The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 1062 - The Persuasion

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara -

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Chapter 1062: The Persuasion

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There was a pond filled with lotuses right beside the meditation room. They had yet to bloom. Meng Qi sat cross-legged on the Cloud Bed as he silently looked outside of the window. w.a.n.g Siyuan’s words lingered in his mind.

Gu Xiaosang has run the business for many years and has made millions of preparations, are you sure that she did not leave an escape route for herself?

Only the Green Lotus Seed of Chaos could help reconstruct the Dharmakaya without leaving any underlying threats…

During the former years when they were all fighting against each other in the Bayan Valley, Xiaosang had once given him a lotus seed. It was planted next to the Ancient Green Lamp of Buddha. Flowers served the truth…

Tai Yi Immortal’s home was discovered; it was robbed by the Samsara Travelers…

Could the lotus seed be the Green Lotus Seed of Chaos which had helped Nazha reconstructed his Dharmakaya and obtained an innate sense of morality during the ancient times?

Meng Qi’s gaze subconsciously s.h.i.+fted to the lotus buds; his emotions were all jumbled up.

However, he had heard of a legend like Nazha. Initially, he would never have thought about such a possibility. As he was sitting in boredom for the past ten years, had he not checked the lotus?

It was ordinary; there were no signs of magic in it!

Most importantly, the Devil Buddha and Ajati Matriarch still had their eyes on Xiaosang. If she were to give him the lotus seed, she would evidently not be able to escape the scrutiny of the two influential figures from the Nirvana Realm. If anything happened to the lotus seed, would they not have realized it earlier on?

Thus, the lotus seed was evidently not the Green Lotus Seed of Chaos. Perhaps Xiaosang was just giving him a hint. She had also left a lotus seed at another place. The real Green Lotus Seed of Chaos would be able to then revive, flowers will serve the truth. It might even surpa.s.s its previous shackles. This felt like what the Grand w.a.n.g Trickster had done. There was more than what meets the eye; she might not be able to express it in words to prevent the Devil Buddha and Ajati Matriarch from being aware of it.

The idea struck Meng Qi’s mind. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that there was such a possibility. He knew that Gu Xiaosang was not someone who would just wait for death like a weak person. She always had profound judgment; it was always difficult to read her thoughts. Her traps were subtle. She was the only person who would be able to compete against the Grand w.a.n.g Trickster in this aspect and she would be extremely cruel and merciless about it. She would exceed everyone’s expectations. She would not even have a bottom line. If she were to handle the w.a.n.g Family from Jiangdong’s issue, she might even sacrifice the hidden sect and other caves to obtain the highest level of reality so the Emperor of Feng Du and the so-called Heavenly Way would not suspect her at all.

The Grand w.a.n.g Trickster abstained from having feelings but he still bore a responsibility. Meanwhile, Gu Xiaosang had never cared about any obligations; hence, there was not a single loophole. If there were any, he might probably be the cause.

If so, where would she leave an escape route to hide the Green Lotus Seed of Chaos?

Meng Qi was lost in thought, “If I intend to use the Green Lotus Seed of Chaos to reconstruct my body, I must hide it from the influential figures of the Nirvana Realm like the Devil Buddha and Ajati Matriarch. However, there are not many places which are not under the radar of the Nirvana Realm individuals. The first option is the depths of my heart. The second option is the Jade Palace, the Aquamarine Palace, or other homes of the Nirvana Realm individuals. The third option is a rare special place at the Nine Levels of Heaven, such as the secret pa.s.sage of the Hall of Three-Lives or the Main Hall of Grey Stone which has a path all the way up to the highest level. They both involve the Celestial Ruler and Yang Jian…”

He would have to find a chance to revisit these places to search for the clues left by Xiaosang.

The Aquamarine Palace was out of the picture, but he must revisit the Jade Palace since the Golden Emperor transformed into the Ajati Matriarch after he had attained enlightenment. Several sources had stated that he now lived in the Jade Palace!

Meng Qi suddenly stood up and walked out of the meditation room. He was not going to the World of G.o.ds neither was he going to look for another entrance to get into the Nine Levels of Heaven. He was going to Huamei Heights.

The relations.h.i.+p between Xiaosang and the Ajati Matriarch resonated with his relations.h.i.+p with the Devil Buddha. If one of the parties revived, the other person would not be able to achieve success; thus, they were all on the same boat. Their lives countered one another. Most importantly, the Devil Buddha was still suppressed and had no energy to launch any attacks. The Ajati Matriarch just jumped into the Timeless River and was asleep within the chaos. If news about his search for the Green Lotus Seed of Chaos was leaked, the Mother would not turn a blind eye on it during such a crucial moment. She might then wake up earlier and descend into her real body. At that moment, death would just be a heartbeat away.

Thus, this was an extremely dangerous situation. He must mentally prepare himself that there would be a possibility that he might die. Meanwhile, before this, he had to complete all the things that he was supposed to do so he would have no regrets. Example, he had to look for Wu Zhuang Guan, finish the task which was entrusted by Immortal Luya, help Zhao Laowu to escape Samsara. He would then have to brainstorm with Immortal Luya to find a way to help the Lady Mother of the Chariot and other immortals escape. He would have to visit Mister Luda and other supremes from the righteous to discuss about the affairs relating to the Southern Wasteland and try his best to defuse the conflicts. He also had plans to open up the Myriad World Knowledge Ball.

Huamei Heights, the hut at the back of the mountain. Flowers bloomed, painting the place in brilliant purples and reds.

Mister Luda sat in the hut. The Single Hearted Sword was placed next to him. The Ice Fairy Ye Yuqi sat diagonally across him.

A rather bald and frail old man stood opposite of them. His body contained a powerful energy but wrinkles were etched deep on his face. His breath smelled rotten. Evidently, he was a strong person of the Exterior Realm who had experienced the tide of time.

“Zhi Ping, Yuqi, I came here, looking all old and wrinkled, just to ask you to uphold justice,” said the old man in a rather elderly tone; he sounded angry.

Mister Luda said with a smile, “Uncle Fang, you have been living an easy life in old age. What brings you here?”

Uncle Fang was an old friend of the Ye Family. He was the previous clan leader of the Martial Spirit Clan. After the head of the Ye Family had pa.s.sed away, he took care of the pair of Ye Sisters well. He constantly helped Mister Luda during his younger days.

Uncle Fang’s voice trembled, “It is all because of the Demon Emperor from the Southern Wasteland! A few lads who have initially intended to be disciples of our clan have been lured to go to the Southern Wasteland and they all fell into diabolism. Besides, a few extremely brilliant disciples from my clan and their family members gradually disappeared. It was as if, as if they have gone to the Southern Wasteland, too!”

“If this goes on, there will be no one left in our Martial Spirit Clan. It will be difficult to pa.s.s down the mantle. The Demon Emperor is truly entrenching the root of the righteous!”

Ye Yuqi furrowed her brows, “It is fine for those who have yet entered the clan to change their minds and choose the Southern Wasteland instead as n.o.body wants to fall behind from the start. However, they will even take in disciples of an existing clan; the Southern Wasteland is evidently too much. Uncle Fang, write a letter and deliver it to the Southern Wasteland. Tell them to hand over the disciples who have rebelled against the clan. If Qi Zhengyan refuses to do so, we, from Huamei Heights, will definitely fight for your rights.”

“This, this, this is not the main point,” stuttered Uncle Fang.

Ye Yuqi suddenly understood the situation. The disciples had gone to the Southern Wasteland under the instructions of the Martial Spirit Clan. They were going to discreetly learn the Peerless Divine Skill!

Uncle Fang straightened his back and said woefully, “The main point is that they directly taught their disciples the Peerless Divine Skill. How can we, an ordinary clan compete against them for more disciples? The journey to the Southern Wasteland is really far and dangerous to the point that most of them are afraid to travel there. However, as the news starts to circulate and more and more people achieve success, we, can we still take in any disciples? Without any disciples, how can I protect the a.s.sets which have been pa.s.sed down by the ancestors! Zhi Ping, Yuqi, and the Demonic Emperor are destroying the foundation of the righteous! If you do not do something about it, the righteous are going to be completely destroyed!”

Mister Luda remained silent for a while before he uttered, “Uncle Fang, you can stay here first. Allow me to contact the rest of the Dharmakayas to discuss about this issue.”

“Alright, you are the pillar of the righteous. I will leave this issue to you,” Uncle Fang smiled and was prepared to leave the mountains.

At that very moment, he saw a conveyance light descend to the ground; it then transformed into a man in a green robe. His breath was deep and serene. His sideburns were rather gray.

Is it him? Uncle Fang smile disappeared as he dropped into a bow, “Greetings, Teacher Su.”

He did not dare to flaunt his seniority in front of Su Meng. He was the famous death star amongst the Dharmakaya Supremes. The Poison G.o.d stored many youngsters who were older than he was, but most of them still died in his hands.

Rumor had it that his abilities were one of a kind amongst the rest of the Dharmakayas!

Meng Qi nodded his head and bowed as well. He did not say much. He walked toward Mister Luda. Before he could say anything, his eyes glimmered, “Congratulations, sir. You have been promoted into a Celestial Being.”

Mister Luda had unknowingly achieved a breakthrough.

“During my previous journey to the Middle Ages, I had comprehended many things which helped me further confirm my own path. After meditating for a day, the energy would have evidently circulated within me. My Interior Realm had then transformed into a cave,” answered Mister Luda with a smile.

The journey to the Middle Ages had allowed him to be completely certain that his path was not inferior to the others. All of his doubts disappeared. The breakthrough was easily achieved without any effort.

“Did you come here for the sake of the affairs of the Southern Wasteland?” Ye Yuqi interrupted as she was aware about Meng Qi’s relations.h.i.+p with Qi Zhengyan.

Meng Qi nodded his head, “I am curious about your opinion on it.”

Mister Luda said with a deep voice, “He does not value the broom as his own and keeps spreading the Divine Art. He reminds me of the saints from the Middle Ages who teach everyone without any discrimination as they openly gave lectures in public. This is actually a n.o.ble thing to do. However, recently, most seniors and friends have ranted about their problems to me. They have been greatly troubled by the affairs of the Southern Wasteland. There is nothing more terrifying than the Evil Demon. The old man is just deluded. I wonder who should be blamed for this issue. Since you are here, can you give me some guidance?”

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