about contacting other numbers, which led me to you.”

“It turns out to be Brother Yang from Huamei Heights, I am Yu Hongwen, a disciple of the Biyue Sword Sect. I also thought of contacting other numbers just now, but I didn’t have the courage to do so, please accept my apologies,” his sweet voice made him smile even more.

As the words came, both sides became quite close. They chatted for a while, talking about the matter regarding the river and the interesting stories that went around them.

It was late at night, but they have yet to go to bed.

In the Kunlun Mountain of the Jade Palace, Meng Qi’s mouth slightly twiched, will the Myriad World Knowledge Ball become a large-scale marriage and same-s.e.x dating center…

He had directly promoted the Myriad World Knowledge Ball and chatted with Jiang Zhiwei, Ruan Shuyu, Zhao Heng, and others. Then he continued practicing in his own s.p.a.ce until he lost himself and years had pa.s.sed.

Exactly after half a year, the acupuncture points on his body made a cracking sound of opening up, and a congenital force spurted up from the soil, forming three figures. One was a handsome little monk with red lips and white teeth, another was a heavy-muscled chivalrous swordsman with his white clothes fluttering behind him, and the final one was an impressive looking hero dressed in light gold.

It was time to travel to the West.

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