The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 1060 - The Shock Of The Gods, Demons, Fairies, and Buddhas

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara -

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Chapter 1060: The Shock Of The G.o.ds, Demons, Fairies, and Buddhas

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Southern Wasteland.

Some were logging while some were mining. They were all sweating bullets, but their expressions were firm. They were originally not fated to be part of the world of martial arts, were of the lowest of the low, and because of that they were bullied terribly. But now there was finally a chance to get in contact with a Peerless Divine Skill and obtain a teaching without reserve. Hence, they would naturally want to take this opportunity.

Within the martial arts lecture hall that had extended to the Southern Wasteland, there was no need to pay any price to practice an art. It was also free to enter the Sutras Depository and read all the books on martial arts. Only those practices related to herbs, medicines, and metals will guarantee the most basic requirements, the rest could be exchanged with work such as guarding the medicinal herb garden or gathering mineral resources. As long as one was willing to work hard, everyone would have the same opportunity.

Therefore, not even a single one of those people who snuck into the Southern Wasteland felt as if it was troublesome or difficult. Before this, they did not even have the chance to go through such troubles and difficulties. Thus now, they were filled with vigor and were working steadily, their eyes filled with glimmers of hope.

The swing of an axe, the rise of a shovel; formless bright red light glowed on their bodies which were covered in sweat and formed a red stream before it flooded the whole Southern Wasteland. As heaven maintains vigor through movements, a gentleman should constantly strive for self-perfection. G.o.d will help those who help themselves!

As the red streams surged and dyed the Ether, it curled vigorously toward Qi Zhengyan, wanting to put a red flag on him.

Behind Qi Zhengyan, appeared a Form which was made out of a human’s head and a dragon’s body. Its whole body was blood red in color and it had six arms. It was dedicated to slaughter and destroy, and held blood beads and filth. It was dragging an Ice Cold Flower and a red colored Evil Fire behind it, and the black flame in its eyes were silently burning, as if it could start a prairie fire.

A bright star rose from the top of the Form’s head. It was goldish-yellow and clear, allowing one to see countless races and endless scenes. Everything was equal, and they even dared to resist the Heavenly Way.

“Equality!” Qi Zhengyan said in a low voice. With a point of his finger, that goldish-yellow Star of Equality fell and covered that dark, peculiar, and terrifying Devil’s Claws on his right hand.

The aura of the Devil’s Claws rapidly weakened. The original strength rushed into Qi Zhengyan’s body, causing his power to rise up. Instantly, both of them were now on the same level.

This was the Star of Equality’s second great use, and that was that the strong will not be powerful and the weak will not be frail. Both were to be treated as equals!

As the rate of awakening the Devil’s Claws were not high, and it had temporarily not received the Demonic Monarch’s urge, along with the golden Star of Equality’s influence, its strength was greatly weakened. Not only was it suppressed by Qi Zhengyan, it was also very close to being sealed away.

The Devil Sage who was watching by the side secretly rolled back his tongue. Although the Demon Emperor had yet to copy the Demonic Lord’s tradition, but the path that he had created for himself was so suitable that the Star of Equality that he had condensed was extremely wonderful and rare. If he were to fight him after he had achieved the Dharmakaya, it was possible that he would also be influenced by equality and pulled to the same level. Furthermore, the Star of Equality could a.n.a.lyze martial arts and pry into one’s essence.

How terrifying!

The human head and dragon body Form which was behind Qi Zhengyan suddenly took a step forward. As it overlapped him, what seemed like a lotus’ petal and a crescent blood colored stain condensed in between its brows. The surging red streams fell and surrounded him before pulling him up.

Bit by bit, the self-strengthening bright light converged and began to contract. Along with the combination of Qi Zhengyan’s Form and mortal body, it gradually condensed into a similarly goldish-yellow and clear star. It was not stable enough as it swayed in a manner like it was about to disappear, but it was also filled with a feeling of vitality and vigor.

The moment this star condensed, dark clouds began to gather high up in the sky and circled into a whirlpool. It was dark and made it seem as if the end of the world was near.


The sound of thunder struck, causing the wild beasts within a few miles to prostrate. Then, a multicolored Fairy Thunder struck majestically.

Objects collapsed while mountains shook. Everything seemed as if they were about to be destroyed.

Qi Zhengyan curled his left hand into a fist, and punched out suddenly, his voice filled with prestige,

“Continuous self-improvement will be greatly appreciated by the Heavenly Way. Evil monsters, be gone!”

The Illusory River encircled, and along with Qi Zhengyan’s fist, the red colored torrent rushed toward the sky and flooded the multicolored Fairy Thunder.


Heaven and earth shook. The color and divination of the multicolored Fairy Thunder were washed away, leaving only a plain stream of silvery-white lightning which struck the end of Qi Zhengyan’s fist.

Zi, the thin and small electric snake was dancing freely as it quenched on Qi Zhengyan’s body which was suffused with bright red. It was completely combining his Form, Primordial Spirit, and real spirit.


The dark clouds high up in the sky turned into chaos, as if it was still brewing up another thunderbolt.

It was also at this moment that a second gold-colored star completely condensed out of the top of Qi Zhengyan’s head. The intent to self-strengthen linked itself to the Illusory River.

“G.o.d will help those who help themselves. G.o.ds, Buddhas, Fairies, and Demons of all worlds, be gone!”

Once again, the metal fist punched out, and the remaining red streams occupied the sky. It dyed the dark clouds and thunderbolts which had yet to turn into stars bright red before sweeping it clean.


Heaven and earth shook once again. Countless mighty Great Mediums who were in deep sleep raised their eyebrows slightly, as if they could feel that their own body’s statuses which were above others’ was shaking a little.


As the dark clouds dispersed, it was as if the Ether had tears, for majestic red rain fell. Under the Nine Levels of Underground, many Evil Demons felt odd, as if some sort of energy was dissipating.

After the red streams have gone away, Qi Zhengyan had already showcased the Demon Emperor’s Dharmakaya which was made out of a man’s head and a dragon’s body. On the top of its head, two gold colored stars were brilliantly s.h.i.+ning.

The moment the gold star entered his body, Qi Zhengyan returned to the image of a green-robed man, his feet landing upon the peak of the mountain.

When the Hei Jia Devil Sage saw this, odd expressions appeared in his eyes. Nevertheless he cupped one of his hands in the other and said, “Congratulations, Demonic Lord. Just that one promotion was so great, and with the characteristic of countless Legendaries in the Southern Wasteland, the Heavenly Way will certainly appreciate you. So long as you carry out what you have promised, you will be near the characteristic of the Nirvana Realm.”

“These are all merely minor trifles. The greatest harvest would be to be able to continue practicing my own Dao,” Qi Zhengyan smiled and looked northeast.

The matter in Jiangdong should reach an end soon, right?

He had another vague bead in his hand.

With a light tap, as if it had its own soul, this bead flew into the void without anyone knowing where it was going.

In the Tomb Mountain Cave, the Emperor of Feng Du was intercepting what seemed like the Fu Emperor’s huge hand. Meanwhile, the Demonic Monarch was pestered by the Heavenly Way Monster created by the w.a.n.g family’s ancestor, so much so that he was in imminent danger.

After all, he did not dare to awaken too much. Furthermore, the Heavenly Way Monster did not have any consciousness, only chaos and madness. It expressed its strength which had exceeded that of a Legendary’s without any reservation. In just a few short moments, not only was the Demonic Monarch’s Shapeless Sky Demonic Body almost destroyed, even both the Emperor of Feng Du whose strength had decreased slightly and what seemed to be the Fu Emperor were similarly suppressed by the w.a.n.g family’s ancestor.

There was chaos everywhere on the Tomb Mountain. Both the soil and rocks had turned into monsters. When the w.a.n.g family’s ancestor was surrounded by those three Great Mediums, it cut off both its arms and turned into three similarly tyrannical monsters. In just a short while, it had trapped its enemies completely.

As for the Ancient Book that was no longer blocked, it waltzed toward the sky and flew to that pair of odd and cold eyes.

It was at this moment that what seemed to be Fu Emperor’s huge hand connected his five fingers to form a weird palm. The illusion of the River of Time directly magnified and rushed instantly toward those three Heavenly Way Monsters as well as the Demonic Monarch and the Emperor of Feng Du.

After they were scoured with time, the Heavenly Way Monsters were instantly stunned and their auras began to show signs of rapid deterioration.

Having lived for around the past 200,000 years, the moment it lost the isolation of the Ancient Guardian Coffin, it would automatically have its strength greatly decreased after being violently scoured by the River of Time. Although it would not cause its death within this short period of time, but it would still force it to go back to a deep sleep. But now, the Fu Emperor was fully using his direct knowledge to borrow the power of the River of Time, and scourge it without any reservation. In just a short moment, the Heavenly Way Monster’s weakness was completely exposed!

Instantly, the chaos disappeared from the Heavenly Way Monster’s eyes, save for dead silence. The whole cave was also rapidly going towards the state of destruction. The Emperor of Feng Du and the Demonic Monarch did not dare to face this attack head on, so they gradually retreated.

“Heavenly Way!”

The chaotic and terrifying pair of eyes which were high up in the sky shot out two scarlet rays and collided with the Fu Emperor’s hands which were about to grab the Ancient Book once more.


The impact of the collision swept across heaven and earth, and the cave rapidly collapsed and contracted.


The whole cave fell apart completely. The dark emptiness and true chaos swallowed this whole world while isolating the Emperor of Feng Du and the Demonic Monarch. No one knew if it was what seemed like the Fu Emperor or the original owner of the Ancient Book who succeeded – the pair of chaotic and cold eyes high up in the sky.

When Meng Qi stepped out of the w.a.n.g family’s ancestral hall, he did not reply. Instead, he walked out step by step.


The structure of the ancestral hall behind him collapsed, causing rocks to fly everywhere. Along with it was the destruction of the w.a.n.g family’s ancient history.


After the cave was destroyed, Meng Qi walked out of the w.a.n.g family’s home and with one step, he returned to his own Jade Palace.

It was true that in just one dream within these 200,000 years, he saw him build up his home, and also saw how it fell.

Although the w.a.n.g family from Jiangdong still had a few other caves, preserved their hidden sect, and had a Heavenly magic weapon which was able to suppress the caves, their heritage was all but lost. It could be considered as if they had completely retreated from the list of true elites, just like the Plain Girl Sect after the Chaos of Devil Buddha.

As he sat cross-legged on the Cloud Bed, Meng Qi’s thoughts were in a jumble. Suddenly, a thought crossed his mind. He reached out his right hand and received a chaotic dim bead which had flown on its own from the void.

The moment this bead appeared, Meng Qi felt as if the weird karma which had stuck on him from before had a.s.similated into the bead.

A bright light shone as energy surged, and a shadow converged once again right before Meng Qi’s eyes. His white robe was floating; he had a pale complexion and he had features of a woman. His aura was so faint that it could not be ascertained, even his karma was as if it did not exist. He was just like the Grand w.a.n.g Prince, w.a.n.g Siyuan!

“You are still alive?” Meng Qi said uncontrollably.

w.a.n.g Siyuan coughed habitually, before saying with a faint smile, “Did you really want me to die that badly?”

“Didn’t I tell you earlier that the real spirits from the List of Deification who have freed themselves from the shackles will be able to get help to reconstruct their Dharmakaya, and that some ideas would not even leave any hidden dangers.”

He did say this before… so what the Grand w.a.n.g Trickster truly meant by the Unfinished Will was this… Meng Qi felt as if he was tricked once again, his lips twitching in annoyance.

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